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Lindsay Lohan Makes It So Hard To Have Sympathy For Her!

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Can you believe she did THAT now???? Do U feel sorry for Lilo?

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72 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Makes It So Hard To Have Sympathy For Her!”

  1. donrivers says – reply to this


    Nice Article-Check This Out-
    Don Rivers- Spectacular Extravagance Mixtape

  2. Jer says – reply to this


    It's called an addiction for a reason. If she knew how to be responsible and regulate herself then she wouldn't need rehab… Duh

  3. Me says – reply to this


    Lindsey is an entitled, spoiled brat. She shoudl have been sent to jail (and made to stay) long ago. But…. she keeps getting away with a slap in the wrist here and there. Until someone grows a set and gives her a solid jail sentence, she will continue to act in this way.

  4. mat says – reply to this


    Perez you are such an asshole.

  5. sammy says – reply to this


    a 1:08 of my life i will never get back

  6. 6

    No longer have sympathy for this train wreck. She will die if she doesn't hit rock bottom soon. She needs to spend a couple years in jail - it would save her life.

  7. Carolyn says – reply to this


    Re: Me – I agree, but people don't just BECOME spoiled and entitled at birth. She's been groomed to be this way by her parents and management team never telling her "no." Instead of punishing her as a teenager for bad behavior, they took part in it. What mother goes out to clubs with her daughter? It's not normal. She was a cash cow for lazy adults who didn't want to have jobs and who didn't want to do the work it took to be a parent…it was easier to be her friend. I feel awful for this girl.

  8. 8

    Re: Me – you're a piece of shit and so is Perez.

  9. 9

    I'll tell you one person who NO one feels sorry for, that's YOU perez! You are a complete fucking disgrace of a human being and insult to the gay community! People sure as hell like Lindsay a LOT more then they like a bully like you!

  10. Hb says – reply to this


    So cruel, so hard, so mean. What's it like to live inside your head? We all know when ll is using. She's not using now. She's bright and glib and getting out there. So what she's going to a club? That's where she likes to go. Long as she's within the limits of the law prisses like you can keep your yapping opinions to yourself.

  11. SunshineGal85 says – reply to this


    I didn't think she was charming at all. Constantly deflecting questions and zero accountability. No, I do not feel sorry for her.

  12. Optimus Prime says – reply to this


    Perez, you're not that good looking. Please quit posting clips and pictures of yourself. You're gross. Just give us the gossip. Weight loss will never get rid of your pig nose.

  13. HB says – reply to this


    Re: vexer6 – I agree. This will be the 2nd time I've tried to post here, but I so agree. LL is obviously not displaying the same behavior she once did. She's in control, she's young, she's going to be away for awhile and if she wants to go to a club or 100 clubs, that's for the court to say and not someone likeperez pretending to be righteous so he can slam a young woman which he grooves on doing.

  14. valentina says – reply to this


    I go to clubs all the time without drinking or doing drugs. I never have done drugs, for that matter and I don't see people doing them all over the place in LA, either. Who gives a shit? rofl. My dad is a recovering alcoholic yet he can be around me, and my mom who drink socially, or go to places where everyone is drinking and he is perfectly fine.

  15. Jason says – reply to this


    Do you & Leann Rimes come from the same stable? Too much nostrils & a whole lotta ugly!!

  16. Mira says – reply to this


    She's an addict you complete idiot! Wait till the day you catch your son smoking a cig or something even worse OMG I bet you think it will never happen because you'll be such an amazing father, just pathetic!

  17. WHATS THE STORY? says – reply to this


    Im lost here, where is the story? Is this a video u have to watch which i have no idea of how to use? Anyway, poor marks for you perez, but i went up 3pds in my diet this week, so just get back on the track. pretend for a week that u r a messenger, and TEACHER from/to ur personal God of choice. INTRIQUE others minds to think for themselves. do not force-preach your own. Provoke subtle/discreet QUESTIONING in your reader, so the READER FEELS the freedom to think for themselves. If not, all u provoke in the reader is an dual with YOU. Dont tell us about your moralistic righteousness, provoke questioning, so ur reader CAN DISCOVER HIS OWN. If u throw, grow or breed contempt, you will live as it's slave. fo'ev'r. - All's forgiven. Try again.

  18. PRIORITIES PLEASE! says – reply to this


    getting the idea she went clubbing and spent time with avi, or ?. Well i say, good for you lindsay. I mean, u love clubs, and ur with someone who's unlikely to be mailicious and anyone who thinks youre going to snap into quiet nights in, alone, in great sober contemplation of your CHOICE of being clean is coming from IGNORANCE. i say that in a technical sence, they are people who dont understand that you are physically addicted to many things and your mom way fuckered you up by the way she raised you. But, pot pies, it CAN change, in ways that are superior to your wildest fantasies and pr dreams. Just dont hurt anyone ok. Focus on that. Then you can go to a good place and learn how to heal YOUR SELF, YOURSELF. U gotta do it, and I believe u can. Stay peaceful, go to rehab. Thats all u got to do for now. love you.

  19. dont poke the bear says – reply to this


    do you understand?

  20. PerezIsAnAsshole says – reply to this


    Since when have you given ANYBODY symphathy? I bet she gives ZERO fucks what you think!! you backstabbing sellout pigface!

  21. Kelly says – reply to this


    Are your nostrils bigger than your butt hole? I bet you could fit a dick or 2 up those

  22. 22

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  23. U know what, liinds, says – reply to this


    You're just a real people linds. I dont think people want you to be perfect, i think they want to see you use your MIND, you gotta spark, but its not from cosmetic injections, it comes from your "soul" that is magical, wonderous and forever you. You have plastered the real u over with social symbols of success. But thats advertising, and products for people who dont have a genuine spark, like u do, and sometimes its all they have to spice up their vibe. You are an artist, lindsay, but your mom pimped you out and trained u to be a product, studying trends and fads in her effort to use your cuteness to pay her fucking bills. That aint cool to do to a kid, and you have to learn a new way. But I KNOW YOU ARE BRIGHT!! YOU DO HAVE "IT" …but its covered by phoniness and crap you put ON yourself, when your greatest beauty ever will be recognized when you find that spark again, and push it over and through your add-ons. Lindsay Lohan, Lindsay Lohan, you dont need to be perfect, you just need a chance to be YOU.

  24. Ratzassss says – reply to this


    Perez - I just noticed you have hair plugs!

  25. 25

    Perez so Pathetic . So nice of you to kick someone . What is wrong with Lindsay going to a club ? Big Deal so LL went out . You have no Class Perez no class at all !

  26. 26

    I'm still rooting for her. I think she's very sweet. Misguided, but very sweet. If she could get away from that mother of hers who is always up her ass and in her ear, she will be just fine.

  27. to perez, says – reply to this


    Dear Perez, Pioneer Pals recognizes that Ms. Lohan is on the bifricate of the potential in turning around her very sad story. While we respect ur rights to freedom of speech, the Pioneer Pals would like to point out that when one is publishing for profit and/or fame, we confer: a writer has a HIGHER social responsibly to keep his own contempteous moralizing of a very ill person on their way to TREATMENT "in check." U are writing about a tragedy ur own industry participated in. She was/is an incredibly charming, sparkly, EAGER-TO-PLEASE 12 year old CHILD whom came to Hollywood to fulfill, *HER MOTHERS* DREAMS AND EXPECTATIONS of riding the high surf of the waves of FAME & FORTUNE: T H E AMERICAN DREAM. Lindsay seems WILLING to go to rehab. The pre-rehab circus is in your spotlit arena. YOU ARE FREE TO EXPRESS YOURSELF IN YOUR OWN WAY; However, Pioneer Pals request you QUESTION urse'f, –WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO CREATE IN THE NAME OF ARTS?

  28. emylin says – reply to this


    seriously i don't know what her father is telling you to say , but stop that bitch and fuck off

  29. 29

    Re: to perez, – WELL SAID !

  30. PEOPLE CARE, LINDSAY! says – reply to this


    They do, look here, i don't write this other stuff. People CARE because they have come to understand that youre on a lot of crazy chemicals and under a lot of pressure from your mom. WE CARE, LINDSAY, but we can't do it for you. Ok., we just want you to get treatment for your addictions that have taken you so far off track. We're rooting for ya, honey, but ONLY YOU can do the necessary work. Be peaceful, Pioneer Pals is NOT out to ruin your life; but to help YOU save it YOURSELF. We do NOT believe in punishment for those that can be reformed.

  31. Steph says – reply to this


    Damnnn Perez is looking ROUGH these days.
    You can't even judge Lilo when you looked like a cracked out monkey.

  32. 32

    Re: vexer6 – Not sure, if I had to choose between reading Perez, or reading about LLO, I would pick Perez every time, at least he seems funny.
    As far as personal relationships, I prefer to stay single and widowed, at least for now.

  33. COULD U CLARIFY? says – reply to this


    Re: emylin – Hi emylin. I am afraid I dont understand your post. What does Lindsays dad have to do …with WHAT? I recognize you have passion in your message, but your message isn't clear to me. Who is the bitch? Do you think Lindsays dad and perez get together and write trashy things about Linds, cause I think Michael Lohan LOVES his daughter and is balding by the hour over his heart-ache over her very sick and confused little girl. What makes you think her dad wants to see her HURT? I do NOT see that at all. Could you explain what your post was trying to say? Thank you.

  34. Mary says – reply to this


    Your voice is beyond irritating, your poor, poor baby!!

  35. OPEN DISCLAIMER: says – reply to this


    PIONEER PALS WISHES TO ANNOUNCE TO DINA LOHAN that ZERO, as in, NO individual, group or agenda organization of any-or-all Pioneer Pals are in cooperative/personal relationship(s) with Michael Lohan et al. We work for ourselves. We dont know Michael but we do recoginize an utterly frantic parent and a kid-down-the-not-so-well story when we see it, and graphic emotional video footage on the news. WE work for ourselves, for free. Because we can, and its the most glorious and godly work. What intriguing joys we have to choose our giving of our wealth to people in confusion. Our riches, we aquire from working for FREE. And it's totally cool to be invisible. (and just to mind-fuck with Dina,) Not only are we REALLY invisible beings, we are texting you from the inside of Europa. The hillbilly dun got here and give us your station frequencies. )

  36. HOW COULD YOU KNOW? says – reply to this



  37. Anilizer says – reply to this


    I find the funny thing is Lindsay is looking healthier than she has for at least 2 or 3 years…. and yet there are all these comments about her being on hard drugs still etc. Open your eyes people….in recent photos…look @ her face and eyes, she is clearly healthier, it doesn't take a genius to figure that out. PEREZ… the video above was when Lindsay was truley under the influence of drugs…. I find it funny you posted a horrible video that was like 3 years old instead of how she is currently looking & not to mention she has a positive attitude. Ive seen people come off drugs before, and shes definetly doing well!
    Keep on going dudette!

  38. Anilizer says – reply to this


    Re: OPEN DISCLAIMER: – hmmmm bit off topic… but what drugs are YOU on? bahahahaha

  39. K8 says – reply to this


    Re: Jason – HAHAHAHAH to-shey- leanne rimes is a home wrecker …boo u whore

  40. GLARING IGNORANCE says – reply to this


    Re: Anilizer[/re] Your ignorance is glaring. Is this your first time on a lower-end media outlet that has a chat boards in regards to the well being and legal challenges Ms. Lohan is facing? If u were genuinely following Lindsays LIFE, and not popping onto a gossip site simply to pop off, u might understand, perhaps SOME of what Lindsays REAL life IS, as it has played out on these boards WITH HER PARTICIPATION. I am close friend and truth-honker of Lindsays and u are either trying to dismiss whats going on here because u r dina, or you are accusing others of being off topic when you dont have a fucking clue what her REAL LIFE story is. You r the one who is beyond "off-topic", u clearly have no idea what the genuine topic on these low-end journalism boards has been for about, over two weeks. Better to remain silent, and thought a fool: than to take to public media and PROVE IT. Clue IN. YOU dont know what u are talking about and you look butt-ass stupid for shooting off your mouth about something u know NOTHING about. STUDY, before u publically opin: if YOU dont want to be MOCKED for your stupidity.

  41. becky says – reply to this


    Perez, I LOVE your hair. Never cut it. I love the way you introduce situations in your videos or writings. I have never heard "um," "uh," "you know" from you. Ever. Congratulations. I love you. I wish you and your most beautiful of babies THE BEST. You are a good person.

  42. Dean says – reply to this


    ….Lets all have a little faith for Lindsay. Trust me she has more talent then all you hacks, Try being famous at 8…sounds cool, but not actaully. My opinion lest root for a great girl, problems and all. She's really no different then you or me, so give the kid a break….Cuz we are all a roooting for her, and if your not you have no soul. Go Lindsay they will never understand, and god willing they will never have too. Canada is rooting for you. Lord knows we have all had our demons, and who are we to Judge. Get better cuz at the end of the day your just like us, only better because you have handled much more with even more class, You don`t even know your potential.

    God speed

    we have your back.

    Fans forever on your team, your never alone!

    Vive le Canada.

  43. Colt says – reply to this


    Everyone without a substance abuse problem, pound salt. The rest will understand, and the rest the have been in the public eye will understand.
    Remember, name a child star that insn't messed. Have some hope and faith, she's a good and regular person like you or me. Trust me you'd be lucky to pull through like she has.

  44. anilizerrrr says – reply to this


    Re: GLARING IGNORANCE – UMMMMM i have no ignorance glaring (do you even know what ignorance means)? Im simply talking about how Lindsay is getting better & healthier you fucking tool- i was trying to be POSITIVE. Your rambling words wont work on me, if you actually read my post properly you would realise that i was trying to talk up Lindsay Lohan you fool. I wasnt talking about pioneer pals but Lindsay Lohan.
    Im entilted to my opinion, so dont bully me and make me feel stupid when i was trying to be positive and supportive of her. What is happening to the world?? … I SAID what drugs are you on because of your incoherent rambling. ….ïm a friend of lindsays"HA talk yourself up some more why dont ya.
    Do not reply back to me , you sound like a jehovas witness.

  45. RESPOND IF I WANT TO says – reply to this


    I have every legal right to respond and I am a real JOURNALIST AND SCIENTIST, so ur half-assed back-peddling dont work w/me. I was not responding to ur post on the fact that she looks healthy, i have no disagreement that she appeared healthier on Letterman than she did all wasted and sitting in filfth in Brazil, what u are seeing, ignorant & hostile one, is the glow of her soul that is sparking up because she has decided to LIVE. My post to u was in regards to ur totally ignorant post cyber-bashed ME for being, "off topic", and then ur bizzarre hippocritical accusation that I am somehow wasted out of my gourd for dealing with a LEGAL issue that you, stupid bias agenda seeking fool, KNOW NOTHING ABOUT, & do not seek to ASK about things u dont understand, u just immediately accuse a STRANGER; A SCIENTIST AND A PUBLISHED AUTHOR & NEWS JOURNALIST, who U know nothing about, u accuse ME of being nutz & on drugs because , I, who have a personal relationship w/ Lindsay- dont agree that her new pink cheeks & spark showing through are somehow a scientific and god-sent sign that little-baby-jesus showed up at the stage doors at Letterman, and miraculously cured her of long addictions & dysfunction coping styles. Buddy, when u cyber bully and TELL ME, DON'T WRITE BACK all that tells me is u dont have a pot to piss in for your next response. Bring it on, jack-ass, let me show you have I can make pack mules out of your kind.

  46. AND U SAY, WHAT? says – reply to this



  47. Laughs On ME says – reply to this


    Anything at all. I LOVE to debate. Dont bother with FUCK YOU, that is THE mostest confession that you cant rise to the debate because you are verbally impotent. Give me a REAL argument, with real issues. I need to practice before I speak before Congress.

  48. 48

    i dont feel sorry for her as such i feel sorry for her in 5 yrs when she has nothing

  49. PIONEER PALS R H8TED!! says – reply to this


    PaPa Pal, who thinks Duck Dynasty is a total delight and joyous, wholesome entertainment, where cherished & beautiful rich chil'ens say, "Yes, Sir," &, "Yes Mam," to their elders, whom they have GENUINE RESPECT FOR. Thats a quality family there… Ok, Papa Pal ol", lost track. Ok, ok. Headlines are so helpful. Papa Pal speaks 4 all in consenses/all Pals are DELIGHTED BEYOND 5-sense capabilities-expression at how WE rile some, get some passions kicking on this planet. We have virtually NO hope of solving things we do NOT comprehend. The ultimate solution 2 solving complex & passionate problems is to: Admit your ignorance. Einstein wasnt born w/ an activated encycolpedia in his head; and Jesus of Nazareth was in graduate school at 12. STUDY THE PROBLEM before you flail to solve it. If you SLOW DOWN, you can COMPREHEND EINSTIEN, …and …you can learn to… FLY! I would not tell u this; if this was untrue. *E=MC 2, I* . Hawkins knows. If u dont get it, the equation was not meant 4 u 2 understand. Im not on drugs. Some people get it. The complexity is that it too simple. Good luck.

  50. Bevi says – reply to this


    Perez! I don't have sympathy for Lindsay, I empathize with her. I saw that interview yesterday and saw that she was suffering inside. I saw a person in trouble. I don't care about her talent, I only care about the person. No matter what she says or does, she feels like a bad person. Sure, she was spoiled as a kid and all that, wasn't brought up right, she does have the worst parents in the world… So now she's an addict with a very low self esteem. It's the bad feelings about herself that is going to prevent her from getting better. The world says bad things about her and she keeps doing things to keep them hating. She is punishing herself. I said it before, she really needs help.

  51. 51

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  52. Oh, Super 777 says – reply to this


    I hope you remember that I have admired your intelligent, factual, and emotionally controlled post but I wish to share my reaction to this one. I dont think linds will be around, or be aware of her own life in 5 years if she doesnt clean up. But, i saw, last night, those pics of her at 12, again, that always touch my soul and make me remember a child I never knew.. she was "organic" she was bright as a star, withOUT trying. She is still an artist in her soul, and all the bipolar, skitzophrenic and suicides in Van Gogh family and his crazy-ass self, all these "demons" living inside his mind en suite with his artist painful genuis.. that was just part of the deal. Do I think Linds is a Van Gogh, in her artist niche? I do not know. I only believe that mental-illness is linked to congested artist expression and great frustrations at being misunderstood. If that spunky missy pulls out of chemical influences, 5 yrs from now, she could be on her way to being some kind of genuine teacher & artist inspiration. She is not without talent; she lacks guidance and self-trust.

  53. TO BEVI: says – reply to this


    U show a compassionate heart but people with mental health/addiction problems CAN NOT really be "saved" by others, not even Dr.s, not even priest, if they arent really hurting enough to want to get better to the point they are scared enough for their lives and they figure out, I HAVE TO SAVE MY OWN ASS, because NO ONE ELSE CAN. Lindsay was raised w/beliefs that whatever u wanted or needed could be purchased. Her previous 5 rehabs lacked sincerity and she waited for the rehab to sage-smoke her or whatever mystical magical power would be SERVICED UPON her. She doesnt know that you cant purchase CHARACTER and that docs and rehabs cant BESTOW upon her what she "wishes" for but does not genuinally crave enough to self-effort herself and walk across the room and pick it upself and take responsibility for. WHEN SHE MAKES THE EFFORT TO HEAL HERSELF, all heavens angels will flock to her bedside, to guide. Its her choice. All of it.

  54. WELL, I WAITED... says – reply to this


    YO, cyber-bullys with your offerings of trash, can't say I didnt stick around past midnight waiting for a debate. Why dont you THINK THROUGH your postings before you try to sell DEA dogs pig-shit as prime rib. I dont like talking to fools, just to convince them to think before they shriek in international media. Lets talk about real things, maybe beyond and besides Dinas fears coming true before us.

  55. 55

    Perez Hilton (a.k.a disgusting inside & out Mario) Makes It So EASY To Hate Him!

    First, your hair. You are hideous naturally. Then you add that disgusting hair-don't and, well, you are almost as disgusting on the outside as you are on the inside. Almost.

    Second, the way you troll around with "stars" to make yourself seem like someone actually likes you. Word: they HATE you but tolerate you because they need press.

    Third, your incompetence as a writer is ALMOST as bad as your incompetence as an on-camera presence. Your typos and grammatical errors are hilarious because they reveal your stupidity. And your stop-adn-start delivery (on-camera) is pathetic. Your worthless opinions aside, your face was made for the internet (print NOT video).

    Fourth, the idea that a disgusting, vile, leech who has NO real friends, can't get a date, let alone a boyfriend, is now raising a child? Sad and pathetic. That poor, poor child. As entertaining as it's going to be to watch him grow up in your gutter-dwelling, freak show, leech world, it's sad for the child.

    Finally, your pig sister Barbara. I thought she would help improve things, but she's only made things worse. And she's almost as hideous looking as you. Almost.

  56. 56

    Can't even feel sorry for her for a LONG time now. She gets into all kinds of trouble but gets every break imagineableand then some - still can't get her act together. Denies the obvious - that she HAS problems. She has had no exhibitable talent for YEARS other than getting into trouble. Wish she would vanish for like 5 years and get herself together. Just sick of her and all the stupid media hype over her. She is not worth it.

  57. 57

    Jer, addiction is a complex disease. I empathize with LiLo. Addiction has nothing to do with "knowing" how to be "responsible" and "regulate" oneself. It involves physical compulsion, coupled with mental obsession, and is difficult to overcome. Unfortunately, one of the most common symptoms of addiction is relapse.

    Alcoholics and addicts are still responsible for their behavior. For her own good, Lindsay should have been held strictly to account for hers, instead of being "enabled" by breaks from the legal system.

  58. selina says – reply to this


    OH COME ON. She's not allowed to go out and have fun? Did she do anything wrong at that club? No. So I don't understand why you have to pick on her for doing it.

  59. fancywhat says – reply to this


    Perez you are not an asshole, everyone else is. Everyone else has a short memory, this girl is dangerous to herself and others. The court ordered her to stay away from places where there are drugs and alcohol. Everyone else has a short memory, she is lucky she is not in jail and she knows it but her memory is getting fuzzy. At first she hid under the table at a club now she has completely forgot that she is not supposed to be around alcohol or drugs and just flaunts it. She is going to kill someone before she even gets to rehab. She is a train wreck and it is hard to root for someone who doesn't even have a clue nor does she care. I do hope she gets well but I don't think she should be running around like a loaded gun putting others in danger. If she needs to get loaded till she goes to rehab go sit in a room and stay away from everyone else and drink and do drugs till her hearts content, just stay away from the rest of the world. and quit disrespecting the courts orders.

  60. 60

    someone should beat the living piss outta her and teach her some humility who the fuck does she think she is? just some talentless broke drunk living off her 'friends'. hurry up 27 Club.

  61. @Fancywhat says – reply to this


    U make excellent points & I too wish lindsay was capable of managing her chemical dependancy needs in private. However, last few weeks have made it unquestionable that she has firm-ware in her brain that is very heavily "wired" into obsessive/compulsions that she cant seem to stop, regardless of the fact her indulging in these compulsive acts could harm her, jail her, and it is evidential via archives of other sites that she gets some kind of major satisfaction or relief out of cyber-bully. Quite frankly, someone needs to get the net. But she is an adult, her acting attorney is sleezey-slime ball. The human/civil/legal rights that r protecting Lindsay from Bozo-seizure from law and medical personelle are the same rights we must hold up & hold dear if we wish 2 B permitted legal options from having someone "get-the-net" on us because they dont understand our genuine issues. I am NOT saying she should be permitted to run free at large. My point is the medical/legal systems CURRENTLY have no clear structure of how to deal with a sociopath, whoms pathology is heavily induced by not only street drugs, but PHARMACUETICALS that were prescribed 4 her by AMA sanctioned "healers". It would be flagrantly unconstitional to pull her out of club &throw her in jails drunk trank 2 detox w/out medical supervision. Thusly, we do nothing, until we figure out ..what is the most CONSTITUTIONAL THING TO DO? in the mean time, priority is saftey…but how does America enforce it?

  62. CaliCoyote=IDIOT says – reply to this


    Re: vexer6 – LEAVE PEREZ ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!


  63. sarah says – reply to this


    If I was getting locked up for 3 months, I'd go out and have as much fun as possible before hand too. Just like people stuff their face with pie before they go on a fast.

  64. Anilizzzer says – reply to this


    Re: RESPOND IF I WANT TO – your freaking me out man…. hahahah
    You must have some issues…. you wrote like a novel in response to what I had said, it just went in one ear and out the other :)
    have a nice life

  65. K8 says – reply to this


    Re: Laughs On ME – FUCKING tool, how many obsessive posts do you wanna put on here, even though you keep changing your name the last 10 posts are from you, you fucking weirdo, get a life

  66. dalaurya says – reply to this


    That is a Benjamin Button forehead. Infant Benjamin Button.

  67. NEW DEPTHS says – reply to this


    Re: K8[/re] I dont like to mock people but your post made me roar with the irony. Here ur writing on these boards with INTENSE HATE and bratty powerless viscious responses to post you state YOU dont even understand. Ever try, "hey poster, i dont get what you meant by that" in a SANE way, other cyber-pals here have the ability to ask questions and debate opposite veiwpoints but YOU come on here with The Rage of Satan-Defeated and your first words TO A STRANGER, -you claim YOU dont understand. Is CYBER-RAGE. How can you get so viscious and hateful to a complete stranger, simply becauuse YOU dont understand them? If someone spoke to you in a movie line, but spoke French, would you call them a FUCKING TOOL and punch them in the face? My name charges, you moron, because I write my name as the SUBJECT TOPIC, virtually always. I most certainly am NOT all of the last ten writers. You change ur name all the time. We have brand new names come and go all the time, but its always the same dumb shit arguement and INAPPROPRIATE RAGE AT STRANGERS. Isnt that odd?

  68. FOR THE RECORD says – reply to this


    Re: K8 – By the way Mr. Fury-Pants, of the ten last post you speak of, I, Hawaiian Hillbilly, who does not hide in shawdows, wrote ONE of them. That was a RESPONSE to yet another mature, concerned, intelligent, law-respecting, …most likely, PARENT , who is genuinely concerned and involved in SOCIAL ORDER. That you dont grasp the need for maturity and social order, -and social skills, like manners and an attitude of cooperation in social dialog, …that "it went in one ear and out the other" is of no surpise to me. However, I would debate, you are lying, and that message never travelled anywhere near your brain .. at all. And, thats your choice. Feel free to ignore me.

  69. FOR THE RECORD says – reply to this


    Re: K8 – By the way Mr. Fury-Pants, of the ten last post you speak of, I, Hawaiian Hillbilly, who does not hide in shadows, wrote ONE of them. That was a RESPONSE to yet another mature, concerned, intelligent, law-respecting, …most likely, PARENT , who is genuinely concerned and involved in SOCIAL ORDER. That you dont grasp the need for maturity and social order, -and social skills, like manners and an attitude of cooperation in social discussions …that "it went in one ear and out the other" is of no surpise to me. However, I would debate, you are lying, and that message never travelled anywhere near your brain .. at all. And, that is your choice. Feel free to ignore me.

  70. 70

    I don't know if LL is an addict but she does most of the characteristics of a sociopath including glibness and superficial charm, pathological lying, need for stimulation, can't perceive there is anything wrong with them, poor behavioral controls/impulsive nature, early behavior problems/juvenile delinquency, irresponsibility/unreliability, promiscuous sexual behavior/infidelity, lack of realistic life plan/parasitic lifestyle, etc etc.

  71. FOG IS LIFTING says – reply to this


    Re: Onyxescence – You are on it there onyxescence. And you know, all that stuff you listed is a real problem, but I think its the etc, etc, etc TIMES infinity, that is simply unbearable. Thanks for the input. I super-triple agree a zillion percent.

  72. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Gawd…Pervez looks like he has been doing a night of Tina….and don't give me that crap that he has a newborn….he also has a nanny cook, etc…..drugs !