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LL Cool J & Brad Paisley Harmonize For World Harmony In Accidental Racist!

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Unbelievable!! Pick the pieces of our exploded brain up off the floor because our minds are BLOWN!

An LL Cool J & Brad Paisley duet isn't something we expected to hear this lifetime, but both artists are totes talented… so why the eff not, right?!

As shocking as the the names on the track might be, the REAL surprise here is Accidental Racist's controversial and sensitive subject matter!

Ch-ch-check out Brad & LL's unanticipated country/rap collaboration for yourself (above) to hear precisely what we mean!!

It's honestly the most bizarrely unexpected song we've heard all day week year ever!!

Though it may not be a catchy chart-smashing crossover hit, we do respect their efforts!!

As the warrior poet LL tells us in one verse, "the relationship between the Mason-Dixon needs some fixing!"

Hopefully this song helps!

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12 comments to “LL Cool J & Brad Paisley Harmonize For World Harmony In Accidental Racist!”

  1. 1

    brad seems so desperate. sure didn't sing that song last night. lol

  2. 2

    They have good intentions. AT least someone is willing to talk about things.

  3. 3

    I genuinely don't know how to feel about this song. I mean, I'm a white woman from New England, so there's a lot of experience between these two men that I can never imagine having, but I still feel uncomfortable with it. If it works for them, I guess it's fine, but I'm hoping Brad doesn't actually use it as a single. I don't think he will, but I don't want him to tarnish the good he did with his song Welcome to the Future.

  4. 4

    It's about time that singers/rappers from each side address the issue that everyone thinks, just won't talk about…NONE of our generation, and that is all races should be held accountable for when weren't even born.

  5. 5

    Re: aprilbby – no one wants to hear that. Rev jackson and faraken have made a living out of race baiting. Obama wouldn't be in the WH without the race baiters. don't think its gonna end anytime soon. race baiting in America is BIG BUSINESS!
    we haven't had slavery in America in over 160 years but the white people keep paying, so good luck to paisley the obama lover and his stupid song.

  6. Bitsy07 says – reply to this


    Admire the concept of the song. Have to point out b.s. though, cuz Mr. Paisley is from West Virginia, which seceded from the south due to opposition of slavery (not solely for altruistic purposes, but did so nonetheless). We attended the same high school that is located in the northern panhandle of the state, about 45 east of Pittsburgh. I know he is a country singer, but this attempt to connect with his core audience leaves me cold. WV is the butt of a lot of jokes and stereotyping, I've always been proud of how it became a state, and I know this guy hasn't spent years of his life being misjudged as a simple southern guy who just likes Skynyrd.

  7. Bitsy07 says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Sometimes I forget why rarely read or comment in the users' comment section….. You just reminded me.

  8. 8

    Re: Bitsy07 – He may not have been labelled by those that live in that one town, however there is a stigma/stereotype that country singers are simple southern folk so I think this song is not bullshit at all and has an amazing message.

  9. hutchinator says – reply to this


    The sentiment of the song is lovely, no matter what side of the 'Mason-Dixie' divide you might be on. Brad Paisley's bit is well suited for the song and I quite like LL Cool J's previous work, but in this 'duet' (especially in the overlays towards the end), his portion just didn't seem to jive AT ALL in terms of it fitting with the rhythm of the song. So much more could've been said and in a much more powerful/catchy song, that it almost seems like a wasted opportunity. Kudos for the effort.

  10. hutchinator says – reply to this


    Meant to add that other country/rap crossovers like Nelly and Tim McGraw's Over Again worked because they actually mashed the genres in the music. Think they needed a better producer for Accidental Racist.

  11. 11

    Re: Bitsy07 – truth is painful isn't it? race baiting is big business in this country, its the truth.

  12. penelope says – reply to this


    Brad describes this as, "A talk between a proud southerner and a Black New Yorker." WTF, that statement just perpetuates what he is claims to be against with his song. Why is the New Yorker the only person with color. Why is the southerner the only one with emotion? Being a proud Southerner does not necessarily mean White. There are Native Americans & Mexicans there. Can't the southerner be White or the New Yorker be proud? How about, "A talk between a proud white southerner and a proud Black new yorker?"