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Johnny Depp Celebrates A New Year On Vanessa Paradis' New Album — Love Songs!

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Did your mind race to the possibility of a reconciliation too??

Johnny Depp's talents have been confirmed as part of the show — Vanessa Paradis' show!

Set to drop on May 13, his ex's new album Love Songs will indeed feature the divine actor's talents on a track entitled New Year. And get this, the track will also feature their daughter, Lily Rose.


The title of both the album AND the song fuels enough fire as it is, but we can't help but wonder if this is just a pleasurable marketing scheme to sell more albums.

After all, Johnny could have collaborated with Vanessa before their split. But either way, we're just so smitten with the thought of a new song conducted by their charms.

Clearly they're amicable enough for their kids… perhaps one day a real-life collaboration will spark again, especially since we heard things didn't work out so well with Amber Heard.

But until that time, let's just prepare ourselves for the musical French stylings of Vanessa and Captain Jack!

[Image via HRC/WENN.]

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30 comments to “Johnny Depp Celebrates A New Year On Vanessa Paradis' New Album — Love Songs!”

  1. mel says – reply to this


    I think it's more than enough confirmation that they ended well. Vanessa wouldn't have left any "collaboration" with him at her album, if she would hate him or if she were so hurt or if he was a jerk with her, as the tabloids want to paint him
    congrats to them. they are very mature!

  2. Sally says – reply to this


    They're both classy people IMHO,and I respect both. Vanessa said it all in her interview that "no one knows the truth" about the breakup. They're amicable enough to share some assets after the breakup and also for her to have his collaboration on her album. I also doubt we'll ever hear either one badmouthing the other.

  3. Cathy says – reply to this


    Johnny DID collaborate with Vanessa before the split. He played guitar on one song, he cowrote two others, he directed several of her videos, and he did the cover artwork on one of her albums. No reason to have such suspicions about her motives. As the other two commentators said, both Johnny and Vanessa are classy people.

  4. Yousef says – reply to this


    Johnny is such a gentelman! Very calss man

  5. boolbi says – reply to this


    Re: Cathy – amen ! you took the words out of my mouth ! :)

  6. Jady says – reply to this


    Their couple always was in another level compared to every celebrity couple. So private, classy, etc. and now, as former-couple they remain in "another level". above all the scandals and rumors. God bless them and their family, because things like these, show more than anything else, that they continue being a family!

  7. Didy says – reply to this


    They have "amicably split". Remember? So, no surprise at all.
    The CD was recorded between June and September 2012 according to Bajamin Biolay. And Johnny's name appears only as one of the collaborators in the composition of this song. Maybe he only helped Lily-Rose and of course the song was made a while ago.
    Anyway, there are 19 other songs on the album (plus 2 bonus tracks on special edition) and a report by a magazine that heard the CD, it was considered "rough as a broken heart." While Biolay says the album is "dancing and bright." Apparently it has everything on the CD, and the involvement of Johnny is minimal.

  8. Amore' says – reply to this


    inspired music is magical

  9. 9

    Find all the official tracklisting :
    That's right the involvement of Johnny is minimal., but Johnny and Vanessa are classy people . The song "New Year" will be certainly one of the best song of the album "Love Songs".

  10. alex says – reply to this


    I'm so glad Vanessa paradis didn't make us wait a long time for her forthcoming New album;)) I've been collecting madamoiselle vp for the last ummm…since she was shot into the limelight,its becoming very hard to find reasonably priced copies of her new promo "love songs" I noticed she's starting to diverse from her normal style of music production, which is so indicative of zazie,robi,charlotte gainsbourg…its the softly spoken chanteuse who have the ability to show a bit of edge,sultryness,tenderness mixed with abit of hidden noire;)) I know in my heart she won't meander out of her unique style…bisou a toi Vanessa xx Alex le tigre

  11. 11

    She is a great artist. He is very lucky to be with her on this project.

  12. kandycane says – reply to this


    I listened to her music and i wasn't all that impressed. But, i don't live where she does. And…her voice is more talking than a powerful sound. Like we have Witney, Celine, ann Wilson, Now That's Talent!!!! I was mocking, to show my family her type voice,then let them hear her. I nailed her voice (babytalk) and I'm not a vocalist:/

  13. tega says – reply to this


    Johnny could have done his part at any time without ever being in the studio with her. She didn't want to discuss her breakup with the press but now says some songs reflect her personal life, and it could relate to anyone else's, so it seems to me that she was holding out for people to buy her album and let them get whatever answers they seek but in the end the break up will still be a mystery and that's how they want to keep it to protect their children. In any event, is is nice to see Johnny and Lily-Rose on the album and of course, his name could only help record sales outside of France.

  14. wendil says – reply to this


    So glad to see they are still friends..for their kids,and for them too..I hope so!!And I agreed with @mel..WELL SAID! And Johnny is NOT A BAD PERSON AS TABLOIDS WANT TO PAINT HIM..GOT IT NOW?God bless Johnny and his family too!

  15. Tz says – reply to this


    Re: tega – You're sure. His part was made in the pre-production period. He was not at the studio. He only colaborate with the song. Anyway he shows how generous and kind he is allowing the song in the record. Maybe he did it for Lily but still it's a nice gesture.
    The sad part is that she still depends on his name to sell her albums out of France.

  16. TZ says – reply to this


    Re: tega – You're right His part was made in the pre-production period. He was not at the studio in Belgium where the disc was recorded. He only colaborated as a song writer. Anyway he shows how generous and nice he is by allowing the song to be in the disc. Maybe he did it for Lily but still it's a beautiful gesture.
    The sad part is that she still depends on his name to sell her albums out of France

  17. Kare says – reply to this


    Re: TZ – Sorry, but how do you know when and how they worked on the song? were you there? Vanessa has said something (anything) about it? You don't know, like any of us…
    And by the way, the "pre-production" also was after their split. remember? they just make it official in june, but they were "over" since long before according to every source

  18. Tz says – reply to this


    Re: Kare – Yes, I know because I'm a musician and I know how it works, and also I read about her album, the producer's interview about it. So, I am talking about things that I know. You're right about the pre-production. It (or at least part of it as she said in 2011 that she was alread wrting songs for the new disc) was made after the split and it shows that they are civilized people and how generous Johnny is, that's what I was saying. As someone said here, the album was recorded last year, from June to September. After that came the mixing, mastering… and finally this year, the fabrication. I'm just saying that Johnny's colaboration is not a new thing. And I agree with Didy and Tega.

  19. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Kare – Vanessa has spoken about the album. A few days ago parts of the interview((I think it was for Libertine magazine) were out. Vanessa said there are songs that speak of her personal life but that it could also relate to anyone else's. Johnny does many songs with artists where he does things on tracks without ever being in the studio with them. Of course, nobody except them knows when or where the song was done but we all know she has been wanting to do this for a long time. Anyway, it is nice to see the family support here.

  20. tega says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Correction: The magazine Vanessa did the interview is "Liberaton", not Libertine.

  21. Kare says – reply to this


    @tega & TZ: Of course I know about her interviews and her career, and I read her interview (I'm from France) but she hasn't said a thing about this song and how they made it. So all of you, me and Perez, we are all speculating.
    They may be friendly enough to work together in the same way they shared a couple of days on vacations in France last year, or record the song in the studio at Johnny's house in LA, etc, etc, but we don't know. we can't come here to say "na! they recorded it before", blah, blah

  22. Tz says – reply to this


    Re: Kare – I think you did not read my replying, as I said I read the interview of the producer (Bejamin Biolay) and he said when and where the album was recorded and when it came into the mixing phase (last november). That's why I know about those things, and I have a knowledge about this process because I'm a musician.

  23. Tz says – reply to this


    Re: Kare – And about "a couple days of vocation in France" it was a tabloid rumor (the sun) with no evidence.

  24. Nicky says – reply to this


    Re: Tz – It was true. The news was in "US Weekly" (I've read it) even with the name of the sources in Plan de la Tour, also there are the pictures of Johnny with his kids arriving to Nice. i don't know why is bad if they are still friends? why is bad if they share time together or work together?

  25. tega says – reply to this


    Re: Kare – Johnny brought the kids to France to vacation with their mother. He stayed a few days at the house and Vanessa joined them there then Vanessa took the kids and went on a holiday with them and her family to their boat the Vajiloroja. There is no evidence of Johnny being on the boat with them. Johnny still goes to the home in the south of France often so I wouldn't consider this a "vacation."

  26. Koko says – reply to this


    @tega how do you know that johnny still go to his home in france?

  27. Nicky says – reply to this


    Re: tega – you're very "short minded". I've read what Kare says, she says "a couple of days of vacations" (couple of days = few days = more than a weekend = 3 or 4 days according to what I've read in US Weekly)
    Who cares what YOU consider as vacations? is their life. they were together for years and years, they may be still sharing time, they can share birthdays, christmas and family parties, and just show how civilized, how kind they are to each other!
    Also, according to Bohomoth, Johnny didn't visit his home at the south of france for over than two years until those short vacations.

  28. tega says – reply to this


    I said Johnny still visits the house in France b/c he said this in an interview that he still visits the hosue in France "all the time." How do any of you know he hasn't been there? Just b/c is hasn't been reported doesn't mean he hasn't been there.

  29. cristen says – reply to this


    johnny and amber still together.

  30. Tz says – reply to this


    Re: tega – Sorry, but it can't be true. Johnny went to France to take his kids and than he went back to Us. I read some people saying he stayed there with his kids for a weekend at a resort. That interview you said was fake, made up by a tabloid. Us weeky (print version) never commented about he being in vocation with Vanessa. Their site only repeated the tabloids gossip. But, let's come back to the topic.When the tabloids said Johnny was in France with her and the kids he was in a studio in LA recording a song with Aerosmith! Joe Perry said it. So, how can he be in twoplaces at the same time? It's impossible.
    Vanessa said that this song was made 8 years ago when Lily was only 6! She doesn't mention Johnny but she said: "We had only the accords and I did not find a melody, so my daughter, who was 6, sang a beautiful melody…" And the 6 years old Lily also created the first verse. One year ago, Ruth Carter wrote the rest of the text.Bejamin Biolay made the musical arrangements for the whole record. Johnny does not sing or play in the song, neither Lily.
    I don't know if they are still friends or not, I just search for the truth, I'm sick of those tabloid thing.