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Jon Bon Jovi Denies Kicking Richie Sambora Off Tour!

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jon bon jovi denies richie sambora feud

After Richie Sambora disappeared from the Bon Jovi tour lineup, we heard Jon Bon Jovi himself had kicked the guitarist to the curb!

But if it was Richie's partying that caused him to leave, this is the first Jon has heard of it! He says:

"I think Richie's doing all right, I haven't spoken to him. We were surprised.

It was 3:30pm on show day on Tuesday and we got a phone call that he wouldn't be there. It's a personal matter."

So it wasn't Jon's decision for Richie to leave at all! It was Richie himself who called in sick. Or whatever he is!

How mysterious! It sounds like even JBJ doesn't know for sure!

We hope whatever the personal issue, Richie is able to get it taken care of, so he can get back to work! He still has 999,999 faces to rock!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

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15 comments to “Jon Bon Jovi Denies Kicking Richie Sambora Off Tour!”

  1. 1

    why is he lying?

  2. 2

    By all accounts, Richie is clean and sober. He promoted his solo album last fall looked great, better than he has in years. He was sounding especially good on this latest Bon Jovi tour. From what I can gather, I wonder if Richie left the tour due to an emergency In his family. Jon's brother Matt has Tweeted that all is fine with the band and that Richie's issue is a "non-band-related personal matter." Richie's wardrobe trunk is still touring with the band; some say he will be back by the May shows.

  3. 3

    years ago i saw richie sambora walking thru sydney air terminal in a melrose place cap i said look mum theres a guy out of bon jovi cos i couldnt remember his name he kind of smiled ..

    he sure looked like a rock band star or whatever

  4. 4

    Of course Jon is going to say everything's fine. He's just trying to do damage control after so many people demanded refunds when Richie left the tour.

  5. 5

    Re: MandyRodriguez – bingo, lots of bad press. as many people come to see ritchie as come to see (jbj really is an asshole, despite his nice guy persona) didn't jbj blame is wife? he wife didn't want all the women around that Ritchie parties with.

  6. @v@ says – reply to this


    Hope Richie gets a handle on whatever, and comes back to do what he does best.
    A band is a gelled team, and it throws everyone off if one guy's out.

  7. Sambora Fan says – reply to this


    The main thing is that Richie is OK!!! Bon Jovi is and will always be my heart!!!

  8. BeBe says – reply to this


    Re: Sambora Fan – PLEASE COME BACK RICHIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mac says – reply to this


    I don't know what is going on but I do know that this tour isn't as good as others in the past. I can't afford much but have always saved what I could, to see Richie and Jon in concert. That means purchasing the limited view seats (that's still over a hundred a seat) I understand there will be some blockage but for almost the whole show all you saw we're walls. Then Jon acts all surprised when those of us in these seats sat through most of the concert? I could have paid less for the CD and had a more comfortable time in my car than to shell at that amounted hard earned money to watch a wall all night. The music may be good but the show is horrible! Never have I ever felt as if my hard earned money wasn't worth a little consideration.

  10. Neil says – reply to this


    Re: Mac

    You bought limited view seats and were mad when your view was limited? lol

  11. Mac says – reply to this


    Re: Neil – yes because it wasn't limited, it was no view at all. I would have seen more of them staring at a poster! These are the same seats have bought every year and never before did I complain but this wasn't just limited view. For 135 a ticket, it was ridiculous!

  12. Patti says – reply to this


    I saw Jon perform on Ellen Degeneres today. Not the same without Richie. I hope that whatever the problem is, they get it resolved. It is definitely going to hurt their tour. It was obvious that Jon is trying to do control damage from the Ellen interview. It is like Ying without Yang!!!

  13. Sandra307 says – reply to this


    My sweet daughter bought me tickets for the Mar. 15th show @ KFC Yum Center, Louisville Ky. (Seeing Bon Jovi is the ONLY thing I had on my bucket list, lol) The seats were $138.00 kinda at the side on the lower level. I was worried to death looking at the seating chart that I'd never be able to see. Not only could we see great, he came over to both sides and the middle out of the pit quite often. He even climbed the back of the moving walls so they could see also. I am soooo happy I got to see and hear the entire band. Richie's harmony w/Jon and his playing were, of course perfect and absolutely awesome !!! I'm thankful I got my 20+yr. wish to see them and Richie was there. I'm the same age as Jon and very sick, but that night was magical for me !! I hope Richie comes back soon so everyone else seeing them will get the complete AWESOME experience !!

  14. Cookie says – reply to this


    Collect umemployment. You should get a mega check and cost Jon big-time.

  15. xjovifan says – reply to this


    Jon should respect the fans that have made him the star that he is and make a statement. Remaining quiet is just making things worse. I did loose a lot of respect for Jon when he insinuated that Richie had fell off the wagon, etc. You would think that after the problems in his own family that he would be a little more sensitive and as it turns out that wasn't true. Let's face it it's all about the money. Jon needs to ask himself if loosing fans is worth it. I would not pay to see a Bon Jovi concert without all of the members of the band there. Jon Bon Jovi isn't the only member of the band that matters. in spite of what he thinks. I'm not sure what he said in Glasgow last night but he sure has angered a lot of Bon Jovi fans, whatever he said. Time for some damage control Mr. Bon Jovi and maybe consider what your fans want, not just what you want. Maybe you need a vacation? JMHO I won't be here to read comments to my post. I've learned that lesson.