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Lindsay Lohan BETTER Show Up To The Scary Movie 5 Premiere ON TIME! For Charlie Sheen!

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Producers aren't playing around with the Mr. Pink guzzling girl.

We knew she was set to attend but we've just learned that when it comes to the Scary Movie 5 premiere, Lindsay Lohan has apparently been told to BE ON THAT RED CARPET and ON TIME, with the rumored cost of her doing otherwise being another mark against her in the Hollywood For-Hire book.

Sources reveal the producers' anxiety, saying:

"Lindsay was notoriously late for the Liz & Dick premiere and producers of Scary Movie 5 have told her she must show up on time. It’s just disrespectful not to and very unprofessional. Will she actually show up on time? No one is holding their breath."

But the producers aren't the only ones Linds needs to worry about disappointing…

It has now been revealed that gracious guardian angel Charlie Sheen will be absolutely PISSED if she doesn't keep her promise to show up for the spectacle.

Insiders even think it could be the last straw if she doesn't (i.e. no more MaSheen money):

"If Lindsay was smart, she would turn up on time because Charlie is absolutely disgusted by all her antics. From showing up late while shooting his sitcom, then walking off with wardrobe from the set, well, Lindsay would be very stupid to burn Charlie again. He has loaned her money for taxes and given her acting jobs when no one else would hire her."

Gurl! You better do it to it!

There is no excuse for showing up late (we still can't believe she missed her last deposition). If you really want to rebuild your career, this would be a good time to start the path to prove it.

But if she doesn't, that just means more quality camera time for Ashley Tisdale! And we're totally cool with that too! Ha!

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7 comments to “Lindsay Lohan BETTER Show Up To The Scary Movie 5 Premiere ON TIME! For Charlie Sheen!”

  1. If FAME is the game. says – reply to this


    it makes little sense to me that Hollywood producers would flaunt this multi-offender, persistant probation breaking, drug-addicted, DUIing, violent, cyber-bully to a movie whose fan base and income come is from KIDS. I dont think its a good idea to teach KIDS that drugs addiction, violent criminology and flagrant flippin-off the judical system is FUNNY. In fact, if she shows here, I think protesters will have a field day with this and Dr. Phil will have a prime-time special about how "movie stars" are encouraged to "get away with anything' and are publically rewarded for their criminolgy on "red carpets", so Hollywoods can make $ for teaching our kids that breaking laws and acting like garbage is the way to riches, success, admiration and fame. NO, this red carpet walk will go down in history if hollywood is foolish enough to permit this, MIND FUCK.

  2. 2

    All the power to her! She lives the american dream: rich, famous, party as often as she wants, no worries, and allows no one to tell her what to do - not even our judicial system. She is next to God. I just wish the court system would quit BOTHERING her with court dates because all they are doing is wasting her time. She has to make the trip to court just to hear, "Lindsay… Sweetie… if you mess up 12 more times we will have to give you at least 23 minutes in jail!" Leave the girl alone and quit cutting into her party time!

  3. that SARCASM i smell? says – reply to this


    Re: American4397 – LOVE YOUR TAKE ON IT. You're right, we should just let linds do whatever she wants because she's EARNED the right to do whatever she wants, and hurt whomever she wants, and flip off judges and ignore court-orders because she is an Amazing Movie Star. Hell, i didn't see YOU play two parts in a movie ’round 14 years ago. Disney didnt build a mickey mouse pool in ur backyard cause they loved u so. Its soooo obvious, untalented American 4397, youre just jealous of Lindsay and wish you could party like Lindsay too.

  4. yep says – reply to this


    Re: American4397 – People who publically support this woman being around our kids and promoting her ways as funny and successful have A LOT of explaining to do; and they will be publically questioned to explain their CHOICE of glamorizing addiction and stupidty. This redcarpet appearance of Lindsay Lohan, -the drug addicted and habitually criminal sociopath- should be rated XXX. Let her walk amongst those that chose to watch, and leave our kids the fuck out of it.

  5. @v@ says – reply to this


    Curiously nameless 'sources and insiders' make for good gossip copy. Meanwhile, stirring shiz up while neither Charlie or producers likely said any such thing seems to be mistaken as news these days. That said, they HAVE been good to her when she needed it, and it would show gratefulness and willingness to chip in as a team player by supporting them back. That's how it's done'; how you get more work, and is quid pro quo. Quid pro quo (the concept of getting something of value in return for giving something of value) is everything if you want to make it and stay in any business and succeed. They scratch your back, you scratch theirs.

  6. ONE WAY STREET says – reply to this


    Re: @v@ – while you make very good points what struck me is that the mutual back-scratching just doesn't work out for the people who are so charitable towards Lindsay Lohan, all her latest tv and movie roles were charity offering that backfired on the producers. so, besides gaining negative attention for their products, she doesnt seem to offer anything back to others. Take, take, and you owe me seems to be her way for the last decade.

  7. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: ONE WAY STREET – There's always hope that the light will go on. Is it rock bottom yet?