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We know Rihanna has her Navy of fans, but it looks like she's building an army of enemies lately too! It's crystal clear that Rihanna and Ciara are NOT … Read more…

9 comments to “Rihanna And Ciara are STILL Feuding!! But Why?!”

  1. 1

    Rihanna should just let everybody know what the beef is all about.

  2. 2

    a million bucks its over some dude….that probably beat the shit out of ciara and not rihanna so shes probably jealous

  3. imreal says – reply to this


    TWO years ago on fashion police ciara said rihanna wasnt the nicest
    every since then rihanna has proven that ciara was right. rihanna is shady. ciara is a nice humble girl but people like to bash her. i wish it would stop

  4. leo summer says – reply to this


    Rihanna is miserable, misery likes company. I don't care how many singles she sells she unhappy drug addict. She not a woman and does not stand for nothing. She accepted CiCi Apology.if she was woman enuff Y make truce with CiCi when your still mad. Now her ass got whopped by her love Chris. She full of hate for CiCi not getting her ass whooped like hers. She jealous of CICI being woman do not put up with mess not from Bow wow or 50 cent. After Chris nobody would date her ass she said herself in Ellen show. Full of hate it shows all over her and in her music.

  5. EVOGUE says – reply to this


    Rihanna is sooooo Childish

  6. RemyRenee says – reply to this


    I mean Chris Brown publicly humiliates her by having another girlfriend at same time and beat her senseless but she forgave him no problem so Ciara must have killed someone in her family. That's the only reason I can think of why Rihanna has problems with her and won't stop the petty BS attitude. Maybe if Ciara beats her into a coma they will become besties.

  7. ririkim says – reply to this


    Everyone making judgement against Rihanna and ciara without knowing facts

  8. lily says – reply to this


    i don't know what this is about but the way Rihanna acts is not cool.

  9. BS Detector says – reply to this


    Ever wonder if she has difficulty forgiving any wrong real or imagined and keeps nagging until someone snaps? She can't let it go. Chris had a girlfriend whom he lived with and put aside because Rih was feuding with her and her fans threatened her. Rih crashed an event she had and stayed pissed with CB about something or another even before he hit her. He asked "what did I do that makes hate me…you stay mad…in the bottle. To demand someone come out of the country (Canada) when on probation is unfair. he can only leave on business. Love is two way. You cannot demand that he give up his friends or he yours. They are both spoiled and self-absorbed…w hich means immature. I wanted to see them make it but it is what it is. She was beefing with Ciara, showing PICs of her half naked, getting high in non-medical weed states and CB need needs to avoid drama. In NY, and other places, it was hinted she was using coke. CB gets urine tested on the regular. He was NOT said to be at the party with her when she was. Rih is unhappy, wants a man who will be in charge…but follow her all over. Matt Kemp couldn't/wouldn't Can't have it both ways. She's needy and clingy. Ciara is smart to stay out of the rachetness.