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Beyoncé And Jay-Z Under Fire For Fifth Anniversary Vacation To Cuba! Find Out Why HERE!

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Such a shame that what should be a happy occasion is being marred by this!

As we've reported, Beyoncé and Jay-Z are celebrating the fifth anniversary of their marriage with what looks to be a lovely, relaxing vacation to Cuba, but the location they chose is NOT sitting well with certain Cuban-American groups in Washington, D.C., due to the country's people still fighting for freedom and facing torture!

In fact, US citizens are technically banned from traveling to the island for tourism purposes, and must obtain a travel license from the government!

According to Mauricio Claver-Carone, who is a D.C. director for the lobbyist group US-Cuba Democracy PAC:

"There are women getting beaten on a daily basis, women who are being jailed for no reason…people are fighting for their freedom. It’s extremely insensitive."


While those are obviously serious human rights issues that deserve to be addressed and resolved as quickly and with as less violence as possible, we doubt the superstars meant any ill-will or malice by choosing the destination of their trip!

What do U guys think? Were Bey and Jay out of line for choosing Cuba as the locale for their love?

[Image via AP Images.]

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45 comments to “Beyoncé And Jay-Z Under Fire For Fifth Anniversary Vacation To Cuba! Find Out Why HERE!”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Ignorance is not a defense, dipwad. You should know this.

  2. Rachel says – reply to this


    This is actually ridiculous. Thousands of tourists visit Cuba every year and no one says anything. In fact, it's probably encouraged since it's safer than some other popular tourist destinations down south.
    They only get called out because they're famous.

  3. Kaycee says – reply to this


    U can see why Americans would be up upset seeing as they cannot travel there, so it's almost as if they received special treatment in that regard. But, on the other hand, I do not see how they are insensitive towards the struggles of the Cuban people. It would be the same as travelling to the middle east, south america, eastern asia, etc. - many people are struggling for their freedom across the world, but this is not a reason as to why people shouldn't travel to said places.

  4. 4

    When you're filthy rich, the rules don't apply.
    I am not a fan of Beyonce. She took 50 million from Pepsi to be a spokesperson. The crime is those drinks are toxic. Poor blacks suffer more than anyone. She should be protective of her people. There is a national epidemic of juvenile diabetes. These children will not outlive their parents. Where is her outrage??? Taylor Swift did it too. They should both be ashamed. You will never see Blue Ivy drinking those nasty drinks.

  5. 5

    It's ALWAYS sad when rich-as people's happy occasions are marred by things as annoying as human rights abuses, religious and political persecution. We're talking about fucking golf and cigars, people…shiz you just can't get here in the simple silly stupid USA.

  6. whatever says – reply to this


    There real problem is that they choose Cuba and not China which Americans have been allowed to go to for years. Both have similar human rights accusations, one is just has different economic policies.

  7. Daniel says – reply to this


    No. Let them have a vacation. They obviously have a special permit to be there. They're not doing anything wrong. So many people visit cuba a year. Beautiful Beaches. Although, it is kind of nice that there aren't any obnoxious American tourists. Its nice.

  8. 8

    Cuban Gov't is enemy to the USA (sorry but that's the reality). Our citizens should not be pulling strings to golf and smoke with our enemy. Plenty of non-fascist non-dictatorship vacation destinations that don't persecute their own people but have golf and cigars. DR is pretty nice, PR is nice too…Fuck, these two could buy their own island and golf course in the USA, hire a Cuban transplant to roll the smokes. Instead they are traitors. GO USA!

  9. 9

    They are the epitome of greed and selfishness. They are not the least bit concerned about the plight of the Cuban people or about the plight of any people.

  10. ann says – reply to this


    They are ignorant…How can they go to Communist Cuba? Why not go to Korea? Shame on them, they lost a fan in me as a Cuban American that knows all too well whats going on in Cuba. They are being treated like royalty while everybody in the island is starving, no freedom. Incredible!

  11. 11

    Movie stars live in an ignorance filled la la land. They have no idea of what is going on outside their gilden cages and think they are making a statement. The fact that Americans are prohibited from visiting the island does not bother them one bit…after all they are "special" and as such should be allowed to do as they wish. Nothing matters…they wanted to go and they went. Let the rest of mortals eat cake.

  12. pll says – reply to this


    Beyonce also did a private gig for dictator Gaddafi….the girl is lucky to have a voice, because she was not blessed with a heart or a brain!

  13. AmericanHypocrites says – reply to this


    Well isn't that hilarious. Isn't this the same country that jails more people than any other country in the world per capita, jails people for possession of small amounts of a relatively harmless plant for decades, executes mentally retarded people, has more violent gun deaths than anywhere else in the world, jails foreigners without trial for years, has one citizen (Bill Gates) who owns as much as 100 million Americans put together, can't even get a health care system together, has an economy in the toilet because they allowed rich thieving criminals to create and then steal phony money, and they want to criticize Cuba?!! Hahahaha! How ridiculous!

  14. 14

    Maybe they should move there…almost every picture has Jay Z with a cigar. Disgusting.

  15. punchie says – reply to this


    Re: pll – Fantastic comment, pll! Love it. Her voice, though, is also questionable.

  16. 16

    Re: pll – Love it, plc! Great comment. Her voice is not the greatest thing, either.

  17. JW says – reply to this


    No worries, Bey will just tell those biatches to bow down. Perez, I know you love those two but you are wrong about their intentions. There are so many places they could have gone. So much for putting your money where your principles are.

  18. bow down bitches says – reply to this


    They love dictators, nothing else.

  19. Suckit says – reply to this


    Many Americans travel to Cuba every year with a special permit. Why are these twod beingspoken about so poorly. They donate to many organizations every year. Beyonce also donated all of the performance fee she received from Gidalfi years before it was in vogue. Stop it unless you are going to attack every American that has visited Cuba in the last 50 years.

  20. 20

    These asshole motherfuckers are so self-involved, so selfish. That island is so extremely oppressive. The people there die trying to SWIM to Miami for a taste of freedom. People aren't allowed to truly own what they work for. People live in squalor, on top of each other. Women get raped and beat. Forget about the gays. Anyone who is gay is thrown into jail, no questions asked. What the fuck were they thinking? There is an island that is exactly like Cuba, but even better, it's called Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment.

  21. Geeky girl says – reply to this


    It's obvious they vacationed in a communist country that regular people are not allowed to go to In order to not run into any of those regular people. It's a good thing that they are pretty because they have no brains, hearts or souls.

  22. Claudia says – reply to this


    I think it's great that they went there, people go to china and the record is not the best. They should celebrate how they want to rich or poor. It time that all of us to be able to go to Cuba.

  23. 23

    If I were them I would be worried about their saftey.

  24. Joe says – reply to this


    I'm Canadian and went to Cuba for out graduation trip. It's a beautiful place and the oroplw there have a real problem with how they are being portrayed. Those care of deaths and people going to prison are extremely rare but are highly publicized by the media. All of that inside a lot of people in the USA go there anyways. The resorts are beautiful and again the people are wonderful. Americans really need to get over the ignorance. Communism may not work but to the people over there, it's normal and they survive and live and are happy; genuinely happy. It's normal for them, so it should be no countries business to prevent people for going. The only reason why it's a problem is because its jayz and beyonce. Lol leave the two love birds alone.

  25. @v@ says – reply to this


    The applied for three general licenses required for legal travel to Cuba are: 1. Professional Research Travel License, for individuals going to Cuba to conduct thematic research for public dissemination. 2. Educational Travel License, for college and university faculty, staff and students going to Cuba for academic purposes; and 3. Religious Travel License for groups and individuals hosted by a U.S. church, synagogue, mosque or other religious organizations going to Cuba for religious and spiritual activities. There is one more way you can travel to Cuba legally, and that is to apply for a specific license. To secure a Specific License (such as a People-to-People License or another Specific License), an individual or organization must submit a lengthy narrative application for the U.S. Department of the Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) to approve or reject. Response time may be as little as six weeks, but often takes much longer. There is no guarantee an application will be granted. Most are denied, or returned with requests for further information. Preparation time ranges from weeks to months. The services of an attorney is recommended to ensure the application is properly prepared. For the latest information on U.S. regulations governing travel to Cuba and to view the most accurate and updated travel restrictions information, please see the Department of Treasury's OFAC website.

  26. 26

    I'm over Bey and Jay With their leather clothing from just about any animal, furs, and now taking a trip to Cuba where they definitely should not be. Just goes to show, money cannot buy intelligence. I wonder if they ever heard about search engines to catch up on the modern world. They are shameless!

  27. Mark says – reply to this


    There are so many civil rights issues globally, but it is funny how B and Jay are called out. They even denied to have a media day…they just want to visit the place…learn a new culture…and celebrate their hard work/love. Get over it. There are crazier things going on in the world like North Korea, rapes in Congo, Honduran/Mexican drug trafficing…gay rights….Perez…GROW UP!

  28. Perez is a hypocrite says – reply to this


    Perez Hilton, you should be ashamed of yourself. On a daily basis you write horrible things about celebrities, and you are not taking a stance on this. You are a Cuban American, born and raised in Miami, a city that was built by Cubans. Your family migrated here because Fidel Castro, was ruining their once free and beautiful country. The poor people in Cuba are rationed food and forbidden from entering tourist areas. I find it funny that you have such a strong opinion on Amanda Bynes tweets, yet something that should really hit home, like celebrities glorifying this oppressed, once beautiful paradise, you have no comment. You should be ashamed of yourself as a Cuban-American, and a son of a Cuban woman. You should try standing up for your mothers country and your heritage, as much as you stand up for marriage equality.

  29. 29

    Re: pollopicu – Sorry friends of mine owned a place on Vieques, sold it when a good neighbor got killed for the change in his pockets.
    I would love to go to Cuba, heard the beaches are great, but until they open it up to the US citizens like myself, I will not be able to . I just KNOW I would be the one in 1000 person whom US Immigration would notice 2 entry stamps into Mexico.
    Yes I know I could join some kind of cultural org, but that is not what I want. I want a beach vacation and not have to tour churches and stuff. Sorry and I will not apologize for what I want out of a vacation, at my age and with my finances they are hard to come by and so I have to be choosy.

  30. Rose says – reply to this


    There really is no such thing as patriotism these days. Bow down bitches, I make the rules applies here. Now let's see, who are her number one fans? Could it be someone in the white house? Big corps rule de world.

  31. 31

    these obama lovers sure do love their dictators.

  32. Lila says – reply to this


    Instead of using this couple to send a message or taking out your frustrations with EPIC REPUBLICAN FAILS, perhaps you people should do something real to combat the terrors instead of contradicting yourselves by trying to DICTATE how these Americans spend their time and money. No complaints about the people who visit China in spite of its brutality toward its people? No? Of course not bc the MONEY is in Republican interest. Shut the fuck up and leave these people alone. Go catch real criminals with my tax dollars and stop spending it to release dumb ass media fodder.

  33. Ali says – reply to this


    It figures they'd celebrate their phony marriage in Cuba. I'm sensing they'll soon be channeling Dennis Rodman and will go for a nice, fun vacation with Sean Penn in No. Korea to discuss politics and other things that these rappers are experts at. Gag. Also, why didn't they bring Blue Lagoon or whatever her name is with them?

  34. US Treasury OFAC says – reply to this


    No one is above the law, not even if your best bud sits in the Whitehouse. Try this on for size!


  35. 35

    so did niki miniaj.

  36. Tinsel & Tine says – reply to this


    They could have celebrated their anniversary any where in the world, why choose Cuba? What kinda statement were they trying to make? Is this some Illuminati business?

  37. Scotty says – reply to this


    "There are women getting beaten on a daily basis, women who are being jailed for no reason…people are fighting for their freedom. It’s extremely insensitive."

    Is he talking about America or Cuba because I can not tell. Tell the Cuban 1% to shut up, they were happy to allow the mob and American corporations to turn Cuba into a cess pool of gambling, prostitution, drugs and slave labor. Before Castro, Cubans did not even have healthcare or public education for all.

  38. MO says – reply to this


    He always has that stupid cigar in his hand. Geesh, does he go to bed with it?

  39. John McAuliff says – reply to this


    Hurrah for Beyonce and Jay-Z offering a new level of people to people engagement.

    It is timely to support Rep. Sam Farr's Dear Colleague letter calling for a general license for all purposeful travel. That way Americans could travel on their own and inject money into the private bed and breakfast and restaurant sector.

    Hard liners are terrified too many Americans will discover Cuba is a complicated, friendly and fast evolving place and that both countries will benefit from normalization of relations.

    A good example is the Celtic Festival in Havana April 13 – 20 which has very limited US participation.

    John McAuliff
    Fund for Reconciliation and Development

  40. LOL says – reply to this


    Where is their fake baby doll? OOPS. I mean… uh… daughter!

  41. OhPlease says – reply to this


    This is stupid. Everyone knows that colleges sponsor trips to Cuba and that many, many celebrities and business people go to Cuba. This is yet another NON issue that these lazy politicians are trying to distract us with…

  42. 42

  43. 43

    Re: Joe – it's what is behind closed door's that you need to fear about Cuba & it's Dictatorship! it wasn't to long ago that they placed a spy in Brother's too the Rescue's Ass. & shot down one of their pri. unarmed' plane's! As long As the Business World make's Deals w/Castro Cuba will continue to be what it is! no one that go's to cuba is helping anyone unless they are leaving their Med's/glass's/dentures/underwear's/comp.parts & if they buy any food in the black market for their family who do you think owns it? & when Batista people owned their business's & they had prostitute's but it wasn't the main profession!!!

  44. Really!? says – reply to this


    Re: ann – this trip shouldn't be viewed as a smack in the face to Cubans. They should be praised for highlighting the current situation. No one cares when Americans visit China, Russia or other communist countries where sex trafficking and other disparaging events occur. Why is Cuba so different?

  45. JSRex says – reply to this


    Hahaha how is anything being "marred"? I sincerely doubt they can hear anything anybody is saying about them. And people's opinions on the internet about Beyonce and JayZ's trip are not "marring" anybody else's enjoyment of two complete strangers' "happy occasion". =\