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Justin Bieber's Home Becomes The Hot Spot For A Boozy, Weed-Stuffed RAGER!

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justin bieber lil twist rager house party weed alcohol

The neighbors must love it! Especially the one with the alleged Bieby loogi souvenir!

Booze?! Weed?! Hot chicks?! We bet Justin Bieber was BUMMED he missed this party! LOLz!

JB's bestie Lil Twist reallllyyyy seems to like f*cking up his friend's sh*t while Justin's away globe-trotting on his Believe tour…

Because not only does Twist have a history of smashing Bieber's fancy, expensive vehicles, it seems he's also partaking in illegal activity INSIDE the singer's own home!

Twist reportedly threw a heady house party last week and invited over 40 ladiez…

And pictures have since surfaced, taken from the interior of Bieber's Calabasas mansion, depicting a coffee table LADEN with various alcohol bottles and smoking devices!

And seeing as Justin is already dealing with pissed off neighbors thanks to his alleged spitting scandal, we doubt he wants to add fuel to the neighborhood fire by having his buddy partying till all hours of the morn with copious amounts of beer, liquor, WEEDZ, and women.

Perhaps it's time you find a new friend Biebs! You know, one that won't use and abuse your property, LOLz!

[Image via WENN.]

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13 comments to “Justin Bieber's Home Becomes The Hot Spot For A Boozy, Weed-Stuffed RAGER!”

  1. Bobel says – reply to this


    This Lil Nobody seems to be a user and a bad influence. I would drop him fast if I was Justin.

  2. 2

    Re: Bobel – Sorry, I don't buy the bad influence thing. Justin is surrounding himself with the people he wants to be with and be like. He is no better than his friends.

  3. 3

    I wonder how much money this ass clown has cost Bieber so far. Most people would have spotted him for fraud and a user by now, but Bieber just keeps defending that leech.

  4. Miley says – reply to this


    Justin's a druggie now anyway. But of course all these idiot celebs get caught on the wrong track. He's on a one way course to rehab.

  5. 5

    this is what happens when you hang out with a bunch a n..i..g..g..s

  6. 6

    Lil Turd is butt ugly.

  7. 7

    He has to move far from L.A away from these people-they are not helping his reputation. I know he needs someone to watch his home and property since he's away for months, but this guy is not it. Justin, get out quick!

  8. 8

    Justin must get away far from that neighborhood. This guy watches over his house since Justin is away so much but he has been disastrous. Justin wake up, get away from there!

  9. BrianBrain says – reply to this


    Unless I'm mistaken, the legal age for the purchase and consumptation of alcohol is 21. Lil Twist is 20. Why aren't the police doing anything about these types of parties, or going after the 19 year old homeowner (beibs) for allowing them in the first place?

  10. whatever says – reply to this


    Somebody get that "friend" out of his house! The people suppositely looking out for Bieber are really not doing their job!

  11. rb says – reply to this


    On a different note JT & J-Z>20/20 hit the million mark for albums' sold. JT has a good voice; I halfway like his song 'Suite and Tie', but I think that someone with lots of money purchased his 20/20 album to bring up the stats in the market, and Billboard. What's a few (15) million dollars for someone that has a few hundred million dollars? Those albums can be remarketed

  12. 12

    Bieber's lawyers need to sit him down and explain some things to him. They can start with how much money he can expect to lose in a civil suit when his thug friend inevitably wrecks one of Bieber's cars and injures or kills someone. His car, his responsibility. Same thing goes for the house. They should explain to him how much money he would lose in a civil suit if , say a girl were sexually assaulted at a party at chez Biebs.Or if an underaged partygoer gets drunk there then wrecks on the way home. Or if one of the parties is raided by police and drugs are found on the premises. Then they could try to explain to him how very unpleasant prison would be for pretty boy like him.

  13. MichJB says – reply to this


    In Michigan, if someone is having parties at at a house, the owner of the house can be arrested for operating a drug house. Of course we are talking about Los Angeles, no celebrity is ever treated by the law like an average citizen - they are too busy kissing their asses to put them in jail.