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Ladies Still Love John Mayer! WHY???

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Despite his womanizing ways and countless relationships, John Mayer still has MASSIVE appeal over the ladies! How come???

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45 comments to “Ladies Still Love John Mayer! WHY???”

  1. marsha says – reply to this


    Because he is hot and talented!

  2. hello says – reply to this


    It's a mystery to me! all I can think of is that word has gotten around that he is an amazing lover and everyone wants to try him

  3. 3

    He's one of the most disgusting people. I don't know what women see in him. He's a slob and treats women like shit. Plus he's fucking ugly. Any woman who dates him is as much as a dumbass bitch as Rihanna.

  4. 4

    Wanting to "ride his dick" and wanting to date him are two different things, like he's probably a terrible boyfriend but he's hot and charming.
    On a side note, I wish he's stop wearing those hats.

  5. Ally says – reply to this


    The answer is simple: he's a warlock, probably knows how to fold the fitted bed sheet into a square too!

  6. Kelly says – reply to this


    His voice is divine and is SEXY when he sings

  7. SarahB says – reply to this


    You ask Why. I say why not. He seems bright, talented and charming. It appears to me that he is just a man exploring his options. There are always two sides to everything. Heaven forbid anyone of the women fess up to being psyco bitch crazy, a stage 5 clinger or just plain irritating. Do I think he is perfect.. Who is?

  8. Sophie says – reply to this


    Why the confusion? The very fact that all these women chose to date him (nobody forced them to) means that he's an appealing & interesting guy….not to mention way more talented than most musicians & celebrities out there today. To insult him is to insult every single one of these women too. And he's not unattractive. Admit it, people. He's a lot more attractive than most people you know and see every day in your own lives, and probably when you look in the mirror too.

  9. Kate says – reply to this


    I think John is hot and all but what i love most in this video is the emphasis Perez puts on the word woman as he says "he's never had a real long relationship with a woman"…maybe he knows something… John did kiss Perez all those years ago

  10. jessica says – reply to this


    i have NO idea why women love him, i dont. and not to be a kiss ass but i'd rather date you perez, you have family values. jmho

  11. OJdidit says – reply to this


    Because women are idiots, generally speaking, and this guy is King Stud Numerõ Unõ! He knocks them down like bowling pins! I love this guy!!

  12. 12

    Its tough. I think its one of those things where you obviously have to know whats going to happen when entering a relationship with him, but I think a lot of women think that they can be the one to fix a man like him. I think that he has matured, and realized that he was being a complete asshole in the past, and unlike someone like Chris Brown, I think he genuinely took a break and changed. He's mostly attractive (not digging that hat…) and very talented. I've been a big fan of his especially since Continuum. Personally, I try to see the best in people, so I want to believe he's changed. He seems like a pretty nice and charismatic dude. I'd definitely tap dat, not sure I'd risk entering a relationship with him though! Everyone loves a bad boy ;)

  13. ArtDeity says – reply to this


    Um, hello? He's funny, smart, hyper talented, fucking Gorgeous and so sexy.
    The funny is what hooked me though.
    For us "civilians" it's the fantasy of all the above. We don't know why the trail of broken hearts. Maybe his feet stink.

  14. 14

    I don't get it either! I would not want his man organ near me….. he is full of cooties! I just know it!

  15. captainovious says – reply to this


    Girls are whores and hes whore just do the math

  16. gianna says – reply to this


    IDK…i don't usually like to be mean unless it is deserved…HOWEVER, he looks and seems to act like a dirtb@g to the ladies he is "conquering" and generally to himself! yuckers!

  17. Celine says – reply to this


    Personally I couldn't care less bout him but I think its the whole bad boy aspect of him that attracts women all over the place….

  18. 18

    SO Creepy!

  19. MELZ says – reply to this


    Good question Perez! I get that he's talented he must really have a charm about him that other's just don't know how to use in the right way like he does.. personally I thought he looked like he had down syndrome the first time I saw him perform lol no disrespect but I thought he was slow! I don't see it at all sorry

  20. Francesca says – reply to this


    Its Easy. He is gorgeous, his voice [even when he talks] is so soothing. Not to mention his charm and how he presents himself. Some of his outfits, not a big fan of.

  21. Elizabeth says – reply to this


    Re: Ally – Haha! I'm with you, the hat is ridiculous and contrived.

  22. 22

    Why not? He's a good looking man who can talent out the ass.

  23. Sybil says – reply to this


    Ditch that god awful Jed Clampett hat! Jeez…not a good look or accessory item. I tolerate it with Johnny Depp because, well, it's Johnny Depp…John Mayer, (and practically everyone else) no.

  24. Maz says – reply to this


    He's charming, and he's talented - a turn of a phrase, a well placed lyric - booya, he's got the girl. With the exception of Taylor Swift he has a basic type: famous, leans towards busty brunettes (Jen was one, Love is one, so is Minka, Katy went back to brunette, Jessica became a brunette while they went out). Oh, he loves divorcees on the rebound too (Jen, Jessica, Katy). What became of the ladies after John- engagements, babies - adult relationships with other men. Would John ever date someone who wasn't famous? Come on - you can move the womanizer out of Hollywood, but can he ever remove the womanizing ways from himself?

  25. nursesweet says – reply to this


    I don't care what he's done. He's yummy. Saw him play live a few years ago, front row. Talent like that is enough to make any lady swoon.

  26. 26

    Have you ever listened to his music? His lyrics on "Edge of Desire" pretty much kill me. And those lips. And yes, love the whole bad boy rep. Delicious. You know going in it's short term…and it's going to be awesome. lol

  27. Shannon says – reply to this


    He is charming, funny and has a sexy singing voice, i bet he could woo any woman. That doesn't mean he knows how to treat a women right after he has got her.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    I don't love him. More like neutral on him, with a side of potential player wariness.
    He zipped his lip on Ellen re Katy, so at least he's growing.

  29. 29

    because for a woman it's attractive a man who cannot be tied down! WE ARE STUPID IT'S TRUE! But i see lots of women here say he is intelligent and talented but you never consider him like a man whore. Taylor swift as well had many relationships and you consider her a slut…

  30. 30

    Because he's real.

  31. 31

    Let's face it, most of Katy Perry's friends and fans TRIED HARD to warn her to stay away from John because things would very likely end badly. Sure enough, things ended badly. It was only a couple of weeks ago that John supposedly bought Katy an expensive "promise ring" and said in an interview that "he's a guy from Connecticut and getting married is what they do". Yeah right, John.

    I think Katy is one of those stubborn women who just chooses to look at the good side of the men she is with and ignores all the negative stuff that people say about them. Katy grew up with strict evangelical Christian parents so she probably likes to be rebellious a good bit. So she chooses the 'bad boys" that everyone warns her about. Hopefully Katy realizes by now that they call them "bad boys" for legitimate reasons.

  32. Sal says – reply to this


    Re: someguy2621 – You don't know what happened.

  33. Sal says – reply to this


    We love him for the same reason you did Perez. He kissed you once and you just about lost your mind for a long time, remember?
    Check out the other segment of the interview with Ellen where he talks about crying being scared of the botox needle. Ohmigawd, adorable, open, real…totally disarming. I think he's probably a very intense, amazing lover but he's probably idealistic and wants to always feel that intensity which isn't realistic.

  34. Melskii says – reply to this


    Because he's AH-MAZEBALLS! Gorgeous, talented, funny, smart, charming, rich. Yup, I'd poke a hole in that condom for sure!

  35. Jberr says – reply to this


    Some of us don't care for Hollywood or what gossips say. We love his music! I'm seeing him with my sisters this summer at Red Rocks, CO. My favorite venue with my favorite music!

  36. 36

    hes a WOMANEATER lol if there were a song for it as catchy as Nelly F's I wouldnt care. instead most songs on the womanizing subject show misogyny. but he kind of has a resemblance to johnny depp, and he's been with many women too and people still love him. i think some people– this is going to sound so weird but i feel like it applies 4 me– ARE TOO SENSITIVE FOR THE LONG TERM. they'r the people who if they stay forever and let these little things add up, are sure to be the ticking timebomb part of the relationship. and anonymity becomes more romantic to them after a while. safer emotionally speaking wont call it "damage" per se… but i think there are deep, Real problems that make the regular small problems of everyday lovin intolerable

  37. d says – reply to this


    As a huge john mayer fan, I have to say I dont want to "ride his dick" but I am still totally attracted to him. He is good looking, funny, sarcastic, sings like a damn angel and has bitching guitar skills. I think a lot of females are attracted to him still because we grew up listening to him, he was the 1st bad boy I had a crush on. At the end of the day i am still a fan because his music speaks to me. I feel like there is a song for anything going on in life and it makes me feel better after listening to it.

  38. heartoflife77 says – reply to this


    I have to say it's a lot of different things. His talent, looks, and humor. I think he realized with the whole ring issue that Katy was all about the publicity just like most of the other women he has been with in Hollywood, she was just a little more subtle about it in the beginning. Taylor is just mad that he didn't return her feelings and felt she had to get back at him with a song. I think he will think long and hard about having another female artist on his album unless he knows for sure that there will not be any mixed message issues - like Alicia Keys or someone he thinks of as a sister and not just "the next big thing."

  39. 39

    I LOVE his as an artist, as a person I DO NOT get him at all. I have a tendency to believe that the tabloids are there for a purpose and when you are always in them you are trying to sell people that image. So John wants to be portrayed as a womanizer. IS he one, who knows. I still think that he spends way too much time with Ricky Van Veen, and always looks super cozy with him too. Is he gay? I don't know, don't care cause I would still listen to his music regardless. However this man just confuses the hell out of me.

  40. 40

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  41. 41

    i just adore his lovely voice it sticks in my brain would i do him no prob not im not into celeb stds but i like him its not his fault the woman he goes with are rich and famous and STUPID..

  42. Right, right says – reply to this


    Hmm, I think he can be very kind, GENEROUS and SWEET(I have my reasons). I like that part of him, but I also think he may have a mean, insensitive streak like his older brother, who I can't stand. Judging by certain things, as well as comments he has made and how he "presents" all-in-all, I suspect he makes women feel adored and loved. It's all very seductive. I don't think there is any malice to it. It's just who he is. He loves women. Oh yeah, he's also gorgeous, quick on the pick-up and funny, easy going yet ambitious and hard working, self made, talented, creative, sort-or-neurotic, anxious and says crazy things…Argh! I need a hot shower!

  43. Could be so says – reply to this


    Re: Maz – Perhaps he has dated unfamous women, but kept it private. I don't think he was celibate between Taylor and Katy. That was like 2 or 3 years.

  44. someone says – reply to this


    because women are shallow bitches

  45. Becky says – reply to this


    Because he's a fucking legendary musician and the most genuine douche bag there will ever be.