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Stabbing Spree Shakes Texas Community! Up To 14 Hurt At Lone Star College!

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lone star stabbing

A college community in the Houston area has been shocked with the news of a stabbing spree that has reportedly taken at least 12 victims, as many as 14.

The horrific incident occurred Tuesday morning at Lone Star College's CyFair campus in Cypress.

One suspect is currently being detained while authorities believe another may be on the loose.

The school has posted a warning on its website, urging everyone to stay away from the area and secure a safe location until the case is resolved.

No details have been leaked concerning the motive for the stabbing, but we're hoping authorities can get to the bottom of this sooner than later.

So far no deaths have been reported, but we'll keep you updated. Dear goodness, we hope not.

We need better programs for the mental health of our citizens and we need it now, America!!


14 people have reportedly been injured.

The Sheriff's Department said in a statement:

"At least four were transported by (helicopter). A suspect is in custody. The campus is on lockdown."

Our hearts are with all those involved in this scary incident!

[Image courtesy of Chron.]

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18 comments to “Stabbing Spree Shakes Texas Community! Up To 14 Hurt At Lone Star College!”

  1. 1

    you got to be kidding me!!!

  2. EthanG says – reply to this


    Guess this wouldn't have happened if we banned guns, right Libtards? This proves that BaLack Insane NOBAMA Commie-Twoface's policies don't work!! If those students had been permitted to carry weapons, this wouldn't have happened! One student with an AK or an Uzi could have prevented this, but noooo you LIBTARDS think banning guns is the solution!

  3. lala says – reply to this


    Re: EthanG – You missed the point. So far (atleast) none have died, if the kid had a gun then most of them would already be dead.

  4. Gisselle says – reply to this


    i was in humanities class when it happend!!!! i got out to see the ambulance, fire department, sheriffs, and other policemen as well!!! they were blocking off the entrances. apperently when they caught the guy he was laughing like he didnt care. school is closed for today and im really terrified to go back tomorrow..

  5. fid says – reply to this


    Re: EthanG – Shows how intelligent you are (not) since you have to reduce this crime to name calling. It would be interesting if this was a ploy by the NRA to "prove" what all of you racist (and I use that term since you decided to call your president "BaLack") gun lovers have been screaming red faced on Fox news for months. Doesn't seem like the "right" have any solutions other than ejaculating all over their guns and calling the left names. So perhaps you should look in the mirror and realize you are one of the many reasons why American is failing.

  6. RT says – reply to this


    Re: EthanG – You have so much hatred for liberals, and yet you come on this site? Sounds like a TROLL to me.

  7. Snappers with knives says – reply to this


    it is quite destrubing what lengths people go to in order to make a statement and become famous for it. The gun control debate is irrelevant to the fact that all kinds of tools can be used to enact harm against others. A drunk driver with no agenda or genuine malice towards other drivers can wipe out a whole family and leave them with lifetime scars that fester, all because of selfish and inconsiderate choices, like Lindsay Lohan indulges in all the time. A car is a bigger knife than anything William-Sorona sells in their stores.

  8. what colleges teach says – reply to this


    Re: Gisselle – I am sorry for your trauma. In humanities class, huh? Your generation is full of living these stories where young people trying to better themselves somehow turn into snappers and lose it in mass-slaughter of innocent people. When you go back to your formal studies, please also give studious careful contemplation as to WHY these acts are so prevalent these days. Why is it "good people" who cant obtain their wanted dreams turn into snappers . .and mass-murder? again, im sorry for what u went through and completely understand your reluctance to return to the scene of the crime.

  9. 9

    I have friends at this school, thank God none of them were hurt.

  10. Duh says – reply to this


    Re: lala – No you missed the point. Had they allowed concealed carry on campus an upstanding citizen could have stopped this person with a knife.

  11. a says – reply to this


    more weapons what a great idea ha sarcasm

  12. banning guns wont work says – reply to this


    [re=6381412]Re: RT …unless the snapper had an assualt rifle too, in which case the whole college could have turned into a pychotic war zone. Banning weapons is not the solution because all kinds of weapons and toxins can be manufactured in your own home. The solution to these snappers taking down hordes of innocences is to ban stupidity. These snappers show preceptors but people look away, for no other reason than they dont understand the snappers true problems and chose to look away with the assumption, its somebody elses problem and somebody else will fix it. Well, we all are somebodys and this shit is everybodys problem. This is a US phenomenon. Why?

  13. 13

    Ban knives! :P

  14. lala says – reply to this


    Re: Duh – Students with guns, what an awesome idea. Glad i dont live in your country.

  15. Duh says – reply to this


    Re: lala – I'm glad you don't either. Have a nice day.

  16. Ron says – reply to this


    Re: Gisselle – Not if he was a bad shot

  17. I dont get it. says – reply to this


    Re: Ron – i think i get ur point, but i cant see how it applies to Gissella's posting. Did u mean to respond to the poster that wrote something about how another student, with a gun could have stopped this guy? Thats the only way i "get it" and is a very valid point indeed, if thats what u meant….?

  18. 18

    Re: Gisselle – I hope you are OK, what a terrible thing for you to see, even if it was just the aftermath. Wishing you well.