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Meryl Streep Remembers Margaret Thatcher; Says She Was A Pioneer For Women In Politics

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meryl streep iron lady remembers margaret thatcher

After winning an Oscar for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep is speaking out in remembrance of the late British Prime Minister.

Although they hardly interacted, the actress says she admires Thatcher and the immeasurable impact she had on role of women in politics:

"Margaret Thatcher was a pioneer, willingly or unwillingly, for the role of women in politics. It is hard to imagine a part of our current history that has not been affected by measures she put forward in the U.K. at the end of the 20th century."

Meryl goes on to say that she admired her ability to rise from nothing due to her drive and perseverance:

"But to me she was a figure of awe for her personal strength and grit. To have won it, not because she inherited position as the daughter of a great man, or the widow of an important man, but by dint of her own striving. To have withstood the special hatred and ridicule, unprecedented in my opinion, leveled in our time at a public figure who was not a mass murderer; and to have managed to keep her convictions attached to fervent ideals and ideas – wrongheaded or misguided as we might see them now – without corruption; I see that as evidence of some kind of greatness, worthy for the argument of history to settle."

Despite being one of the more controversial and polarizing figures in politics, Thatcher certainly has a special place in the history books as the only woman to serve as Prime Minister of the UK, and it's great to see the actress recognizing her as the pioneer she was.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to her family during this difficult time.

[Image via Robin Milling/WENN.]

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6 comments to “Meryl Streep Remembers Margaret Thatcher; Says She Was A Pioneer For Women In Politics”

  1. 1

    thatcher was no pioneer of women in Politics. In her three terms in power, she only had one other cabinet minister (Baroness Young). And she sacked her.

  2. SEM98 says – reply to this


    This womans ideals included supporting apartied in south Africa, dismissing Nelson Mandela as a terrorist, authorising the murders of citizens in Northern Ireland, keeping General Pinochet as a friend and generally terrorising and trampling on the communities of hard working people in the UK. There is a reason why there are street parties in the UK tonight and she deserves no sympathy and I am ashamed that this woman is seen as a pioneer for women in politics.

  3. Lars Erik says – reply to this


    Re: SEM98 – You are a fuckin Communist freak!

  4. James says – reply to this


    Thatcher is not an example for women in politics at all. She has unknowingly closed the door on their ever being another female PM in the UK, a good example to women in politics is Merkel in Germany or Nicola Sturgeon in Scotland who is Deputy FM.

    Thatcher stood AGAINST feminism, she stood for supplying weapons to people such as Hussein and Pinochet, thus was as culpable as them in their mass genocide campaigns!

    She ruined any output the UK had, such as coal mines, metalworks (which she insisted would be cheaper to import from Sweden…wrongly), she openly is known to have planned the "downfall of Northern England and Urban Scotland" as they were Labour strongholds, and filled with the working class.

    She "trialed" the poll tax on Scotland and only Scotland for the same reason, all the while she took away free milk for school children, removed the regulation on bankers, like Reagan did in the states, and stood for the rich yuppies in London.

    And Perez, you'd despise a women who in 1986 passed a law that prohibited the education of children on homosexuality and aids, wouldn't you? She was the scum of the earth, a woman with no compassion for the masses, and one whos death will be celebrated in Scotland.

    I raise a class to her death…although unfortunately her legacy continues to live on in the UK with our current Conservative leadership, but at long last, the working classes who suffered at her hands can finally rejoice:


  5. Michael says – reply to this


    I used to respect Meryl Streep, what a disappointment.. Tatcher was nothing but an assasin. Glad to see she finally died.

  6. HOLLYWOOD GIRL says – reply to this