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Alexander Skarsgard Insists He Is NOT A Sex Symbol!

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alex skarsgard sex symbol

If you're not too busy drooling than PAY ATTENTION.

Alexander Skaarsgard wants to be loved for his acting, not his ASSets.

Even though he plays an uber-sexual, bloody thirsty bad boy, the True Blood hottie is SICK AND TIRED of being called a sex symbol.

The bloodsucking star spilled:

"Honestly, I don't think too much about it. I think if vanity becomes a part of who you are as an actor…it's important that you let yourself be true to the character. If you're vain and you're like, ‘Oh my fans won't like it if I'm a little chubby or if I'm pale or if I look older than I really am, I'm not doing my job then. I'm an actor, not a sex symbol."

Ugh. Life is so hard being so beautiful.

Sorry Alex, no matter what you'll always be OUR sex symbol!!!

Don't get us wrong…you're a GREAT actor, but that doesn't mean we aren't VERY hungry for the moment when we get to see your shirtless bod again!!!!

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11 comments to “Alexander Skarsgard Insists He Is NOT A Sex Symbol!”

  1. 1

    Don't know who he is but I love him already, woof !

  2. greenworld says – reply to this


    Where does this clip comes from? !!!! ????

  3. Nicola says – reply to this


    It's from a swedish movie called hundtricket- the movie, from 2002. :)

  4. 4

    I so agree with you! So Sorry Alex, you are both a great actor and a magnificent looking man. Glad he is trying to stay grounded though, that just makes him even more attractive!

  5. Alexia says – reply to this


    Best .gif EVER! should stay on the front page. Always.

  6. JMG says – reply to this


    If he doesn't want to be a sex symbol - then he needs to stop doing all those sexy Calvin Klein adverts! And the Man of the World Mag spreads! And all the best sex scenes in True Blood! But in all seriousness, Alex - don't stop - we know you're a great actor, also! Just a really, really, really, really sexy actor!

  7. Marlene Emmett says – reply to this


    Alexander is a SEX SYMBOL~no getting around that fact.
    HE got the genes from his parents~ none of his brothers are as sexy as he is.
    Sorry. I'm telling the truth here.
    Now if he'd only get better acting parts he'd be respected more for his acting.
    Two new movies coming out that will show his acting chops.
    "Disconnect" which comes out on Friday is a good film where he plays a totally different
    part than that of Eric Northman. AND "What Masie Knew" where he plays the step dad
    to a little 6 year old girl~ He starred in "Straw Dog's" which was a good movie
    he was wasted in "Battleship" which I thought was a bad film.

  8. Marlene Emmett says – reply to this


    The clip where we got to see the Sexy Swede's body was from a film he did in Sweden
    called "The Hundricket"
    Want to see more go to
    if I get started watching all of his videos I never go to sleep!!!!
    Also are you a fan of TRUEBLOOD???
    I'm a major fan!!!

  9. Marlene Emmett says – reply to this


    Problem here is that Alexander DOESN'T read gossip columns or fan sites?
    he says that he'd get a "big head if he did".
    There is a frinend of mine who has his ear,and she tells him what women think.
    She is the lady who began SKARSGARDFANS~it was a site a group of us began
    when TRUEBLOOD had just began on HBO's MemberCreated Boards.

    I agree that those Calvin Klein ads don't help~ BUT keep them coming.

  10. Linnéa says – reply to this


    Aww, Hundtricket! Flashback! Btw, considering who and how his family is, he will never let the fame get to his head. He is way too down to earth for that.

  11. Cabry says – reply to this


    I will 100% admit I couldn't care less about his acting. Yumm! However, I don't think it would really work if he wasn't a great actor.