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Glee ENDING This Season?! Showrunners NOT Confirmed For Season 5!

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But Lea Michele has already signed on! AND what about the whole new format that Ryan had planned for season 5?!


Sad news Gleeks of the world…

Rumor has it that the masterminds of GleeRyan Murphy, Brad Falchuck and Ian Brennan — have NOT yet officially agreed to return for another season, and if they don't confirm their involvement SOON, FOX might not renew the show!

Quick, grab a paper bag cause this sh*t may cause extreme hyperventilation!

We initally heard that The Glee Project had been CANCELLED, but it seems the peeps behind the show are just waiting for word on whether or not Glee season 5 would be confirmed.

Now, we HOPE with all our heart and soul that this is simply a matter of unfinished business, and that the three showrunners are thisclose to making everything official…

Because we can't believe that after TEASING us with Season 5 plot deets, Ryan would all of a sudden pull the plug. He wouldn't forsake his fans in such a manner!

Right? RIGHT?!?!!

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21 comments to “Glee ENDING This Season?! Showrunners NOT Confirmed For Season 5!”

  1. 1

    Good! Time to pull the plug on this tired show

  2. thebigboot says – reply to this


    Ryan doesn't care about you, Ryan doesn't care about fans, he only cares about money. The sooner you figure that out, the better things will be.

  3. Dan says – reply to this


    Oh, I hope so. This show sucks. It used to be a good one, but now I can't stand it.

  4. Jessica says – reply to this


    I really liked Glee in the first season. It was fun, and it did a great job of addressing how difficult it is to be proud of who you are when you're young. But over time it's become so messy. The plot lines all contradict each other (Finn loves Quinn, then Rachel, then Quinn, then Rachel and so on) and it became very judgemental of anyone who doesn't fit Ryan Murphy's views. It had it's excellent moments (Coach Bieste's abusive husband, Karofsky's suicide attempt etc) but those are few and far between now. I stopped watching at the start of season 4 and I rarely stop watching shows, so you know it's bad!

  5. pauline says – reply to this


    RIB, do you want to see million crying fans?! NO? Then please continue Glee for atleast 7seasons. It's for the best of our sanity. And please bring our klaine back. Please. *puppy dog eyes* love, from the Philippines <3

  6. SabrinaL says – reply to this


    I am torn. As a Samuel Larsen fan, I wish he was featured more this season. But, I think it is a good show or could be if …. Maybe they want to move on and focus on their other projects.

  7. HopelessSounds says – reply to this


    I mean, let's be honest. The show's a hot mess right now! Too many characters, too many plotlines, and they're running out of hit songs to sing (did they really just cover Paula Abdul??) The show lost its spark somewhere in the third season, and as dreamy as Darren Criss is, it's time to pull the plug on this.

  8. tre88 says – reply to this


    YES please, this show is so crappt right now, lets kill it befoe it gets too bad to save.

  9. tscott95 says – reply to this


    Well with as hate this show has been getting lately & the ridiculous storylines, I guess cancelling Glee will be a blessing, but then loyal viewers like me will have nothing to complain about on Thursdays. I'm willing to give the show at least 1 more year to get it's act together.

  10. Juan says – reply to this


    Ryan has too much going on, he left Glee die

  11. 11

    i thought the word around tumblr was that glee was coming back next year for sure. Oh well.

  12. rac3m says – reply to this


    LOL, RIB's departure would be the best thing that happened to Glee since season 1. What show are you watching?

  13. GIVE ME THE OLD GLEE says – reply to this


    Ryan could give a shit what people want. He RUINED the show in season 3 with the new writers it went down hill from there. Nobody cares about the new kids and if they are the focus next season I'm out. BRING BACK THE OLD GLEE WITH THE OLD WRITERS

  14. LSH says – reply to this


    Glee should get cancelled. It was once great, not it's awful. Ryan Murphy can make all the "changes" he promises, but we've heard it before. Glee sucks. If you move the whole thing to NYC it won't technically even be Glee anymore because Glee is Glee because it's about a GLEE CLUB. I can tell you the plot for S5 now. Everyone goes to NYC. Including the school staff, which won't make sense, but it's Glee so it doesn't have to make since. Finchel and Klaine will get back together (SHOCKER!!) then break up (WHAT?!?!) then get back together (PHEW!! I THOUGHT THEY WERE DONE FOR GOOD FOR THE BILLIONTH TIME!) then… Break up! (OMG GLEE IS SO FULL OF SURPRISES!!) then get back together at the end. (WOW GLEE IS SO UNPREDICTABLE!!!) and then a bunch of other stuff that we've seen that'll be passed off as unpredictable and surprising and it'll all be resolved. Glee doesn't need a S5 because it has nothing left to offer and it'll never get better. The ratings will continue to drop and it'll get the "midseason cancel" which is even more embarrassing. The music doesn't even sell. The Glee Project is without a doubt done. There's no way they can advertise auditions, have auditions, film the show, promote the show, and have the show air completely in enough time for the winner to have anything to do with Season 5 and you know Glee won't get a Season 6 for there to be a TGP in summer 2014. They just need to quit and set these actors free.

  15. 15

    Re: GIVE ME THE OLD GLEE – Agreed, but they are the old writers, the three of them wrote every episode for the first two seasons. It went downhill when they brought in other people to help them write the show.

  16. Fio says – reply to this


    Glee's first season is good. The rest are not.

  17. Rye Ann Murphy says – reply to this


    Re: thebigboot – Yep, you have that right.

  18. skylae says – reply to this


    Fox has now officially renewed it for season 5 AND 6!!!

  19. You know me! says – reply to this


    Oh man, PLEASE kill this show. I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED, (please notice the past tense) the show in the first couple of seasons. The humor was amazing, the characters were great and the way songs fitted in with their emotions was amazing.

    Now it's all drama, really bad writing (the school shooting - so distasteful), cheap storylines and uncreative love-stories. PSH - haven't they all been together?

    I think the show should stop before it loses more of its dignity - because there is really not much left.

  20. Melony says – reply to this


    As much as I love Glee, It's not not what it used to be anymore.. not saying I don't love the new characters.. there seemed to be no plot after season 1… season 3 showed a little bit of something but not fully. Although the show is starting to suck I continue to watch,.. & will continue when season 5 starts (It was renewed) hopefully we can let go of the old glee stars and focus on the new one's this season. Also I really hope they hold auditions for new characters and actually put them on the show for more then 4 episodes…

  21. Viv says – reply to this


    Re: Cha_Cha_the famous

    No kidding this show is awful and sounds so broadway cheesy. I rather go to broadway. The lea Michelle person has an ok voice but she seems like she is a bitch in real life. I could be wrong… could never really get to like the show. Can't connect with any of the characters. That's just me.