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See! We knew that was the best option for 'em. Back when we heard Kristen Stewart was allowing Robert Pattinson his much needed space in Australia, we r… Read more…

7 comments to “Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson Let Space Fuel Their Ride On Cloud Nine”

  1. crizomar says – reply to this


    shut up you ugly man,boy you are UGLY [your face is ugly Jesussssssssssss]

  2. cj says – reply to this


    hope you guys are happy. love you 2 and ur movies.(I know it maybe weird, I just turned 11and yes im a boy) but my mom made a deal w/ me if I read all the books I could watch the movies w/ her. it was awesome!! no offense but there are much bigger problems in the world-then if you 2 r on vacation or whatever. I mean, our house burnt down February 1st, my moms car burnt also. we are living w/ my grandmother aunt 3 cousins. so counting myself, parents n sister it is more then cozy like my aunt likes to say!

  3. Shaylane Webb says – reply to this


    I Want To Live With Robert Pattinson Please I Want To Live With Him So Badly I Don't Want To Live With My Mom Anymore

  4. guest says – reply to this


    Kristen Stewart Sucks

  5. ANONYMOUS says – reply to this


    K-Stew fans are being played. Robert lives in his house and K-Stew lives with her gay entourage at her house. No pics? because the one you see supposedly at her party at her house is really of Rob at a party with Joaquin Phoenix. What happened to the party at K-Stews house? K-Stew is with Tamra Katy Perrys assistant . Rob and k-Stew are just friends not bed partners. Ever notice K-Stew rarely goes anywhere with Rob alone? because she is always with her gay girlfriends. K-Stew and her people are playing you in everyway and you are all falling for it hook line and sinker.

  6. indie says – reply to this


    to Anonymous — I wish what you say were true bc "robsten" doesn't make sense to me. However, there have been several occasions of the two on their own ie, recent pic walking to convenience store, when they left for the nite together from their group of friends outside of the restaurant they'd been at some months ago, plus pic of the two of them in a car with rpattz @ the wheel and Kstew next to him in passenger seat. Maybe someday there won't be anymore robsten tho

  7. ANONYMOUS says – reply to this


    Re: indie – @ indie Rob and Kris have remained just friends. Alot of these are old pics. Look at their clothes. Wore the same ones months ago. Kristen is very rarely without her group of girls with her and alot of times her one gay guy friend C.J. If Rob is with them he is straying behind and does not look happy. Rob is her friend and is keeping silent about her statis. He doesn't say much about her at all anymore. For some reason they are playing this out.It will all come out soon. Kris needs Rob in her life right now because her career is going down the tubes. Everyone is bailing on her.Ben Affleck quit Focus when he found out Kris was cast in it. Charlise and Chris said they will not work with her if she was in SWATH,. Her movie ON THE ROAD bombed big time and the other cast members blame Kris for it. Now she's been cast in the BIG SHOE and it's a sleezy role . But that's probably the only kind of roles she'll get for a long time if any. So don't believe any of this bs where Rob and Kris are happily ever after. Not unless you here it come directly from Robert Pattinson himself