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Louis Tomlinson's Comment Towards Tom Parker That Started Their Twitter Feud! Watch HERE!

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We don't reaaaaallly see what the big deal is, but this little comment (above) from One Direction's Louis Tomlinson at their London gig Saturday night is what prompted The Wanted to tweet THIS out to 1D's Louis Tomlinson earlier tonight and starting a Twitter feud:

the wanted tom parker starts twitter feud with one direction louis tomlinson(1)

Watch what started it all (above) and for the translation, click AFTER THE JUMP!

Louis: Jake Bugg’s support and The Wanted, the best team ever.
Audience: BOO!
Harry Styles: Oh come one! we’re all friends
Louis: We love those people, we appreciate those artists


[Image via Twitter.]

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40 comments to “Louis Tomlinson's Comment Towards Tom Parker That Started Their Twitter Feud! Watch HERE!”

  1. 1

    This wasn't the only reason Tom tweeted that, Louis says horrible stuff about the wanted every opportunity he gets and it's just uncalled for.

  2. tori says – reply to this


    Re: kimberleytw – Not sure what horrible stuff you're talking about..? I don't think I've ever heard Louis mention them besides at this concert, which is - even Perez said it - barely a big deal.

  3. sara says – reply to this


    unacceptable to mock the #itgetsbetter organization. louis is known to be sarcastic and to fight back but tom took it way too far. never okay to use homophobia as an insult.

  4. 4

    Re: tori – there's been many times where he's said things about them that didn't need to be said

  5. 2cents says – reply to this


    Re: kimberleytw – okk, but that goes both ways. The Wanted have done it as well. They don't like each other, big deal. This comment was not a big deal. And it did not require a response from Tom and Tom was way out of line the entire night. I get it, your a The Wanted fan.. but this fight goes both ways.

  6. 6

    Re: 2cents – yes I know the wanted have said things too. If someone said your name to a bunch of people knowing they would boo and embarrass you would you just let it go? Or would you stand up for yourself?

  7. lu says – reply to this


    It's basically their fans who are stupid.

  8. Anon says – reply to this


    From what I recall from watching an old interview, One Direction was once asked something along the lines of "would you ever collaborate with The Wanted" and Louis told the interviewer that The Wanted doesn't want to hear any questions about One Direction or they don't want nothing to do with One Direction or something like that. Not sure what the exact words were, but no one knows what's really going on with these two groups.

  9. LaneyLace says – reply to this


    Whose The Wanted??

  10. 10

    We all know the Wanted are not Louis' CUP OF TEA. THis beef is so stupid and maybe it would be best if he stop mentioning them or any member altogether. If your band is more successful right now, what gives?

  11. Allie says – reply to this


    The wanted guys took it too far. lou was only making a comment. It didn't hurt anyone. The wanted are ignorant and older than the boys of 1D but one Direction are much more mature. Look at harry for example. He was being VERY mature.

  12. 2cents says – reply to this


    Re: kimberleytw – the booing started before the wanted's name was even mentioned. if anything jake bugg got the boo's. all i am saying is this comment didn't need to lead to where it did. tom made some very bad remarks in this fight.

    that being said, I don't think louis needed to bring them up in the first place.

  13. Heaven says – reply to this


    Team Louis. Tom went WAY too far. I know that Louis said some things too but what Tom said throughout the fight was just too much. One Direction is better than The Wanted , in my opinion. I don't hate The Wanted… but I do not like Tom, Jay, or Max right now. I only care for Sava and Nathan (i think that's there names). I am a Directioner.

  14. lovestruck90 says – reply to this


    LMAO!! These lil boy banders crack me up!!! They act like lil middle school chicks. WTF? Act like men! Stop wid all dis bickering and arguing back nd forth like lil girls. smh.
    And don't these boy banders know that there prime years are only 4-5 years and then they will be irrelevant. Look at Backstreet boys, Nsync, 98 degress etc….Boy bands don't have long careers. Once all there lil fan girls reach puberty and start hitting late teenage years they will be done wid dese silly boys. And these boys will gain weight, have babies, go bald after 25…..u knw da usual boy band curse.

  15. 15

    does anyone really care? both of these bands will probably be irrelevant soon enough. (they are boy bands hello)

  16. sunny says – reply to this


    the only reason this is still going on is bc the wanted started all this a while back by insulting one of harry's solos and louis is obviously protective of his bandmates and doesn't back down and yeah they both keep it going but tom makes douchey comments every freaking time that are super uncalled for like mocking the it gets better hashtag and stuff i wouldn't mind so much if he kept it between the bands but stuff like that is just disgusting

  17. clarisse says – reply to this


    Immature. They shouldn't be doing that, because that's absolutely rude! Tom was just defending their band.

  18. Kimberly W. says – reply to this


    I listen to both 1D and TW, & equally enjoy their music. This disappoints me & I don't care who started it; both are in the wrong by their behavior. All this does is just causes a heated, endless debate between both bands & fanbases. Enough of this he said, she said. Everyone needs to cool off. If both bands want to handle the situation maturely, talk it over in person. Fight immaturely over a social media network just drags other people into it (the fans) & misunderstandings occur. Talking about it in person is much better than throwing pointless insults at each other. If they can't come to a solution, "agree to disagree" & move on. In the end, I enjoy both of their music & this nonsense fighting needs to stop between 1D & TW & also both fanbases. Don’t waste time & energy into these kinds of things; put it into more useful & purposeful things to you like making music for the fans you care about (I'm talking to you, TW & 1D), listening to and supporting the music of the bands you love (I'm talking to you, fans), & spending time with your family and friends (I'm talking to all of you – 1D, TW, & fans). Live each day with a smile, appreciate life by doing what you love, & living each day to the fullest. Love you all :)

  19. poppy says – reply to this


    Re: clarisse – lol he used an organization's slogan/hashtag that stands up for the lgbt community as an insult. sorry i'm all for banter but that was much too far don't you think? xx

  20. Steph says – reply to this


    Team Louis! Okay maybe Louis shouldn't have brought that up but the wanted have said worse things about them in the past influencing Liuis to say this stuff. The wanted really shouldn't have said some of those things cus they're gonna lose respect and fans for it…..if they had any in the first place.

  21. hermowninny says – reply to this


    They are both acting like little children to the extent that it almost doesn't matter anymore that it was indeed the Wanted who started this by insulting Harry, ages ago - but that last comment from Tom Parker was completely uncalled for. I cannot believe he used the hashtag of an organisation that fights discrimination and tries to prevent suicide, to cyberbully someone. Seriously.

  22. Pathetic says – reply to this


    team #EveryoneInvolvedNeedToGrowUp !

    This feud is immature for all involved, and quite pathetic tbh.

    I happen to be a fan of 1D, but NO CONGRATS from me to Louis. If you are appalled by your group being dissed by others: lead by example and don't diss. Rise above!

  23. MalTW1D says – reply to this


    The Wanted have done nothing, I love both bands but tbh Louis was being immature he had no right or reason o say that.i wish they could just get on because im so sick and tired of this.I hate the girls who laughed in the background, shows their maturity.Well done Louis:/ still love both bands. Hope they become friendly like the old days :S

  24. 24

    IM SURE hes crying in his cornflakes about not getin in their band look at him now hes in the number one band on earth they are licking his shit …

  25. alex gonzales says – reply to this



  26. Malu says – reply to this


    The Wanted was waay outta line. Those dudes are much older yet act like kids. Plus let's face it: "Glad You Came" sounds like a cheap porn title, whereas "Little Things" actually has a message

  27. dm says – reply to this


    Re: Malu – totally!

  28. Lauren says – reply to this


    Re: kimberleytw – um i think this was the first time louis ever mentioned the wanted idk what your talking about…

  29. 29

    the wanted is messing with the wrong fandom

  30. 30

    so Tom stalks there concert videos then?

  31. Anna says – reply to this


    Okay, I am not defending either one here because I think they both need to just drop the whole thing. However, Tom took it wayyyyy to far with the slogan comment. Insulting each other is one thing, bringing in that campaign was inappropriate and rude. Plus the fact you shouldn't ever bring someones sexuality in either especially using it in an insulting way. TW are older by quiet a few years, they need to act it.

  32. Kate says – reply to this


    I'm a huge 1D fan but Louis took it way to far. He loves the drama as much as he says he doesn't.

  33. Eliza says – reply to this


    Re: Lady Amalthea – if you don't care then why did you even read this and care to comment? lol

  34. Heather says – reply to this


    Re: Heaven – I've personally never cared for The Wanted. I am an avid 1D fan and i love all the boys. But Louis went too far. He is making me not like him anymore because it seems he loves drama and being the center of attention. Both band members lacked wit; it was painful to read. Tom and even Harry said that Louis was going too far,

  35. Banana says – reply to this


    Re: kimberleytw – Ur just jealous because 1Ds fans are better than the wanteds. I mean Niall has more tattoos than the wanted has fans.

  36. Rachel says – reply to this


    Re: Malu – actually their roughly all the same age whats a 2-3 year gap now a days? Plus Nathan is only 19. Louis is 21. Jay is 22. Louis started the crap he is a arrogant guy. Does he ever retweet or respond to fans? No but he sure as hell responded back fast with Tom. I love One Direction but it doesn't mean I love everyone in the band. He started the feud n I would stick up for my band too.i knew people that met Louis they said he barely made eye contact n brushed them away. For now seeing the facts I'm "team wanted"

  37. Haylee says – reply to this


    Ok, I'm a Larry Shipper and yes The Wanted and One Direction do not really care for eachother, but Tom started it by mentioning there Red or Black performance, which all of us directionars know was an upsetting time for Harry cause of how nervous he was. He got hate from it, he cried cause he didn't understand what he did to make people hate him. So Louis got angry and thats how it started. THINK ABOUT IT DO ONE DIRECTION REALLY TALK ABOUT THE WANTED UNLESS SOMEONE ASKS THEM….NO. Louis was only stating he opinion. STOP BLAIMING LOUIS ALL HE DID WAS DEFEND HIMSELF AND HARRY :)

  38. Jackie says – reply to this


    why would the fans boo him, even if you were a fan of the wanted and one direction you should still support them. Ps. TOMS GIRLFRIEND IS A TOTAL SLUT!! SHE RUNS AROUND WITH HER ASS AND TITS ALL OUT!! AND MAX IS DATING LINDSEY LOHAN! stay in school kids and don't do drugs so that you don't end up like the wanted's girlfriends.

  39. Anon. says – reply to this


    To those idiots who think one direction's career is not going to go far, they are. Most of the boy bands who fail are American, I mean look at the Beatles they were a boy band, and they were british, silent thats right.

  40. Rayne says – reply to this


    Re: Heather – How did Louis take it to far? Tom could have been the bigger person and just let it go but instead he had to go and tweet about it. And everyone by now should know that Louis is defensive. it doesn't even seem to register to you that Tom went and had to bring Louis sexuality into it, and then bring it gets better into the argument. If you ask me Tom's the one that made this whole things a bigger deal then it should have been.