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That might actually be a bigger burn! Selena Gomez might be dropping new music just months after her split with Justin Bieber, but that doesn’t mean he… Read more…

17 comments to “Selena Gomez’s New Music Isn’t ALL About Justin Bieber! So Who Is It About?!”

  1. Skins says – reply to this


    Uh, she didn't write the song so I doubt that it is about Biebs

  2. rb says – reply to this


    She has lied in the past about her relationship with Justin. Check out:
    1. The Ellen DeGeneres Show Feb 22, 2012.
    2. Selena Gomez calls Justin Bieber a dork-YouTube on ‘the 5:19 show’.

    If she wants people to believe that 'Come and Get It' has nothing to do with her feelings for the Bieb's, then she should sing another song off her album when she performs at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards on April 14. She is doing the same thing that Justin did when he came out with 'Yellow raincoat', and then 'Nothing Like Us' at the end before his Believe Acoustic album release. He then sang 'Nothing Like Us' at SNL!! She is doing the same thing!!! Also 11 tracks!!
    Note: Justin did not mention her by name ether!!

  3. rb says – reply to this


    Re: Skins – Endorsed by Selena, lyrics were altered by Selena, the lyrics on paper were posted on Instagramed by Selena, and the song is sung by Selena!!!

  4. vicky francis says – reply to this


    Muwhaa selena gomez , dearest sel, confidence can result over confidence, strength can make you angry , greedy, proudy. god is the main thing , god can give you everything , lord jesus our lord can give me everything , god will give you to me if i pray always, i can marry you if i stand with god, god can give me everything which i want , i love you selena gomez , i says to god only to give me one thing that's you my baby sel , nothing i want , only you i want till my end , and i love you :)

  5. stripes says – reply to this


    Re: rb – a majority of artists do not write their own music nowadays, i remember bruno mars saying that he wrote "forget you" but gave it to cee lo green to sing. if he didnt say it, everyone would believe it was cee lo's song.

    whether or not selena wrote this song its bound to be number one because of how famous she is. i still dont think she can sing though.

  6. mindy says – reply to this


    i used to find justin annoying but this girl is everywhere now STAHP

  7. Stacy says – reply to this


    Re: rb – erm no your first thing is wrong she said that in 2010 before they were dating….

  8. vicky francis says – reply to this


    my baby sel i really loves you my baby why you can't tell me something, my baby i love you , i am not old , i am 28 years , every eyes and mind is in different way,why you are not my own baby , when you needed god so you got so why you are not touching me baby , know what is hurting , what is others? you are my own so why you don't try baby sel, see one day i promise you will know that i the everything,without me god will not love anyone,see baby i love you i dare to love you , this is me,this is my life :)

  9. vicky francis says – reply to this


    one day when you come proudly to heaven god will tell you , i am the one who loved you and you avoided, why because money fame , did you ever gave me anything ? nothing you gave me in my life , still i loves you , and i gave you love and you avoided me , this is my promise to you sel even your dad mom cannot love you but i can because i am that vicky francis who has the heaven with me , you see in my life ,see years goes but you remember ,so think baby dearest sel i love you muahhhh dearest selena gomez :)

  10. Cassie Hollingsworth says – reply to this


    I like your music and I think you and Justin should be husband and wife.

  11. MB says – reply to this


    I don't know… I haven't heard the new single on her album, that wasn't written by her, I rufuse to willingly, voluntarily submit my ears to what I know will be garbage, but I can't imagine having a career in music (if that's what you want to call the shit garbage being pumped out by this moronic little girl), without it being written and jammed by only my band and myself. Not even the producer would be allowed a say, unless it had to do with sound, or I'd fold.
    I'd rather not have a career in music. All it does is show how stupidly untallented this kid is.
    Pop music sucks so bad.

  12. Selala says – reply to this


    Not everything she does has to be about Justin or anyone.

  13. Somebody says – reply to this


    Stupid Crazy.. no one really ha

  14. who says – reply to this


    She did it for herself.. and her money.. it's a job

  15. dl says – reply to this


    Re: MB – Wow. You certainly are bitter…

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