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"I am lyrically better than most of the male rappers out there - yes, I'm gonna say it. I don't get the credit that I deserve." -- Nicki Minaj, on the la… Read more…

16 comments to “Nicki Minaj Is Better Than The Boys! Quote Of The Day!”

  1. 1

    Clearly she's never heard her own songs.

  2. 2

    If you the words 'b*tch, h*, and n*gg* out of today's rap - there is not much left. Rap sure has declined. I heard Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio again the other day - it tells a story, and has a message - none of today's crap compares - not even Nicki's.

  3. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    Way to be humble bitch. First of all… she, like so many rappers before her, make up words so that they rhyme. That does not count. Secondly, she frequently rhymes a word with itself… "The zone, own, yes I’m in the zone." Oh wow… sooo good Nicky… soo good. Zone rhymes with… ZONE! I wrote a rap! No. No you didn't.
    And again…
    I’m on the floor, floor
    I love to dance
    So give me more, more….
    No, please do NOT give me more, more. You are a bore, bore and you can't rap for shit. I'm done, done, making fun of this.
    Nicki sorry… think I spelled your name wrong. hahaha

  4. Marlon Meadows says – reply to this


    exactly rosebud99 and Jessicalc. exactly.

  5. kiki says – reply to this


    you're a stupid hoe you're a you're a stupid hoe - erm yea well done LOL

  6. 6

    Re: kiki – What makes it worse is it's actually "you a stupid hoe".
    First, it's "you're".
    Second, it's "ho", which is derived from the word "wHOre". A "hoe" is a gardening tool.

    She's really ignorant. Like the time she thought Steven Tyler was racist for saying she's send Bob Dylan back to the CORN fields (he's from the mid-west). She gets on my damn nerves.

  7. 7

    Today's rap is shit, and so to say you are better than most of the stuff out there means you are still crap! All ya'll!

  8. lala says – reply to this


    What is she smoking, rap isnt as good as it used to be. But still a few out there old and new. Her crap shouldnt even be classed as rap.

  9. alexis says – reply to this


    YEA OK Nicki…

    Someone have her battle Eminem please…

  10. Chandler02 says – reply to this


    Her lyrics are suuuuuch crap! Come on, honey, have you ever listened to your songs?
    "keys to the Benz, Keys to the Benz, keys to the Benz" is NOT lyrical greatness!

  11. 11

    She is no Tupac or Eminem, but she's better than 2 Chainz. A lot of crappy rap music out there.

  12. 12

    Nicki's biggest fan is Nicki.

  13. sevgi says – reply to this


    whahahahhahahaahhahahahhahhahahahahahhaaaaa since no one else is giving her compliments, she has to do it herself…. thanks Perez, for making my day :D

  14. ROMAN718 says – reply to this


    Re: Marlon Meadows – Girl bye , we're talking about her real RAP bars not no generic just for sales pop mess. The fact that you think Starships is a rap record just baffles me. Go listen to the first album Pink Friday and tell me that's not a lyrically ill bitch. Go listen to her featured verses and tell me her word play isn't crazy. and by the way the starships "rap" lyrics were never written. She just went into the studio heard the beat and talked. The chorus was written by redone I think. but hey it went on to sell 7.2 Million singles worldwide

  15. k says – reply to this


    she an't lying you all can bash her asusal and be bias it is what it is,like i said she an't lying…and the fools in here talking about she an't better than eminem are so on,she wasn't talking about them you all know who she is talking..but going to act the fool right.

  16. @v@ says – reply to this


    She actually IS. Her cadence, speed, style and staccato delivery can be mind blowing.