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Madonna's Malawi "Schools" Causing Drama!

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madonna malawi school scandal


Queen Madonna is currently in Malawi visiting the ten "schools" that she helped build with an organization called BuildOn, but it seems that there is a discrepancy over WHAT type of educational construction Madonna actually put in place!

Originally, Her Madgesty had reportedly planned on creating a multi-million dollar girls academy, but then instead decided to invest in ten "school" blocks.

BUT, are these buildings actually SCHOOLS?!

Not according to Malawi's Education Minister Eunice Kazembe!

Kazembe recently stated:

"She has built classrooms at existing schools… really it's a difference in terminology. They have said… they have built 10 schools in Malawi and on our side what we know is that she [Madonna] has built classrooms… these are not schools from our side and really that's the essence of the difference between her side and the Malawi government."

Oh no!! But, hey, classrooms or schools, at least Madonna is putting her money towards something that encourages education, right?!

The Education Minister continues:

"She promised an academy and we agreed on standards but she just changed her mind on the project without consulting us. We'd like them to work with us so that they can be absorbed into the strategy of Malawi's education and that goes not just for Madonna - any group that comes to Malawi to assist us in education."


But even though Kazembe has some grievances, the Malawian Minister expressed gratitude for all of Madge's gracious gifts.

A good thing is a good thing is a good thing, right?! Why try and tarnish something that will only HELP?!

Keep doing you, dearest Madonna, spread that passion for learning all OVA the globe!

[Image via WENN.]

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17 comments to “Madonna's Malawi "Schools" Causing Drama!”

  1. 1

    Come on, Perez. We know you worship Madonna, but she promised 10 schools and an academy and she didn't deliver. So, instead of being able to many children, they can now add a few. She should be ashamed.

  2. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Anything this old SKANK does is for self-promtion………she is a money-grubbing fugly old hag, who needs to confirm herself…vain arrogant…..

  3. jonni bois says – reply to this


    You know, I'm adopted from Vietnam Orhanage…by Americans… Most of you guys have now idea what's it's like… I don't care if your Angelina Jolie, Madonna, or an average person offering what you can to help.. Help is help and God bless Madonna and those who offer their time, commitment, monies or whatever.. Help is help that is correct and the government of Malawi should be grateful and not greedy and the public who seems to judge whatever should shut the FUCK UP!!! Most of you can even scrounge up a penny to give to the Red Cross or someone in need in your own community.. Losers….

  4. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: South Jersey Girl – shut up. she builkd 10 schools and an orphanage.. she gave them water and light!!! what do u do?? or other celebs… Madonna is doing amazing… its a shame that some jealous people criticize… u go Madonna… huge heart….

  5. LC says – reply to this


    Re: mlington
    There are people and other celebs who do help other people in need; Madonna is not the only one in the world who does. However, not everyone who helps out feels the need to make every move a photo-op or a cover story; those, IMO, are the real heroes. The question that should be asked is what are YOU doing, instead of rattling off on everyone who doesn't think Madonna is God?

  6. mlington says – reply to this


    and now queen madonna will do a partnership with a french painter. and she will give all the money from afeganistan girls… huge heart

  7. Alex says – reply to this


    One must make the difference between these poor Malawian kids wonderfully help by Madonna and these irrespectuful corrupted Malawian politicians frustrated by the fact they have been evicted followiing the interruption of the Girl's school project. This is the only reason for their unacceptable aggressivity vis a vis Madonna. The fact is that the schools exist and than hundreds of little Malawians have now access to education thanks to Madonna.

  8. Kaykoura says – reply to this


    I'm sure all the readers understood but Perez doesn't so I want to clarify it. She said and promised 10 new schools. Instead of giving them 10 new schools she actually just added on to existing buildings with new classrooms. Problem is, besides she didn't do what she promised, what she wants to be taught at her 10 new classrooms isn't the same as what is taught in the other ones.

  9. Kaykoura says – reply to this


    Re: jonni bois

    I was adopted from South Korea and help is not help. Well, any help is needed but when you're promising something and don't deliver it's considered a failure. I don't care what country you're from.

  10. Alex says – reply to this


    To know more about the rotten Malawians politicians, see the article just published by the London Telegraph.

  11. gianna says – reply to this


    The audacity of…INGRATES…they should be ashamed of themselves! This attitude turns people who have done good Off and makes people that help want to stop! A little gratitude can go a long way…Hopefully she will keep building for the world and as a beautiful example to her children! To the Malawi politicians and governing body: Greedy people make me sick! and it makes the world sick too!!!

  12. Olivia says – reply to this


    I lived in Malawi for over two years and Madonna is an absolute joke to everyone there, no one takes her or her "work" there seriously because she doesn't. She comes and rents out the nicest place there for her and her entourage, does a few photo ops then leaves. she isn't doing any real work there, trust me. she hasn't built a school or an orphanage, only a few blocks (ten) which are just classrooms and are less than a thousands dollars each to build. its a joke and all for her imagine here in the states, there are so many other organizations actually working to build schools, orphanages and hospitals that don't have the money and resources she does yet are actually doing meaningful work.

  13. III says – reply to this


    Re: gianna
    oh, look..a Superfan! How original!

  14. japes01 says – reply to this


    If you guys knew anything about this project you would know the Malwai government was embezelling all the money she was donating at the ground charity in the African nation so she side stepped the government and decided to work directly with the schools already in the african nation. So she had donated millions, had it stolen, and then still decided to continue to help the impoverished nation, Try knowing something about African politics before commenting.

  15. Ivan says – reply to this


    For all the haters….How much have YOU given towards it???…..EXACTLY…!!!
    Damn if she does, Damn if she doesn't….
    I bet that she had given A LOT of money towards the IMPROVEMENT of Eduction in Malawi (One of the 20 LEAST DEVELOPED Countries) in general….Rome was not built in a day….Why is Kazembe biting a hand that is trying to help?? I am sure that there is a lot of red tape in this whole project and Raising Malawi, together with BuildON, have to work with what they are given and eventually do what they were there to do….

  16. Alan says – reply to this


    One point, the Education Minister in question was, before making it in politics, sacked by Madonna herself from her charity for embezzling money that was meant for the schools. It's all on record

  17. 17

    Madonna and her Kabala foundation promised to build schools for $15 million but in the end only built 10 classrooms? The people of Malawi are not ingrates, they are gullible people who were used for: 1)Madonna's shameless self promotion and 2)Kabbalah's self serving fund raising. Do you guys think for a moment where the money raised in the name of the children of Malawi has gone? Do you guys honestly believe Madonna put in a penny of her own money? What a joke. There should be a criminal investigation launched into Madonna's Kabbalah foundation.