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2 comments to “twitter-you-may-dread-it-but-eventually-you”

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    First of all, your not fit, your a skinny little twink. Theres more muscle in my scrotum then in your entire body, so stop with your bullcrap preaching about how hard you train and how fit you are……… its embarrassing as to what you call muscular and ripped these days. Gone are the real men who were masculine and strong and now thanks to people like you they are replaced by skinny lady-boys who drink shakes and spend more time on their hair and make up then in the squat rack………. sad sad time to be aman

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    i usually back you up but this just makes you sound crazy. You look frail and if that's what "fitness" does to people then i want no part of it…at least not the nasty side i'm seeing here.