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21 comments to “Robert Pattinson Looks Happy As A Clam Ringing In Kristen Stewart’s 23rd Birthday!”

  1. thebigboot says – reply to this


    You weren't there because they don't care about a disgusting, hypocritical bully like yourself. Though congrats for being willing to ditch your kid for some PR.

  2. Ollie says – reply to this


    Your killing me. Does every post about KS and RP have to mention her "affair." Give it a rest, it looks as though they have. Or would you rather she wear a scarlet letter on her chest?

  3. Liv says – reply to this


    Happy as a clam? He still looks like a naive douch who got cheated on and embarrassed and stuck around out of sexual insecurity. And stop giving her friends attention. Thats what they live for.

  4. Peter says – reply to this


    they're still all ugly and talentless. so whats news about also have lame birthday celebrations?

    Rob is so whipped. and Kstew so seemingly lesbo in the closet

    hopefully one day she'll cut him loose for good and come out and graduate from twilight shit that i'm sure apart from meeting they both surely must regret

    and make good movies and stop the stupid immature pathetic angsty act and need of one another.

    It's ridiculous at their age.

  5. Peter says – reply to this


    he looks whipped. Kstew a pathetic ugly lesbo in closet with him wrapped around her finger in ridiculous angsty needy way.

    Get over this phase already! your both adults.

    Kstew make good movies and come out and stop being so lame with this nonsense acts thats been going on for years. twilight phase.

    and rob grow a pair and grow up and find another career wile at it as acting clearly isn't your thing.

  6. sammie says – reply to this


    Love your comments, Peter, well said.

  7. 7

    You probably weren't there because you slander her name and their relationship every chance you get.

  8. nonyourbee's says – reply to this


    To be honest! I'm pretty sure their relationship has got absolutely nothing to do with you Any of you, so you can rant all you want but your opinions really DON'T count, if you don't like what you read, then it's simple don't read it! no one knows what's goes on behind closed doors, so unless you know them personally which I have a tiny feeling you don't! I don't think you have a right to go round calling people a "naive douche", "ugly" and "talentless"……….

  9. Gina says – reply to this


    I saw those creepy ET photos of them getting out of a car going to this birthday thing. There lives would probably be so much easier for both of them if they just "broke up," they wouldn't have creepy paps hanging out in the bushes trying to photograph them and the whole affair/being cuckolded thing wouldn't be mentioned in every single article. Look at Claire Danes, as soon as she moved on people stopped mentioning that screwed Billy Crudup while his fiancee was engaged and pregnant. I don't buy that he's forced to be in a contract with her bs, I think they are willingly playing this game together for some reason. But still, both of them need to disassociate themselves from Twilight and they aren't going to be able to do that as long as they are still together, in my opinion.

  10. Gi-Gi says – reply to this


    Give me a break! Aren't those the same clothes Rob had on when he was with Joaquin Phoenix? Rob went to a party with his friends and Joaquin when they left in the Camaro. Does anyone see Kris anywhere? That's because this pic was taken when she was in Texas. Kris is with her Gay Entourage

  11. notice this says – reply to this


    Re: Ollie – it's not like he's lying…. she did have an "affair"

  12. TKH says – reply to this


    Kristen is laughing her a$$ off because she just pulled off the biggest capper/lie on someone that's dump, blind and stupid. This drama will follow him forever for being a complete idoit. Lindsay Lohan has nothing on these two losers.

  13. pink says – reply to this


    oh haters is everywhere, they always check for RobSten news, how pathetic and hypocrite they are, make bad comment because they burn inside themself, judges around like the most perfect person ever, playing God like they knows everything, Haters is like crazy stupid idiots !!! oh what a shame

  14. No says – reply to this


    lmao when will these two give it a rest. In one pic he was glaring so hard at the paps. Hahaha he is so full of it.

  15. Kstew says – reply to this


    Kstew must be very happy. She breaks up a family, cheats on her bf & begs him to take her back. Now she gets to use him to get her career back. I have to give to her. Congrats Kstew!

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  17. Michelle says – reply to this


    Re: Liv – so true why do they do that that is mention the cheating sandels all the time.

  18. Willnotsay says – reply to this


    PART 1:
    Common sense where common sense is needed. Perez, these words are for you. Bully and Karma. Stop copying from hollywoodlies. Stop the lazy journalism. Learn to conduct research before posting lies. Of what purpose or value does your raking over last summer serve you? She had a birthday. Report on that. that is what your readers want to read about not your bringing up dead bodies.
    Ok. can see the mentally unbalanced, challenged and "haters" have been here.
    What affair are people referring to? What I saw was pics of her kissing another man. The media have raked over that mud and found nothing more than those. Interviewed everyone they could think off, offered money for juicy stories but nothing.

  19. Willnotsay says – reply to this


    PART 2:
    She embarrassed her publicly and apologised to HIM publicly. Put her head down and focused on getting that relationship back. She was wipped by the public and media at large for months on end. Kept her head down and kept up a dignified silence. Her work paid off.
    To those passing insults to Mr. Pattinson for taking her back. The SANE and ADULTS in this world commend him for letting maturity reign. They seem in love and it is more obvious now more than ever.
    Those that matter to them, their family and friends are over it. the also seem more committed to each other after the summer episode. Their friends have mixed up, his family have accepted her. Judging from the BD2 premiere photos of their family (his sister hugging her), they have moved past it.

  20. Willnotsay says – reply to this


    PART 3:
    To the director comments, please! he was responsible for breaking up his own family. People seem to choose to forget, he and his wife separated and got back together a year before. Clearly they were having problems that had nothing to do with her.
    They have chosen to part, with or without her involvement, this situation could have happened either way, given their history.
    "Let ye without sin cast the first stone" In this age of annoy me and I get a divorce, I commend their level of maturity and commitment to each other. As they have come through the other end of the tunnel, I have faith, these two have what it takes for the long haul. Congrats to them and a very happy birthday to her.
    I have been hearing wonderful things about their careers and looking forward to more movies from them.

  21. Jackie says – reply to this


    Never can tell if Robert Pattinson is just her "pal" now or if they are really "together"? There really are no PDA photos of them at all, ARE THERE? Yet all his friends have no problem showing affection to their Gil's? Maybe that is why they get bugged so much! What are they so Ashamed of that they can't even give each other a "HUG" in public! So which is it? PALS OR LOVE??? Who does know?