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Lindsay Lohan’s BFF & Former Rumored Bootycall Arrested For Plethora Of Drugs At Airport!

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lindsay lohan vikram chatwal arrested for drugs

So so so many drugs!

We’re not totally surprised to hear someone close to Lindsay Lohan was just arrested for possessing a shizz ton of drugs.

Vikram Chatwal was bu-bu-busted at the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport when he foolishly tried to take a whole lotta drugs on the plane.

Because airport security it totes casual!

LiLo’s buddy - and occasional boyfriend? - who owns her fave Dream Hotel was caught with the drugs on his person, in his crotch and in his bag. He was packing 6 grams of heroin, cocaine, buprenorphine, clonazepam, Xanax, lorazepam, ketamine and marijuana.

Damn, must have had a lot of room in his crotch area. LOLz!

He did admit to illegally purchasing and possessing the drugs.

Admission? Something he certainly didn’t learn from our not quite law abiding friend!

[Image via Will Alexander/Flashpoint/WENN.]

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16 comments to “Lindsay Lohan’s BFF & Former Rumored Bootycall Arrested For Plethora Of Drugs At Airport!”

  1. LalaLand Girl says – reply to this


    So funny! He wasn't trying to reach Cloud 9 on his little spring vacation, he was trying to reach cloud 757!!! LOOOL

  2. Wha? says – reply to this


    Because airport security it totes casual?

    What does this sentence mean?

  3. 3

    So she hangs out with idiots. She's an idiot, so is this really any surprise? You're such a stupid homo.

  4. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Ummmmmmmmmmmmm…you are SURPRISED that anyone associated with this HoHan broad had drugs ? ? Wake up and smell the coffee…those are her friends of 'choice' !

  5. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    To think she slept with this greasy bear, all in the name of 'scoring'….yuck ! WHAT drugs do to a person !

  6. 6

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  7. 7

    it totes casual! ????


  8. @PANSY HUNTER says – reply to this


    1) THEY R BEYOND IDIOTS, THEY R CRIMINALS. 2) "You're such a stupid homo." LL, the cyber-police r watching u. Ur not only violating Inner-Space Courtesy Protocol, u r mindlessly stepping over a LEGAL boundary when ur cyber-bullying includes the hateful & all-2-common, "best come back" offense against posters whom disappoint u. Ur, "stupid homo" zingers r catagorized as HATE CRIME MEDIA. Just fuck 90 days in rehab, cause u got cyber-cops on ur viscious & malicious asses. U guys r N 2 media releases, how u miss, "stupid homo" cyber-bullying techniqs caused kids 2 COMMIT SUICIDE? U were warned. There r attorneys watching this stuff & can electronically trace u. @Lindsay, et al: Legal Members of "'The Pioneer Pals' r on ur ass 4 HATE CRIMES. Cyber-bullying w/ the motive 2 maim. They wish 2 exhile u from cyber-space, have agenda 2 put u in prison 4 FELONY ASSAULT AGAINST HUMANITY. The "Pioneer Pals" r chasing u & new portrait of u, 1 out of things u thought would gold-leaf u but ended up turning u N 2 trash: 2 B cover of Time magazine w/story: ur cyber-bullying millions of people 4 yrs; Bcause they disagree w/ur compulsive postings, "Lindsay is so pretty." U INTENTIONALLY HARM PEOPLE'S SOULS, TEAM LINDSAY & NEW LAWS have opened gateways that: "We The People" 2 prosecute & persecute u 4 ur HATE CRIMES against CHILDREN. Swear 2 God, "Prosecuter Pal" -The United Organization 4 The Preservation of Cyber-Souls.

  9. HER LIFE-STYLE: CHOICE says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – U: "Those are her friends of choice." Buddah is channeling thru you, obviously. A most truer statement has never been written and she and her friends are guilty of being more than drug-addicts and idioits. They come on these boards and try to pursuade that Lindsay's crimes are all boo-boos and only occur because she is victimized by jealous haters because they are not Amazing Movie Stars like the "so pretty" and "awesome" and perpetual "winning!" that is the now-official and publically displayed, trashed-faced Lindsay Lohan. All her stupid and antisocial CHOICES are destructive to a functioning society and you aren't the only one who is excessively disgusted and repulsed by it.

  10. MORE THAN SURPRISES says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – so, seems ur awfully disurbed that Mr. Perez didn't fill his site with more interesting, HAS TO BE surprising news like Lindsay really got her hair-extentions from a SoHo dumpster. Why does team lindsay ever only visciously cyber-assult media commentary that is in regards to legal issues and real opinions that come from intelligent people, about her BEHAVIORS? posters can state "hope she OD's on fire and dies" or say they want to punch her teeth out,till she drowns gagging on her own blood,.. but no one ever calls those posters "haters". It's the educated, curious and secure that she/dina lose their minds and souls over. See 4 Ur sef! I don't want an "exclusive" on this story, lets talk about it. It's pandemic.

  11. &BECAUSE LILO WZ TRAIN says – reply to this


    It has become unquestionable that Dina Lohan has trained Lindsay Lohan, "Team Lohan" and "Team Lindsay" in organized and pre-mediative cyber-assaults against the public. Further, a preponderance of archived media is evidential that organized group have participated in malicious proliferation of MISINFORMATION AND SLANDER in cyber-media with the intention of destroying personal career and character accomplishments of innocent victims. YOU, DINA, ARE THE KING PIN: THE CHARLES MANSON OF CYBER-SPACE …AND WE WILL IMPRISON YOU FOR YOUR HATE CRIMES AGAINST CHILDREN. –Trust this: Your Foreclosure problem? Your permanant housing solution problems are SOLVED. Courtesy of: WE THE PEOPLE.

  12. SLANDER & LIBEL says – reply to this


    That's right, slander and libel, Utube foratage of video. Further, threatening letter via US Mail, makes things FEDERAL. …don't sweat it Perez, we're not after you, if you understand your crimes and make restitution by going forward in PEACE, your sins, your crimes are obsolved, save for what God has to say about it when you show up before Him. THIS SHIT IS TOXIC, IT'S TWISTING OUR KIDS AND DESTROYING OUR GLOBAL SOCIAL ATMOSPHERE. thank you.

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  15. thank you, perez says – reply to this


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