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RHOA’s Phaedra Parks Drops Bomb: Kenya Moore Begged To Bone Her Hubby!

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phaedra parks kenya moore flirting with husband

It is ALL going down at the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show!

And go figure Mizz Kenya Moore is at the center of it.

In the next installment of the juicy reunion, we’re going to get to the bottom of the Kenya-Phaedra Parks-Apollo Nida sitch!

It sounds like it’s going to be damn good as Phaedra sets the record straight (in her opinion) about the inneresting relationship between Kenya and her hubby.

An insider revealed the dramz we’re about to get a taste of:

“Phaedra confronts Kenya about hitting on Apollo … [Phaedra said] ‘Let’s get this clear, my husband just asked her for advice on an acting coach. Kenya continued to text him, saying, Oh, you look nice. She propositioned him with a sexual act.’”


We knew Kenya was saucy and competitive, but could she really be this much of a shizz stirrer?!

Kenya doesn’t think so! The Housewives newbie defended herself against the accusations as she said:

“Hitting on and flirting are two different things. That man is married. I respect the sanctity of marriage.”

We don’t know what to believe!

Guess we’ll just have to watch the reunion when some rumored text messages are supposed to be read.

Ooohh, patience, Perezcious readers! Patience!!

[Image via Patricia Schlein/Apega/WENN.]

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26 comments to “RHOA’s Phaedra Parks Drops Bomb: Kenya Moore Begged To Bone Her Hubby!”

  1. 1

    Apollo is hot! Yum!!

  2. 2

    Kenya is gone with the wind fabulous. lol She is beautiful with that long, flowing, real hair of hers, that men could put their hands through and not feel that weave track LOL. I believe Phaedra though. As beautiful as she is, Kenya can't seem to get a good man. She acts a bit desperate. I think she's longing for love and to be touched and kissed and all that. But she needs to just let it happen naturally and stop being panicked

  3. naira says – reply to this


    but she is the still staying with a man who played along and texted kenya back soooo. isn't she desperate also for staying with an ex convict who has a wondering eye with a girl on his wife's circle?

  4. 4

    Only reason Apollo is with Phaedra is for her money. We all know she got him out of the dog pound….I mean jail and adopted him.

  5. 5

    why do you have to believe one, you MORON perez? They're both fame-whoring sluts who would sell their souls for 15 more minutes of fame.
    But Phaedra is the phoniest whore of the bunch. Really disgusting looking AND FAT AS HELL. She is a FAILURE as an attorney AND EVERYTHING ELSE! So she marries a dumer-than-rocks convict and suddenly she thinks she's a decent family woman? LMAO #Fakedra

  6. KatCall says – reply to this


    After the outrageous and inappropriate way Kenya behaved in Anguilla (not to mention throughout the entire season), I would not doubt for an instant that she went after Apollo. And, let's not forget she did it all in front of her supposed 'love' Walter. Moore has zero scruples, no integrity and obviously lies to get what she wants. Big mistake for BRAVO to cast this woman as she's irritating beyond belief to watch - her presence has ruined the RHOA series, and one cannot help but believe something is truly wrong with her mentally. Big mistake if they recast her for next season, regardless of ratings. Big mistake!

  7. linlin says – reply to this


    Phaedra is such a fool to think her husband is innocent. Her husband was interested in Kenya too and plus he enjoy watching strippers. So, that says a lots about her husband. She need to stop putting all the blame on Kenya and look at her husband.

  8. Whtiney says – reply to this


    If he was not interested in Kenya. Why did he respond to the texts? Why didn't he show or tell his wife about it? That is because, he was interested in Kenya too.

  9. TheRealDeal says – reply to this


    I agree with most of the comments and oh Phaedra is fake! She is just trying to save face before everyone sees Parts 2 and 3 of the reunion. She doesn't know what Bravo edited out and saved. LOL. I can tell you that I have NEVER seen a lawyer behave the way Phaedra Parks does. Apollo is only with Phaedra because of the money. I give this marriage another year or two or maybe even less than that. I hear he's ALWAYS in the strip clubs. Folks in ATL have confirmed this. Of course Apollo would be attracted to Kenya. I mean look at what he has to go home to, a broke down Aunt Jemima! YUCK! LOL

  10. 10

    Well I guess I have the scoop here. I saw a brief snippet of the reunion part 2.

    Phaedra knew about the texts before the reunion was taped. That's why she wasn't out of her mind when this was brought up. I don't know how she found out but my money is on Appollo. I mean she is 6 mos pregnant and I think he's a decent guy plus the part that I saw said propositioned which probably means they didn't do it or they wouldn t have used that word.

    Appollo comes on with his phone and said text proposition is read from his phone. If you ask nice I will tell you what it is :-)

    Kenya is a whore to proposition a married man like that. She's lucky Phaedra has self control and will not smack the shit out of her!

  11. Mary Ellen says – reply to this


    I don't like Kenya but I love her for putting Phaedra in her place. Is there a nastier woman thtn Phaedra? She usually have her face all wrinkled up because she is showing disapproval of whomever she is talking to.

  12. down4 goodgossip says – reply to this


    i like phaedra what she say or do truth or lie is very comical and it makes for a good show but kenya on the other hand iz kookoo for coacoa puffs. i believe she did hit on appollo. i also think he like the attention but he aint going no where. people need to quit putting him down as a money hungry convict anyone can change who in the their rite mind wont give someone that fine a second chance. "everyone knows" that green doesnt look good on everybody.

  13. Lublin says – reply to this


    [re=6385688]Re: VickyH[/re) Girl please he is a dog and Phaedra is a whore too. She need to stop asking other guys about her butt, that is not lady like for a married old woman.

  14. Anne H. says – reply to this


    Phaedra, needs needs to start acting more sophisticated and classy instead of trashy,
    she's has a mother who is a minister, and she is making all the real attorney's look bad.
    Shame on her, I sure believe Kenya when she says, she is no Southern Bell at all, just
    a big phony act.

  15. MissCane says – reply to this


    Re: Mary Ellen – I don't believe Kenya propositioned him. I think Phaedra made it up to save face. I thinks they're lying. What Kenya need to proposition that broke ass, married, ex con. Think abut it.

  16. annoyed says – reply to this


    Re: MissCane – Beautiful on the outside does not mean anything. Obviously she got issues and can't find her own man.

  17. Jah says – reply to this


    Phedra is shady. Not a southern bell! Something is wrong with her. No one knows when she's going to stab you in the back with a smile. A person like that has no concience and is dangerous. she's dirty and always want to embarrest everyone to make your self look good. At least with Kenya what you see is what you get. She acts a lil crazy at times, but that's just to have fun. At the end of the day she is a very smart business women. In her career. At least I haven't seen Kenya pull something like Phaedra has back stabbing a so call friend and with a smile. She the crazy one.

  18. fuskiegirl21 says – reply to this


    Kenya is vile. I know she is probably raising Bravos ratings by being Kray kray, but she is vile and hateful.

  19. anna says – reply to this


    Re: TheRealDeal – I agree Phaedra is a fake and is disgusting. If she is a southern bell then so is a pig.

  20. katbunny says – reply to this


    Phaedra is lying! Apollo visits strip clubs constantly, everyone in Atlanta knows this is true. There are rumors all over town about Apollo sexual behavior. Yes, he cheats.
    Unlike Phaedra, Kenya is a beautiful woman. I do not believe she has to "beg" Apollo to bone him. Phaedra is a dumb wife who makes excuses for her cheating husband.
    Ask yourself this, why would Apollo text Kenya asking for acting coach advise????
    Ya'll know Phaedra is a lair and she's really trying hard to spin this!

  21. ree says – reply to this


    i see tgat a lot of the people here must be related to kenya because there is no way anyone in there right mind think what this lady did is right. i refuse to believe it. none of you females on here would have appreciated that shit. KENYA IS A WHORE. she has shown that time and time. its really a shame. as far as phaedra looks, ill bet my money that she looks better than half of you bitches here posting this shit. kenya would have went for any man on the show if they came at he. apollo just happened to be the sucker. from what i have seen, its safe to say kenya is jealous of phaedra.

  22. Ally says – reply to this


    Kenya should be a shame of herself & embarrassed. She is NOT acting like a true Miss USA woman, she's acting like a BURNT OUT JOKE to the USA. She has a BIG mouth that lies on national TV. Who would want to represent themselves this way on TV?

  23. ppaul says – reply to this


    keyna needs to go put off the show,her behavior should not be accepted. she nwwds meds and all that goes with it.

  24. shybyme says – reply to this


    I cant say but Phardea need to know yea a woman can take her man. My opionion all men cheat some kind of way,

  25. Jakkiboo says – reply to this


    Realhousewives of atlantas kenya has scarey eyes. They look like a mentally ill homeless persons!

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