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19 comments to “Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines Too Sexy For YouTube! Music Video Gets Banned From The Site!”

  1. 1

    Nothing to write your mother about.

  2. Faybabyxoxo says – reply to this


    I don't see what the big deal is,
    I've seen worse on youtube!

    and anyways, these girls are hot! If my body looked like that I'd show it off too!

  3. Shhh says – reply to this


    Definitely a creative way to try and make shitty music worth listening to. Not at all shameless or petty…

  4. FromEurope says – reply to this


    1. I want the 'old' bike riding Thicke back.
    2. I don't see why this video should be banned, I would have no problem showing this clip to my kids or my gran. But it is smart publicity for an awful song!

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    I see three guys who wisely keep their clothes completely on, while women who've sold themselves cheaply lick their lips, wiggle, strut, put their finger in their mouths, ride some poor dog, and lick their teeth while dancing nekkid. It's just too bad they didn't raise him up north. The tune is ok.

  6. 6

    "What rhymes with hug me?' LMAO That's it, I'm dancing nakid tonight to this.

  7. gianna says – reply to this


    WHATEVER…Why don't you ALSO show some D&A and stop making these Mysoginistic videos??? If you want it to be shown… be fair and not Scumb@gs using women only!!! so equality for all d$ckheads!!! Bottom line!

  8. yolo says – reply to this


    wanna fuck em smoke weed erryday 420 blaze it fgit.

  9. 9

    Re: @v@ – Well 2 of them are high fashion models, which means they probably made more doing just that than what most people make in a year. There will NEVER, EVER be a shortage of women willing to exploit their sex appeal for monetary gain. Amazing how morons keep bringing this up thinking they are being progressive and taking affirmative action…they just look stupid.

  10. 10

    Keep giving this misogynistic douche bag publicity you fucking morons Mario and Barbara.

  11. Mrs.Valentine says – reply to this


    The video is not that bad. YouTube plays My Darkest Days videos with naked women & a whole lot more, so why not this one? Granted you have to be 18 to watch it. There will always women out there willing to expose themselves for $ or for just the fun of it. But I do admit it would be nice to see men just as open as these women are, just saying. 😛

  12. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: NookiesWA – The guys are exploiting the models for monetary gain.
    They want their video to go viral because sex sells. They don't give a fig or any regard for these women. They just pay them and hope the 'edgy' vid hits either from the tune or the controversy.

  13. jmm says – reply to this


    is that Selena Gomez in Blurred Lines video???

  14. modymody5 says – reply to this


    very very mice

  15. modymody5 says – reply to this


    very very nice

  16. 16

    Sexual exploitation of women is a cheap and easy way to get publicity and appeals to immature males. Is that the audience Thicke wants? If yes, than he urgently needs a new manager to redirect his career.
    When you announce you have a big dick, it means you don't. Did someone forget to tell him?
    The video and lyrics elevate the phrase "bad judgement" into an art form.

  17. Pam says – reply to this


    When I was young my boobs looked like these too. Now at 58, no one would ever believe it. Ladies if you've got it, FlAUNT IT WHILE YOU'VE GOT IT. Why? Because honey once it is gone its not coming back. Yeah, the plastic works for awhile, but if you live long enough… your body will get old. Older bodies, droop, sag, and bag. It is just a fact. Enjoy your body while you have it.

    As far as this being to sexy, I don't think so, these women are beautiful and hot. The lyrics aren't about what you may think. Read them and listen to Robin explain what the video was about.

  18. anonymous says – reply to this


    this is nothing but strictly well thought out exploitation, trying to "push limits". this is nothing about feminism like thicke says, this is strictly the use of women for commercial gain. Period. when is this going to end? Im so sick of it, i wouldnt want my kid to be exposed to this and yet im sure every kid has already seen it and some are probably influenced by it already. Its just not right

  19. rizwan says – reply to this