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How To Fix American Idol!

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We've got the solution!!!

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33 comments to “How To Fix American Idol!”

  1. Tori says – reply to this


    Wow! Can't believe I'm saying this, but I actually agree with Perez Hilton…CANCEL American Idol.

  2. kiki says – reply to this


    true dat

  3. Fan1 says – reply to this


    Yet you wanted to be a judge on the show not too long ago? You are a bitter Hypocrite always looking for an opportunity! And if that opportunity doesn't include you, you spread negative propaganda like this around. I mean Perez, you have so much Validity and integrity, clearly!

  4. 4

    All they need to do is get judges that people LIKE! Problem solved. (no, that isn't you perez)

  5. 5

    How to fix American Idol? Stop focussing on the judges and put the spotlight where it belongs - on the up & coming talent.

  6. Daniel says – reply to this


    Perez, I think you're on to something!

    The days of the contestants being the stars of the show are dead. That is what American Idol was all about. Ever since simon left and Ellen came on as a judge and so on. The show lost its meaning. I mean, look at the circus acts that are on there now. lol. Time to put a bullet in its head.

  7. Christy says – reply to this


    He's right. CANCEL it. Otherwise, I would try to get back the original judging panel and since that's not happening, get rid of it.

  8. beach says – reply to this


    Get rid of Minaj should be their first step. She's awful. It's really that simple. I've heard over and over from friends they don't watch simply due to her. I don't know why they don't get that YET but have a feeling she won't be back next year (if they are around next year). The show is crap now.

  9. share says – reply to this


    I tried watching it this season and can't. A lot of us are shaking our heads because we are not agreeing with the critiques…the talent is just not there. Keith and Mariah are boring and Minaj is a train wreck. It could be a good show again, but def need a whole new panel.

  10. Andrea says – reply to this


    I don't watch anymore because I am tired of seeing Nicki and Mariah bitch at each other. The Voice is so much better and funnier to watch.

  11. trivo says – reply to this


    LOL American Idol is still doing fine comparing to other shows, and for FOX the ratings are still great.

  12. Jim says – reply to this


    How to save this site, cancel it!!!!!

  13. REPUB says – reply to this


    get that dumb bitch Nikki Minaj off of it she makes me wanna fucking gag

  14. Keepitreal715 says – reply to this


    Get rid of Minaj. I agree The Voice is waaaaay better and funnier. The guys are fun to watch.

  15. mam says – reply to this


    go back to it original format, each week they brought out a celebrity and talked about their careers, and get rid of manarj, she the reason i am not watching. missing J Loe

  16. 16


  17. 17

    Perez, your awful 4top-and-start on camera delivery is awful. In addition to being really ugly, the way you talk is so annoying that we call you "Remote" because the second your hideous face shows up on TV, everyone yells REMOTE. You defy logic by getting uglier on the outside as time passes. But cheer up, you're still uglier on the inside.

  18. Bevi says – reply to this


    Perez! I know how to fix your hair! CANCEL IT!!
    Having fixed your hair… let's move on to Idol. Remember when you were dying to be a judge? If you had succeeded, you would be saying something different right now, you wouldn't want it cancelled. You would be pimping it for all your worth. Personally, I don't care if the show is good or bad, I want MOAR!

  19. 19

    Why do you talk that way — with all the weird stops and starts. You are really bad on camera. One of the worst I've ever seen. And that's on top of being a disgusting, vile leech who is disgusting inside and out. With a hideous sister and ZERO true friends. BARF.

  20. carrie says – reply to this


    Maybe learn how to spell Cancelled first and then we can move from there. You seriously need an editor/copy writer for your site. It bugs me how many errors there are on a daily basis. It makes you look unprofessional.

  21. nik says – reply to this


    It's all about the Voice. Best show on TV right now. Idol is just worn out. It's not funny to see horrible singers think they are top notch. The judges mix would be better without Minaj for sure, Keith is meh, I don't mind Mariah and Dawg. I have watched and no singer leaves an impression. Time to go and let other shows shine. More cooking shows on Prime time tv!!

  22. Nick says – reply to this


    Say what you want about American Idol but it is still the only talent show out there that has put out real record selling/chart topping artists and it just did it again last season with its lowest rated season so far. The show is still banking in the after-life. Don't know that it is going anywhere…

  23. pedro says – reply to this


    just get rid of Nicki, it's the only thing that can save the show at this point…

  24. trist says – reply to this


    Or! They could put judges on the panel who are capable of articulating to singers constructive feedback. Perhaps that means appointing judges who are not only working in the music industry, but EDUCATED and can form a sentence that viewers are able to understand. I'm sorry but after someone puts their heart out on stage, people really don't want to hear that Nicki Manaj ate waffles. Is anyone surprised of the outcome?! NEXT! Ditching American Idol has never been easier.

  25. Marlene Emmett says – reply to this


    How to fix American Idol?
    Easy Get RID OF NIKKI MINAG!!!
    How about RICHIE SAMBORA as a JUDGE????

  26. silvathunder says – reply to this


    I love the Voice, but it does not produce bankable artists.It is all about the coaches and their banter, and I love it, but it isn't really a singing competition. I have watched the past three seasons and I cannot remember a single winner's name. Why? Because they were not that interesting or talented. I also think the talent on Idol exceeds that on the Voice. The girl who won the Voice last year was a poor man's Hayley Williams. The first two winners a poor man's Usher.

  27. Mary j. says – reply to this


    Please teach Randy Jackson some new vocabulary. I am ready to throw up when he addresses the young Ladies as "Yo" or "Dude". It does not sound hip, even for the young Male contestants. They do not need to take a lot of time commenting on the singers performance, they usually end up saying the same thing. Niki should not be on there, she always sound like she has an attitude.

  28. Roslyn says – reply to this


    I would suggest that the judges just sit in the audience once we hit the top 10. I don't think that their comments are helpful at all and it is not their decision to make. I always fast forward their comments anyway. I would also recommend going back to three judges. For me that is easy - I love Keith, Mariah and Randy. Goodbye Nikki.

  29. 29

    The producers should already get it ..FIRE MINAJ..worst ratings ever and all the negative comments about her …Dont forget to fire whoever hired her for the show too.

  30. Ghet says – reply to this


    Nicki from ghetto is actually the SMARTEST judge of the bunch. You are judging her based on her irritating delivery of her comments which sometimes are unprofessional but the content of her comments are the smartest compared to Mariah's comments, Randy's comments and even Keith's comments. Nicky is the one that is making the show interesting out of the four judges.

  31. 31

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  32. Jen says – reply to this


    Those who want the show cancelled can't be watching it.

  33. R says – reply to this


    American Idol sucks, they need to cancel it