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Justin Bieber's Best Budz Partied With Selena Gomez Behind His Back?!

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justin bieber friends party with selena gomez tour haircut king kevi

JB's roommates don't ALWAYS throw massive house parties while their golden boy tours the world!

Sometimes his best budz kicking it over at his ex's place instead!!

Apparently King Kevi paid a little visit to Selena Gomez's pad last Thursday and now Justin Bieber is PISSED!

Biebs doesn't believe they're knocking boots, but the Boyfriend singer still doesn't appreciate the house calls!

One source close to the situation revealed:

“Kevi and Selena are friends. There was a party that night with 15 or 20 people – just a little kick back – and they were hanging out smoking hookah with some buddies… Justin was pissed. He said, ‘Yo, why were you kicking it with her? I thought you and I were homies.’ He doesn’t think they’re hooking up but doesn’t want his closest friends partying with her."

Yikes!! That's a lot of drama and Selenita ain't even his baby mama!!

Who knows, Justin — maybe he put in a good word for you and showed her pictures of your fancy new haircut!!

Either way, we wouldn't worry about it. Selena is waaay too sweet of a girl to say Come & Get It to one of her ex's best homies!!

Or so we hope!!!

[Image via WENN.]

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60 comments to “Justin Bieber's Best Budz Partied With Selena Gomez Behind His Back?!”

  1. rb says – reply to this


    I believe this article! Justin Bieber's BFF King Kevi was spotted leaving Selena's house. So Selena is hooking up with Justin's BFF!!!

  2. Guest says – reply to this


    I would find something like that very douchey as well. Especially when you see how she has been talking about her ex in interviews recently.
    In his case, I would appreciate a little more loyalty from a BEST FRIEND, too. There ARE a few unspoken rules.

    And I kinda doubt that she is all "sweet" like you claim. She does come off as pretty bitchy in the newer video clips I've seen.

  3. Will Phillips says – reply to this


    I bet he was just doing Justin a favor

  4. 4

    Really? Bieber speaks like that? Hahaha!!!! That's actually hilarious!

  5. wow says – reply to this


    Does this bs ever end?

  6. Hey says – reply to this


    Since when does Justin say "yo" and "homies" he says "aye" and "bro"

  7. 7

    whats he expect look at her even as mean as sheis shes adorable all the pals prob want some

  8. DatDemi says – reply to this


    She's pretty dope. But you're like a rose.. not that I'm comparing just wanted to say both things

  9. pfft says – reply to this


    Worry about what?

  10. 10


  11. rb says – reply to this


    It all makes sense now! It's been said that Selena was seeing someone else while Justin and her were ON/Off during their relationship. I can only speculate that it had to be with
    Justin's Bieber's BFF King Kevi that was spotted leaving Selena's house on the April 4th. So Selena had hooked up with Justin's BFF for awhile!!! Go's to saying by Selena that, 'Come & Get It' isn't about; "Honestly, to be 100% real. It's not really about a specific person", so I can only speculate it's about King Kevi!!! , that’s probably why Justin was late for his venue on April 5th; because he finely got the word and was pissed. "I like Justin a lot"=record sales"!!

  12. rb says – reply to this


    Justin!! That makes two of your friends that have stabbed you in the back
    1. BF taking pictures of you smoking weed.
    2. BFF parting with your ex.

  13. Ha says – reply to this


    I cannot wait for some pics to leak of this girl being a hoe.. if she's being a hoe

  14. just Saying says – reply to this


    Seriously? Who Cares? Only a very immature and insecure person would look at another individual as their property and create drama if their friends spoke to their x's. Just because the couple was dysfunctional does not mean that they have to forfeit healthy relationships with mutual friends. Give me a break.

  15. Well says – reply to this


    Re: just Saying – If the girl is a tramp, she's a tramp. She might as well sing about being a tramp and be a tramp.. if she's a tramp. There are plenty of tramps that get into that kind of thing and would buy her tramp music. All I'm saying is that she and every other "artist" should portray who they are, not what they think would sell.. because in the long run, the only thing that will sell is who they are. Once it is discovered they are "fake".. that's pretty much it, welcome to nobody world. Yeah.. might still have money, but it'll be dificult to get any respect and it will probably have to be "favored". That's just life. People play the cards they can. You give them the "I'm lame and I'll do whatever" card.. you have to do whatever to get by. I really hope she isn't throwing her ass all over the place. I could understand why Biebs would be disappointed if she is. Probably more angry at himself though for messin with a tramp.

  16. rb says – reply to this


    Re: just Saying – That's why you are a girl!!! Stay that way, because if you where a guy, you would get your ass kicked!!!

  17. ANON says – reply to this


    king kevi tweeted: @PerezHilton lol thaz a bs story take that ish down

  18. Really? says – reply to this


    Re: just Saying – What is a "healthy relationship" these days?

  19. sjhcn says – reply to this


    Re: ANON – i saw that just before he tweeted that 2 hours ago
    if people want to see it it is on

  20. hahaha says – reply to this


    okay I see

  21. this says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – is probably the truth

  22. crazy says – reply to this


    Bunch of drama crackheads

  23. IwantPics says – reply to this


    or it is bs.. either way, I'll be like, check that out

  24. nope says – reply to this


    Re: Ha – Keep waiting because Selena is a Lady. She just grew up and Justin hasn't yet. He might be taking sterioids, drinking, doing drugs…but that doesn't make you an adult. His egotistical behavior is now out of hand. He us to whine to her, she kept him showing up for concerts on time, and tied to keep him from being a douche…but too many enablers…and Justin is known in the business as a bratty little douchebag. He wears his panties so low because he hasn't actually matured there either, and steroids make that matter worse. They need someone to tell him to grown up, get off all the shiat before his bodyguard isn't thee to stop someone from kicking his tiny butt.

  25. sheisfine says – reply to this



  26. 26

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  27. Giovanni says – reply to this


    I'm I'm love with this girl and I don't know how to tell her

  28. tentukotta.com says – reply to this


    Oh god.. What a girl she is??? Like an Angel..

  29. bernadette xxxx says – reply to this


    That's wrong justins bff shouldn't party with selena he should of told justin xxxx

  30. TRUTHTELLER says – reply to this


    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!!!, its not selena who's the hoe or crazy its JUSTIN
    really he's the one who CHEATED on her, not once when they where together did she cheat on
    justin, it was ALWAYS him.i think some of you got it wrong, justin's the CRAZY ONE!!!
    this is gust all GOSSIP, if you watch he's interview justin dosen't even talk like this at ALL!!!
    selena is the one who is sweet and steal lives her mom and she's 20!! justin the crazy one who lives in his odd house at 19!!! justin goes to CLUB'S but selena she's hang's out with her FRIENDS!!! REALLY PEOPLE selena looks sweet and 15, when justin look's like he's on DRUGS
    without his makeup!! who's the crazy,cheater,odd boy, here JUSTIN

  31. Jenny says – reply to this


    No wonder the guy on the celebpimp game is making fun of Justin Bieber so bad

  32. TRUTHTELLER says – reply to this


    selena might have played on spring breakers, but all she wanted to do is show people that
    she's not a little girl anymore, she's a woman. justin is still a boy who needs HELP!!!
    this article is a LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Fuzzy says – reply to this


    Why do peeps prepare or prefer to believe the worst of people? He might be there on an errand for Beaver.

  34. llcooljfan says – reply to this


    Justin Bieber never cheated on Selena, that girl just made drama of nothing and Barbara even said herself Selena created the whole thing for nothing and she had a boyfriend at the time, so Bieber didn't cheat! I dislike the dude but this slut is getting so annoying, why would she even hang out with his bff? If he hanged out with hers she would be pissed and diss him again on national television to look 'cool' and then apologize like nothing happened. She is a slut just like her bff Taylor Swift. This is a fact, 12-year old selenators can fuck off !

  35. Jake says – reply to this


    WOAH just stop.. Since when have Perez stories been credible sources? The haters who try to bash her are so sad

  36. Crystal says – reply to this


    So justin groped his fans, tried to have sex with Victoria secret models while dating her, gets into trouble with the cops all the time, does drugs, and you guys all come for Selena?? The logic in here.

  37. Sarah says – reply to this


    Selena has never done drugs… what a fake article.

  38. Kelly says – reply to this


    Re: nope – Finally someone with common sense around here.. These sad people, probably one of the few crazy beliebers are trying to make Selena look bad, when she's really a sweet girl.

  39. Jacob says – reply to this


    Re: llcooljfan – Youre in every article about her bashing her.. No matter how much you dislike her, others will adore her.. It goes the same for EVERY celeb. When you get a little older you will feel dumb. And you WILL see

  40. dave says – reply to this


    Oh don't worry people, she won't hook up with this guy he ain't famous enough to help her stay rellevant and improve her career. This girl is going for Taylor Swift path I can see already lmao. I woulnd't be surprised if she is creating all this drama mentioning bieber everywhere and dissing him and playing a 'victim' but she is the one who actually cheated lol it makes more sense you know. Bieber never cheated on her , model said herself selenita created drama for nothing and she has a boyfriend so I guess only her 10 year old fans can say she is so perfect and mature while she is acting like she is 15 now and say he cheated because OBVIOUSLY he didn't and you have no evidence little kids, so maybe open your eyes somehow and see how your 'idol' is actually very double faced

  41. cdainpetrs says – reply to this


    feeling sad for bieber lol he fell in love with a very fake and mean girl she will fuck him up totally if he doesn't get over her, he can get better ass tho !

  42. Ryan says – reply to this


    Re: dave – Wow someone very smart over here ! Finally a person who is not licking her ass and buying her ' pefect victim princess' shit ! Her true colors are showing off and even though I dislike Bieber I respect him for not bashing her, he could write whole album about her bullshit and immature crying over a single picture with a model but he chose to stay nice and take the high road ! Well done for him. Selena is a user it is obvious, let's hope her 10 year old fans will see who she really is. I would never teach my daughter to act the way she is now, get some class and be mature Selena ! You're 21 soon girl !

  43. Samuel says – reply to this


    Re: Jacob – you just mad the dude said the truth her little kid fans can't see because she plays that role of being perfect and a victim all the time, mostly those ' sweethearts' like her are the biggest bitches man, you'll see when you meet one ;)

  44. gogo says – reply to this


    makes sense now come and get it is for his buddy hahah poor bieber his homies sell his pictures of weed hook up with his girlfriend lol poor dude

  45. xnonx says – reply to this


    Re: dave – Actually I agree with you.
    She should act way more mature for her age, Bieber is 19 yet he took the high road and at least stayed nice to her even after all of her bullshit lately. I wouldn't do that If I was him haha I don't give a shit for her kid fans he should've put her in her place. Too many 'sweethearts' but actually bitches who just mess around with guys to look cool, look at people calling her heartbreaking badass and praising her for making fun of him? Where is this world going…

  46. rb says – reply to this


    Justin! You have made a statement on your Billboard interview that,”I don't go on blogs or anything like that. I hear things. People tell me if something happens on the Internet”.
    After you hear my comment please make your concert on time, and don’t throw your camera down on the stage!!
    The ultimate betrayal by your BFF Mr. 'Come & Get It' King Kevi snuck under the radar, and was seen leaving your ex’s house. I can only speculate that he used one of your cars to make the date.
    The ultimate diss by your ex inviting your BFF to her home. The trust is gone!! You need to start sterilizing your BFF’s, your past relationship, and your life!!!

  47. martina says – reply to this


    she is so fake and double faced it makes me vomit , how could a bitch like her get a guy like him to treat her so nice ? let's not forget he did very nice things to her,never actually cheated on her and still after all she has done stayed nice and never hurted her publicy :D she needs to back off and just leave him alone and move on and stop mentioning him

  48. fergalicious says – reply to this


    he has no friends :S kinda feeling sorry for him though, his ex bashed on him and made fun of him and is playing games with him, his 'pal' sold pictures of him smoking weed, his friends throw parties at his house and use his cars AND seem to even hook up with his ex he needs to find true friends and take a break for sure !

  49. melody says – reply to this


    I have to admit. this selena is very smart!
    she is very careful when it comes to fame!
    she becomes friends with ppl when they are famous but leaves at first sign of proplems to them!
    for straters lets start with best friends:
    DEMI AND SELENA: when demi was at the same level of fame as selena, selena was very nice and all..
    but when demi started having her proplem she slowly slowly tried to leave her and make it look all like things like this happen.
    TAYLOR .S.AND SELENA:when taylor broke lots of records at the end of 2012 selena was all like she is an inpiration but as soon as taylor got hate from directioners and other ppl selena also tried to walk away.

    relation ships in other words her CAREER.
    idk what exactly happened with nick and taylor…but justin… oh justin
    he gave her 3/4 of her career in her hands!
    but as soon as proplems and loss of fans getting to him she left him as well.
    fame seaker are what they call her

  50. TRUTHTELLER says – reply to this


    1justin did cheat on selena!
    2justin is the next Lindsay Lohan
    3selena is sweet and justin is a douchebag!
    4selena did not us justin for his fame!
    5this article is is a LIE!
    6yay selena diss justin in public but hey she's not perfect
    7stop dissing selena when justin is the jerkface
    8justin is a spolied bratz
    9I could say MORE but i would be all DAY!
    so you believers need to stop dissing selena who's NICE go watch your idol take drugs and be the douchebag he already is, also watch him transform into LINDSAY LOHAN.
    perez get a life a stop writing GOSSIP, LIES, and all the stupid stuff you do to get MONEY
    GOOD DAY!!!

  51. Selennayy says – reply to this


    Justin asked Selena for a non-exclusive relationship. she declined. Justin left her. He has said that the reports of him calling her are false. He is definitely another Lindsay Lohan.
    Selena has not dissed him publicly . she has just made a joke. If she wanted to diss him, she would tell the truth about him wanted a non exclusive relationship. he has no character. he is a douche. a complete spoiled douche. elvis presley waas a drug addict and womanizer but he had a little bit of character. bieber has no character whatsoever or redeeming qualities other than his singing voice. he is 5 6inches. he should not be reproducing. he is a defective man.

  52. donrivers says – reply to this


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    Don Rivers- Spectacular Extravagance Mixtape

  53. rb says – reply to this


    The ultimate betrayal by your BFF Mr. 'Come & Get It' King Kevi snuck under the radar, and was seen leaving your ex’s house. I can only speculate that he used one of your cars to make the date.
    The ultimate diss by your ex inviting your BFF to her home. The trust is gone!! You need to start sterilizing your BFF’s, your past relationship, and your life!!!
    There is a picture floating around that confirms he was partying inside the house!!

  54. rb says – reply to this



    The ultimate betrayal by your BFF Mr. 'Come & Get It' King Kevi was seen at your ex’s house. There are pictures' floating around that confirms he was partying inside the house, and he used your Range Rover to make the date.

    The ultimate diss by your ex inviting your BFF to her home.

    The trust is gone!! You need to start sterilizing your BFF’s, your past relationship, and your life!!!

  55. Anonymous says – reply to this


    Listen king kevi is a nobody, I sucked his cock and it was small!

  56. rb says – reply to this


    The ultimate betrayal by your BFF Mr. 'Come & Get It' King Kevi was seen at your ex’s house. There are pictures' floating around that confirms he was partying inside the house, and he used your Range Rover to make the date.

    The ultimate diss by your ex inviting your BFF to her home.

  57. 57

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  58. Megan Bieber says – reply to this


    Backstabbing punkks!!!

  59. rb says – reply to this


    King Kevi fakes reunion at Selena Gomez home. He needs to apologize to the Believers’, and the Selenators’ fans, also he needs to be kicked out instead of freeloading off the Bieb’s. Between Kevi and Lil Twist, JB you need to clean house. Seriously Justin, it’s time to decide who's really a friend and who's just taking advantage of you.

  60. Emmy says – reply to this


    This isnt true..I just read in another website that it was a set up and they actually have footage to prove it(Selena's security camera)