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Harry Styles' Solo Career: One Direction Rep Reveals The Truth!

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harry styles no solo career

When is it happening!? WHEN is it happening!?!

Following this weekend's news of Harry Styles flying solo in the studio, Directioners have been wondering if his 'priority' with One Direction will dry up sooner than later.

Because as much as we love 'em all, Harry really seems like the one with the most potential to pursue a solo career and come out silly successful!

And even though sources promised he wouldn't leave 1D just yet, the rumors kept piling, making us all CRAVE some clarification from the band's rep!

So amidst all the drama, a rep from the band DID take a moment to explain Harry's solo sessions by revealing:

"The boys are all working on the new 1D album together and sometimes sessions are recorded separately."

AHA! So he wasn't working on a future project after all! Though other sources do make it sound like he will eventually…

To be honest, we're relieved. He'll be an AH-MAZING break-out star, but these boys have only just begun! Harry has plenty of time to get out and do his own thing later.

AHEM. Much, much, MUCH later!

[Image via Lia Toby/WENN.]

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20 comments to “Harry Styles' Solo Career: One Direction Rep Reveals The Truth!”

  1. 1

    " Though other sources do make it sound like he will eventually…" you mean you?

  2. JW says – reply to this


    The reason One Direction was formed during the X-factor was because the boys did not have strong enough voices to be solo singers! The One Direction boys have a great thing going; there is no point in ruining that given the fact that their voices probably haven't developed much since the show

  3. Nick says – reply to this


    Of course he is. Most manufactured pop groups only last a couple of years

  4. valentina says – reply to this


    this is the same thing the Spice Girls rep said when Geri "Ginger" started recording her own material lol. Before you knew it the newspapers headlines read "GERI HALLIWELL "GINGER SPICE" REPORTEDLY QUITS THE SPICE GIRLS" and then frenzy and madness ensued. Her reasons for leaving SG originally were because Virgin Records wouldn't allow her to be the spokeswoman and a chair for the Breast Cancer Association, something she battled and survived when she was 19, as did her mother. Either way, though it was inevitable that she would go solo, she wrote most of the music and was their front woman in a similar way that Harry is to 1D. Not ”official” but still the centerpiece so to speak.

    You don't have to have a great voice to succeed as a pop star, or any type of singer really..You have to have great songs that are hits, and to sell records. If you look at the last season of X-Factor USA, Emblem3 and 5th Harmony are being primed very much the same way that 1D has been, the members of E3 are not really good singers but they sound good together. The members of 5H are all fantastic vocalists, and sound even more amazing together.

  5. Bubble says – reply to this


    As much hype as the "band" (do any of them even play an instrument on recording?) gets, they still haven't been in the business long enough to be remembered, say, 5 years from now if they broke up tomorrow. That being said, if you want to leave any group and go solo, you need maturity, focus, and self restraint to look at your decisions objectively in order to make a go of it. I don't think this guy has a chance. Probably just some ass kissers telling him to go for it, because they can make a quick couple of bucks off of him, then leave him out to dry.

  6. lala says – reply to this


    Reps have never ever lie, `totes` truth.

  7. 7

    They will break up eventually.

  8. Emma says – reply to this


    They have a clause in their contract that holds on to part of their profits as a caveat to staying together. I think its 3 years and it was signed at the end of 2012. There is too much money riding on staying together.

  9. fsddch says – reply to this


    i love all the boys except for him, i don't know wth you're talking about when you say he'll be the most succesfull when the band ends, Perez. i won't buy his stuff

  10. Casey says – reply to this


    Re: fsddch – You have problems because Harry, Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis are EQUALLY talented! I'm not sure why you dislike Harry but what I can tell you is that he COULD make it as a solo artist but he's not because it wouldn't be the same without the boys.

  11. abby says – reply to this


    Wow who's his makeup artist, love the bronzer!

  12. elisse says – reply to this


    YUKATA!——WE ARE RELIVED! BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ilove1d says – reply to this


    I LOVE one direction and if they ever break apart then i will die (not litterly)

  14. ilove1d says – reply to this


    Re: fsddch – your not a true directioner. Real ones LOVE all the boys as themselves

  15. 15

    One direction will stay to get her I mean there've got fans one direction won't be the same if you guys do that please don't you guys are the bet band to stay together from Natalie Lamanna your 1d fan

  16. 16

    And they won't break up

  17. 17

    Re: I Thought It Was Gum – trust me that wont

  18. 18

    Common you know you guys are the best so stay together

  19. John says – reply to this


    If any of you were really true directioners you'd be supportive of whatever decisions any of the guys make. Though it's quite obvious any plans for anyone of the guys to have solo albums are out of the question at the moment, who knows what could happen two years down the line? Or what if they decide to work on solo projects while simultaneously doing their music as a group? It has happened many times before with past groups, and One Direction made massive amounts of money so it's not really a struggle for them to do. True directioners would never stop supporting the band no matter what decisions they made. You people need to understand that when you build an artist or group up like the way you've built up One Direction, that it's your duty as fans to remain loyal and true to them. They are after all, counting on you for their success because you're the ones that made it happen, and you're the reason why they do what they do. Because to them you give them a sense of hope and you make it worthwhile for them. For some of you to say you'd ditch them if anyone of them dared going solo, or that you'd stop liking them, or whatever, that doesn't show that you're a true loyal directioner. And by the way, this is coming from a guy. Yes, I love One Direction, and yes I am a directioner.

  20. James.PH says – reply to this


    he should stay…that's being selfish, i guess he's only insecure and jealous with Niall's popularity among them. by the way. i've done this already. check out frinzee.com and make your calls official