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Kristen Stewart Is 'Absolutely Dreading' Next Robert Pattinson Separation!

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kristen stewart rob pattinson dreading next separation

It seems Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are the best they’ve ever been. But are things going to be cut short?

R-Patz, who only recently returned from filming The Rover in Australia, is set to head out again in May to start filming Maps to the Stars, and apparently, KStew is concerned.

A source close to Kristen revealed:

“This is by far the happiest Kristen has ever been and she’s more in love with Rob than ever… She is absolutely dreading to have to say goodbye to him when he leaves for his next project.”

While we think Kristen will be fine, her friend did add that the actress is making the most of the situation:

“But she’s just living in the moment and enjoying her time with Rob… She really values their time together and is making every moment special… Right now Rob is her priority. It’s been really important for her to show this to Rob — that their relationship comes first.”

Awww! That’s really all one can do when careers get in the way. But he did just spend close to $50,000 for your birthday — and at least you’re moving back in with him, Kristen!

Progress is progress!

[Image via PGpg68/Ramey Pix.]

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15 comments to “Kristen Stewart Is 'Absolutely Dreading' Next Robert Pattinson Separation!”

  1. 1

    can someone please tell these two douches that noone cares both of them made flop movies since they finished the twilight series …

  2. TKH says – reply to this


    Rob is a pu$$y. rupert is single and he's affair kirsten will run into his arms again (a repeat of last summer) so he's doing anything in his power to seal the deal. Sucker. she exposed who Rob really is: a sucker, jerk, drunk, lier.

  3. 3

    Hello Kristen: Looks like you had a pretty terrific birthday! Being apart from someone you love just makes the relationship stronger. Clearly you and Rob share something special. Don't let it slip through your fingers like grains of sand. In the times that we live, one has to stay constant. There are so many individuals who will never experience a great love. Know how you are blessed. …and I am Debra!

  4. justafan says – reply to this


    Re: TKH – hey tkh, it takes one to know one…

  5. jjfullerton says – reply to this


    She is also a huge slots but ugly

  6. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Just a matter of time…

  7. TKH Rocks says – reply to this


    Love your comment TKH! Totz agree with you

  8. 8

    No one knows what goes on in people's minds.

  9. Bambi says – reply to this


    REALLY PERZ WHY DO U ALWAYS MAKE UP LIE'S ABOUT ROB AND KRISTEN? They don't even talk to u! Your a sad ass man.:( How would u like it if some one was always after your child with your nasty lie's?

  10. Jazz says – reply to this


    Re: TKHRe: TKH
    You care ! you took your valuable time to comment.

    I can't believe that Rob will start to film Maps to the Stars, I thought this will be film later this year. Not sure if this is true.

  11. AMW says – reply to this


    I thought they were spending the summer touring Europe in a camper? I can't even believe these two stay in LA listening to all the stories told about them. No one knows anything about them. Probably Rob did not even get her a pen for her birthday. Just a hoax to throw people off. I saw a video of Kstew the other day with camera flashes going off in her face and it was very sad. Fans love to know and because they support then do have some rights to know a few tidbits but the total invasion of privacy these two deal with is unfathomable.

  12. 12

    Re: …and I am Debra – I doubt it…

  13. twilight08 says – reply to this


    There's too much time on her hands. Robert is working he has accepted jobs in order to hone his craft, and work at what other actors wish they could do. With jobs so sparse and given to top working class actors, Robert does not waste his opportunities. Who is Kristen's publist? She needs to fire he or she for they can't find her work. If not in a movie, or television, why not Broadway? Do something Kristen than waiting for Robert to come home from a gig, going to every music concert, restaurants, and clubs with so called friends with nothing to do too because you are bored and restless. Get a gig too! Or are you not getting any offers if the truth be told Kristen? Wives and girlfriends don't want you near their loved ones. Is this the problem of not working, or the fear that Robert still doesn't trust you working with directors out of his range of sight? Whatever the problem, seek counsel, get busy a charity, or go
    to college for writing as it has been stated you have mentionedyou wantd for yourself following in your mother's footsteps. Find your own niche in life as woman of today.

  14. skippy says – reply to this


    You are right on there,both of them are dreadful actors,without Twilight both of them wouldent have the millons they have now. He was going back to U.K. People even sent in letters (over 150.000 of them ) begging for some one else to get the part.Kristen spoke up for him ( they had a bit of a crush on each other ) and the rest is still the same they cant act.But I guess you dont need talent,just the right movie.Twilight was a hit and they are super rich.Having said that,how come he cant afford some great apartment,get plenty of girls and move on.

  15. Annie Clearwater says – reply to this


    fake stories…. everything is jst fake man….