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All around awesome human being Angelina Jolie added another notch to her humanitarian belt Thursday while at the Women in the World gala in NYC (above)! … Read more…

11 comments to “Angelina Jolie Honors Young Pakistani Activist Who Was SHOT In The Head Because She Wanted To LEARN!”

  1. Eyyyy says – reply to this


    You dumbass. It has nothing to do with religion. The girl who was shot who was a Muslim and didnt get shot for religious reasons. People in that area are very old school and belive women dont really need education. NOTHING to do with religion. Islam states that all women an men are equal. So u obvioulsy have no idea what ur talking about. Stop misleading and judging my dear religion of Islam that u know nothing about. Jerk.

  2. 2

    Re: Eyyyy – But women aren't treated as equal. It is the extremists who twist religion to suit their needs. Islamic extremists do it and so do Christian extremists. But in both religions women are not seen as equal. If women are equal in Islam, why are there no women religious leaders?

  3. 3

    Islam does NOT discriminate against women, you ignorant, ugly homo. Skankelina Whorelie hasn't had a lot of media attention for a while, and being the attention slut she is, made an opportunity to get some press. It's what she does. If this bitch wanted to "honor" me for something, I'd tell her skank ass to stay the fuck home and stay out of my business. She's such a phony asshole, just like you, homo.

  4. Don't Forget This Wom says – reply to this


    What about the teacher who just got shot by the Taliban for teaching in an all girl's school?

  5. mktb says – reply to this


    If woman were treated as EQUALS in Islam they wouldn't be getting beat and would be able to dress as they PLEASE.

  6. 6

    HERE'S THE REAL STORY: I'm an ugly old lady and Malala is my hero! DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT MALALA!

  7. 7

    Funny, Eyyyy never came back to defend her religion. Hmmm……

  8. Anon says – reply to this


    @mktb - women do dress as they please, for the most part. As a Muslim woman, I walk around dressed like every other American girl (showing less skin, of course) but nobody on the street would look at me and say "Wow, she's Muslim, isn't she?" My significant other encourages me to wear a hijab, but has never forced it on me at all. Have you not heard about the recent backlash from Muslim women after some idiots declared a Naked Muslim Women day, or whatever it was called? Muslim women hate it - they don't need to be "liberated" by people who feel sorry for them. They have more decency and respect from their Muslim brothers and sisters than half the people in this world.

    PS before Christians forget, it says in the Bible that a woman should cover her hair or shave it off. So for all you "Muslim Women Must be Liberated!" people, follow your own religion before sticking your nose into others'.

  9. 9

    Re: Anon – Anon: This was a story about Angelina Jolie going to an event to support MALALA! Shame on you and the rest of the posters here to turn this discussion into an opportunity to make religious commentary. MALALA WANTS TO GIRLS TO GO TO SCHOOL AND SHE DOES NOT MAKE IT A RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION - HER TERRORISTS DO! Either you are awesome and you support her or you are an asshole who doesn't!

  10. 10

    Why do I react when I see A.J. involved in her humanitarian efforts? I have this nagging feeling that A.J. has an agenda. Her grand appearances for humanitarian causes often corresponds with a project B.P. is promoting. Does she feel the need to upstage him or seek attention and validation? I question why A.J., as a Western woman of privilege, did not herself pursue an education, yet promotes education for women elsewhere.

    Why do other humanitarians make an impact on the lives of others discreetly and quietly?

    On CBC radio today about a described her journey, which sounded like a nightmare, in adopting a child from Kazakhstan. She mentioned how the judge presiding over the case in country asked her if she was trying to emulate A.J. and B.P. I have asked myself many times if the constant publicity with her adopted kids does in fact hinder or impeed the adoption process for the average person. People in the developing world do not have the luxury to travel and the only information they receive is by the media. Has A.J. made a positive impression in developing countries in influencing their policies around adoption processes? Is it time for her to quietly go about her business? What impact will she have on education for young women in Afghanistan or any other part of the developing world? Does the world need a break from her?

  11. Mel says – reply to this


    Re: Pansy Hunter – you are a disgrace of a human being. We need less people like you in this world. Not only are you pathetic, racists, loser and a disgrace - you have the audacity to attack another person who helps people around the world. Karma is a bitch and I hope it gets to you very very soon…