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Joan Rivers SLAMS Ann Curry!

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ann curry joan rivers

It is pretty safe to say that Joan Rivers is NOT a fan of Ann Curry.

During an interview on Friday, the uncensored comedian mocked the former Today host.

Joan bashed:

“First of all, Ann Curry, with all due respect… [snoring sound]. I’ll be Ann Curry and just say, ‘I like coffee.’ … ‘Do you really like coffee? Do you really like coffee? Really? That’s making me cry that you like coffee.’ I used to scream at the set, ‘Shut up, b—h!’ But she’s a very nice woman, and I’ve heard Matt Lauer is a toughie.”


As if Ann hasn't had it hard enough already.

We know it is Joan's way to point out everyone's flaws, but this is complete NONSENSE.

If anything Matt Lauer deserves the verbal beat down for his diva behavior.

Oh, well! Joan does what she wants, when she wants!!!

At least Adele can find comfort in the fact that she is not the only one being dissed by the Fashion Police star lately.

We're sure it'll be no time at all until she knocks someone else!

[Image via WENN.]

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11 comments to “Joan Rivers SLAMS Ann Curry!”

  1. 1

    This is how she tries to stay relevant. Considering she has a face of a swollen baboons ass she still finds it necessary to call others names. Kelly Ozbourne is another tramp, as soon as she lost weight she think she's the shit and talks shit about ppl.

  2. 2

    Joan is totally awesome. She speaks her mind and says it with quick wit. To me, Joan can do no wrong. She is a potty mouthed comedian who has made her way to the top. She has a great work ethic and entertains me every Friday night - I am proud to call myself a Joan Ranger and I salute her. I doubt she expects anyone to take her too seriously, I think she just wants to get out some laughs … so to all of those haters, chill out, she is an entertainer. For a lady in her 70's, she looks great and has had great plastic surgery, and even with her numerous face lifts, she knows how to carry it and does not have a clown smile like so many other women and men in the industry who have had procedures. Keep on doing what you do best Joan!

  3. 3

    Re: littleme87 – …I agree….she's a grown ass woman and all she does is make fun of other people…wow does she feel that bad about herself? Ya and Kelly is a POS too….as soon as she got 'skinny' she's all of a sudden like queen bitch

  4. 4

    someone give this old lady her meds please or take some away.. Enough is enough.I don't ever want to hear from her mouth about anything bullying because she the the #1 bully person of the universe.

  5. LM says – reply to this


    I don't have respect for old ladies who always sees the negative side of everything. Bitter and very insecure old lady, that is Joan Rivers.

  6. 6

    I love Joan because she's so old, she makes me feel young! All kidding aside, she and others like Kathy Griffin - who I adore, Lisa Lampanelli and Chelsea Handler - who I detest, all make their living making fun of celebrities. Yes, some of it is harsh, like Joan's comments about Adele's weight, but that's who she is, like it or not. It sure did get her press, now didn't it? And Ms. B Nice, I too am a Joan Ranger and wouldn't miss my Friday Fashion Police!

  7. 7

    whatever! such a NON story. im no joan rivers fans but shes a comedian. the way she phrased her "assault" of ann curry was CLEARLY in the context of a joke. if u dont buy the "shes a comedian so its ok" notion thats fine….but PEREZ has no right to judge her. as i said u can CLEARLY tell it was a joke. unlike with perez who straight up says VICIOUS things in the context of GOSSIP which is much different than what joan rivers does. whatever ur opinion is about what she said im sure we can all agree that what perez does is worse

  8. 8

    hey joan…say bye, bye now…

  9. Justinothershit says – reply to this


    Old wind-tunnel face………I thought she was dead.

  10. DR says – reply to this


    Rivers looks like she's an alien from some far off planet we know nothing about. Anyone who does that to herself is clueless about reality. Nice is not in her vocabulary.

  11. MissMuffets says – reply to this


    Honestly, I love this woman, and I love some of the people she tears into. We shouldn't get offended by some old woman who has no trouble slamming herself. No one is safe from her, it's not like she has a few choice favorites. For the most part I think celebs need to be made fun of. They're supposed to have thick skin for things like Joan Rivers.