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Justin Bieber's Spitting Victim's Wife Isn't A Fan; Calls Him A PUNK!!

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justin bieber punk

Who would've thought! HA!

In case you live under a rock, lets recap: Auto-mogul, Jeff Schwartz, went over to Justin Bieber's Calabasas palace to discuss his speeding in the gated community and instead of apologizing, Bieby allegedly hocked a nice mixture of bodily fluids at him.

Naturally, his wife, Suzie Schwartz, is NOT happy with the Biebz for it.

Following the feud, Suzie observed:

"He's a punk. He thinks he's invincible. He can't continue to have a bunch of enablers around him."

We can't say that isn't justified and we also can't say we disagree with her!

As much as we love Justin, if this is true, it was totally regressive!

If so, maybe it is time for a little self-reflection JB… OR some court-ordered anger management?!

[Image via WENN.]

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7 comments to “Justin Bieber's Spitting Victim's Wife Isn't A Fan; Calls Him A PUNK!!”

  1. 1

    Punk might be the wrong word. Like many of these so called "young stars" he feels he has a sense of entitlement. WHY? He just sings and dances (talented yes) but nothing that leads people to betterment.
    He is a spoiled immature individual who by all accounts has a large number of "YES" people. With many leeches on his back just USING HIM. Using his cars, homes, money and spotlight to their advantage. They are not friends and hopefully he will see that light.

  2. Daniel E says – reply to this


    They should block his driveway off with a mountain of feces. The Biebs is just insecure because he's never been in a real fight. His toughest days happened when he was like 9, with his parents doing all the work, and the rest has been easy street. Deep down he's angry because he's a "character" - like Conan O'Brien or Mickey Mouse - and he'll NEVER be man, both inside OR publicly.

  3. 3

    Many celebrities turn into first=class douchebags. For example, just about the time that the articles started appearing about how Eddie Murphy wasn't letting success go to his head, he became a major-league asshole. Now Bieber is spitting on people after appearing shirtless in bars in London and running around with his pants falling half-off. That's what happens when you give immature people all the money in the world and surround them with free-loading enablers. Everyone around him is living off of his earnings, so no one has the balls to say, :Hey Justin! Stop being a fuckwad!" Shades of Michael Jackson.

  4. rb says – reply to this


    On a different note JT & J-Z>20/20 hit the million mark for albums' sold. JT has a good voice; I halfway like his song 'Suite and Tie', but I think that someone with lots of money purchased his 20/20 album to bring up the stats in the market, and Billboard. What's a few (15) million dollars for someone that has a few hundred million dollars? Those albums can be remarketed

  5. paloma says – reply to this


    Next! Move along Justin.

  6. idk says – reply to this


    I think Justin thinks it's him vs the world (excluding his fans maybe)

  7. 7

    I do like him but his behaviour this year has been totally out of control. He's clearly going through some sort of breakdown, and none of his entourage are making any effort to help him. He needs some sort of counselling, or just more support in general.