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Lindsay Lohan's FATHER Is An ALUM Of Her Court-Ordered Rehab Program!

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michael rehab alum

Well, isn't this a charming little coincidence?

Turns out, Lindsay Lohan will NOT be the first person in her family to spend time attempting to kick bad habits in the Seafield Center rehab facility in Westhampton Beach, where she'll be serving a specialized, 90-day sentence for her latest probation violation!

In fact, it appears her very own Daddy Dearest, Michael Lohan, spent some time there himself back in 1989 when he had his own issues with cocaine and alcohol…and in the process, became VERY friendly with the program's Executive Director, Mark Epley!

However, don't assume the familial connection is going to get our hard-pAArtying starlet any preferential treatment during her stay!

According to Michael, because Mark knows the Lohan "family dynamic," he's hoping to get Dina into family therapy to sit down with her ex-husband and her daughter, in order for them to address what they believe to be the roots of many of LiLo's issues!

Which sounds to us like a VERY solid approach…that is, if Deviant Dina is able to let go of her enabling ways to help her child!

We should mention, however, that even though Michael has been through the program himself…he relapsed upon leaving.

Here's hoping that history DOES NOT repeat itself here…even if all the signs are already pointing toward it!

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6 comments to “Lindsay Lohan's FATHER Is An ALUM Of Her Court-Ordered Rehab Program!”

  1. COOL! says – reply to this


    I am late to this story, but hope Michael checks back. I dont know how i missed this but this is fabulous. Im guess michael is the one who stepped up to the plate and got the rehab shopping done. Thank God, Michael. That Heller man dont know his anus from a pack of peanuts in the ground, but will you its the sky thats farting that the reason it reeks to be around him. Anyway, kudos to you michael. The family therapy is often helpful, but in my opinion lindsay would feel a lot less pressured in rehab if she KNEW that her manipulative mother, who will probabley try to pitch Lindsay a new money-making scam the next time she sees her….stays away/off the phone/out of contact with lindsay. Dina is a fucking mess, is hostile, emotionally out of control, denies,minimizes and BLAMES…with ever present and never ending EXCUSES. There is NO WAY DINA CAN HELP LINDSAY…until DINA GETS REHAB, psychotherapy and nutrition/metabolic health. If you drag a drunk and psycho dina into family day…u most likely will set Lindsay back and fill her w/hopelessness. If Dina loves Lindsay ENOUGH, DINA will check INTO REHAB HERSELF. If not to save herself, to try to save her child. If she cant make that effort…fuck dina…they can exchange xmas cards thru snail mail.

  2. dont see... says – reply to this


    dont see any comments and i sent in a kudos to michael, cause heller didnt accomplish this.

  3. HEY MICHAEL, says – reply to this


    Was just reading about charlie sheens "advice" to linds on another story and it really brought up to me that a 12 step program –AT THIS TIME -is probably NOT what lindsay needs. The last thing she needs is another brain washing where she links shame to drugs&medicines. If it were just me and her and a dr/pharmacist left in the world i would be very inclined to consider the use certain medications, judicially, that have a HX of being effective w/out wild, risky and unknown side-effects. Shaming lindsay into believing that ANY drug is sinful leads to the mindset of the distraught parents one hears about in media who watched their precious & worshipped 2yr old die from an established case of meningitis because they EXPECTED God alone to heal their child. And, guess what, God is not a solo artist. In my 'Im nobody' opinion, I suspect lindsay need detox and psych. She will be treated w/ much more kindness & compassion in a psych facilities than she will be in a 12 step program that teaches that anti-depressants and stabilizing meds, mood-stablers, ..some AA member will riot over that shit and tell her shes weak, trust God. I think it is impossible to dx her true issues until her brain is stabilized. This can not happen in an enviornment of contempt for medications.

  4. more to ml says – reply to this


    she went bozo when this idea was first presented on E. I can understand her reluctance but i think she sees it as a booby-hatch and not an appropriate medical treatment option. I have no knowledge if this facility has a psych wing and attending psychiatrist. I wish no disrespect, but I am not interested in researching this facility at this time. This follow up post is in regards to the PROCESS of getting her into appropriate treatment. She appears willing to enter rehab, but unlikely to stay as her physical response to withdrawl is likely to be unbearable for her to tolerate. Point being, lindsays entry into rehab/treatment would benefit all involved if it went smoothly w/out police involvement/escort. If she checks into rehab, she may come to believe another form of treatment is more appropriate for her issues. At this time, i believe the priority is to see her appear for her IN CUSTODY sentence, and attend to other issues as they arise WHILE she is already IN custody. I have hope, i do.

  5. son of a bitch says – reply to this


    I give such horrible advice when I make typos, and leave out small words like…NOT. Well, in seeing that post come up I found a flaw in its syntax. Where I state judically…. I did NOT mean take to the courts to get a meds order. If she needs meds by the advice of her new attending psychiatrist…(obviously her current shrink prescribing for her has serious ethics and quality-control issues) ….anyway, after appropriate treatment, if MD finds a certain medication essential to her recovery, it will likely be a term of her two yr. Probation that she stay in compliance with her medical/psychiatric team. I MEANT TO WRITE JUDICIOUS use of meds. Not in regards to law..but in regards to applying intelligence and wisdom to the decision to utilize medications options. I do NOT pretend I know what Lindsays real core pathologies are. I just know she is very, very, ill and confused/misguided. She warrants MEDICAL attention if she is to have hope at a reasonable recovery. Glad the kids are w/her. God in heaven, if she goes back to dinas before rehab, i do believed the situation will be right fucked.

  6. isnt it loverly.. says – reply to this


    cant help but notice that hateful psycho messages about what a perv michael lohan is…. well,…they arent on this story…or this site for about 36 hr or so now! X L N T.