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Lea Michele Speaks Out On Boyfriend Cory Monteith Checking Into Rehab

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lea michele cory monteith rehab

Lea Michele is being a real-life supportive girlfriend as her beau and Glee co-star Cory Monteith shocked many by announcing Sunday night that he was checking into rehab to treat substance addiction issues.

Michele also released a statement of her own Sunday night.

Lea says:

"I love and support Cory and will stand by him through this. I am grateful and proud he made this decision."

This must be a very difficult time for all of them.

We send them love and light and strength and only well wishes!

[Image via WENN.]

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29 comments to “Lea Michele Speaks Out On Boyfriend Cory Monteith Checking Into Rehab”

  1. 1

    I'm still 12,000% certain they are only PR dating but that is a sweet thought and I hope his treatment goes well. Good luck, canuck.

  2. tori says – reply to this


    this is just rumors, he admitted he had a drug problem. past tense.

  3. 3

    hes ur bf not ur husband so stfu

  4. strong says – reply to this


    Wish them the best

  5. 5

    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – So just because she's only dating him and not married to him, she isn't allowed to be supportive or say that she supports him?? o_0

    Jealous or something?

  6. 6

    April Fools?

  7. Nicolette says – reply to this


    I wonder if he is here in Wickenburg at the Meadows :)

  8. Ana says – reply to this


    This isn't a joke. That isn't something to be an April fools joke about since he has had issues with this in the past.

  9. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: Nicolette – I'm a former Wickenburg rehaber too! haha

  10. Amy says – reply to this


    Re: mswilde – Ugh, , I can't believe I used to be a fan of Lea's. I'm sure you're right about them PR dating especially with her lame, pathetic 'Cory' necklace. Good luck to Cory though with rehab.

  11. cedr says – reply to this


    I'd get high on drug all the time if i were dating this selfish pain in the ass narcissic bitch. Too bad he seems to be a good guy …

  12. Hayley says – reply to this


    Re: bunnycake – superfan is super psycho

  13. annr says – reply to this


    april fools bitches

  14. PEREZZZ says – reply to this



  15. Idina says – reply to this


    Re: cedr – Well then, be glad of your pathetic life, because nowhere in the world would it be possible for you to live the life of a Lea Michele nor would Cory Monteith date you, if you are as vile and misogynistic as your comment indicates. If Cory, who you think is a good guy, chooses to love Lea Michele, then he must have seen something good that he appreciates in her, and you have no right to demonize her just because you don't like her being with Cory. Respect, man; that's all we ask of everybody in this world.

  16. Lovell says – reply to this


    this isn't a joke –" Yes it's written there with past tense but he has voluntarily admitted himself to a treatment facility for substance addiction. It's not his first time that's for sure as he also went into rehab at the age of 19 and previously has spoken about his addiction struggles, saying he had a serious problem and took just "anything and everything." Get your facts right. If you don't believe you could always search it up, some sites might be false though but I wish him luck :) No Hate.

  17. 17

    It's not all that glitters and gold, huh? All these youngsters being showered with money and fame - only a handful can handle that.

  18. Jodie says – reply to this


    All these nasty comments about Lea and all she has done is show her support and love to her partner, as would I and many others who are in a loving relationship.
    This is about Cory and your comments should be sending him support not hating on his girlfriend you immature children. Good luck to him in his treatment and love to his family & Lea

  19. Millie says – reply to this


    Re: Amy – I used to wear boyfriend necklace too and it wasnt because I wanted everyone I date him, it was because I wanted everyone to know I love him and not anybody else. Thats what Lea ment it to be. And I am 100% that if everyone now will be picking on her it wont help cory or her either. They are only humans.

  20. Kali says – reply to this


    Mental Illness and addiction are not jokes. I think it is awesome that he feels comfortable enough to do this publicly, and for Lea to support him publicly, to show that this issue is real and affects more people than you know. I am sending wellness and positive vibes to the both of them and their families, it's not an easy battle! Thank you both for being real and showing that this is not a sign of weakness, but a true sign of strength! xxoo

  21. nia says – reply to this


    Can anyone say "publicity stunt"

  22. 22

    It still feels like a joke. Cory? Really? I just don't see him doing that and I don't see someone like Lea being around that. I'll believe it if it's still a story tomorrow lol.

  23. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Re: Judyg73 – Just FYI… he had substance abuse problems before he became famous.

  24. Lem says – reply to this


    We love you Cory! Such a brave decision. And of course Lea will stand by him. <3

  25. sofronia sheehan says – reply to this


    I am very proud of lea supporting her boyfriend entering the rehab facility for treatment.
    I love you Lea for your judgement and that is true love.

  26. 26

    good luck but like i think they r pr dating never knew bout dat lol omg i have 2 catch up on my paparazzi biznis!

  27. Dessert Oasis says – reply to this


    Re: Nicolette – That's too funny! I live in Wickenburg too and I was wondering the exact same thing. My dad is one of the executives working there and even though he wouldnt tell me a damn thing I still ask anyway.

  28. mezzalenko says – reply to this


    Man, some of the comments reek of jealousy! Far out. What some of you need to understand is that celebrities aren't always the monsters the tabloids sometimes paint them to be. And sometimes celebrities aren't as nice either. The fact is nobody is perfect. Its just so funny how women are so quick to judge other women, calling them every name under the sun without knowing a thing about them. Especially when they're dating a hot guy. Whether their relationship is s PR stunt or the real thing is only something they and those close to them know. From the photos I've seen, it looks real - its ask in their body language but who knows. Point is, she's there supporting him. He's admitted he has a problem and needs help and Lea and others who love him are rallying behind him. That's what matters. That's all that matters. Who are you to judge? Get lives amd quit the hating.jealousy. Maybe if you got a life, you'd find some happiness. Geez Louise!

  29. :ppp says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – superrrr psycho!!!!!! & superrr jealous !!!!!!