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Lindsay Lohan Went "BALLISTIC" On Ex-Assistant At Post-Letterman Party-Spot?! HOLD UP!

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lindsay vs assistant

We all know that Lindsay Lohan's relationship with ex-assistant Gavin Doyle is just about as tumultuous as every other aspect of her life, but it certainly sounded as though he was back in the hard-pAArtying starlet's good graces after he was willing to cooperate during her latest trial!


Not to mention ANY sincerity during her interview with David Letterman!

According to witnesses at Chelsea's 1Oak, where LiLo pAArtied that night, when Gavin came over to her table to say hello, she absolutely FREAKED OUT…and started throwing sh-t at him!

The sources reveal:

“He tried to come over to her and say hi. She was at another table and she went ape s—. He attempted to approach the table and she started throwing stuff. She was throwing plastic glasses and freaking out, yelling.”

YEESH! A little DRAMATIC, right?!

Well, apparently TOO dramatic, because other eyewitnesses from the club that night claim this incident NEVER happened!

In fact, according to them, Lindsay and Gavin are:

"BFFs and in constant communication."

And they're even going to Coachella together!

Well, even if nothing went down between them the other night, we all know that similar incidents have happened in the past, so here's hoping that they can keep any possible problems at bay for the weekend!

Especially seeing as gurl's former friends are already concerned enough that the music festival will be the end of her! She doesn't need any more complications!

[Images via Pacific Coast News.]

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10 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Went "BALLISTIC" On Ex-Assistant At Post-Letterman Party-Spot?! HOLD UP!”

  1. Rose says – reply to this


    Perez, you really are a lousy human being. You should come back as something else next time, more fitting to your character.

  2. Cheater says – reply to this


    Look this

  3. Amir says – reply to this


    I was at oak that night. At the take right next to the DJ booth. That never happened they were happily chatting all night. Lindsey didn't have a table she was behind the DJ booth all night I had my eye on her lol…She was definitely paaaaaryting tho

  4. PIONEER PALS says – reply to this


    perez, u dont seem to understand what your real flaw is. We cant tutor the world, if you cant catch on to what your journalistic and humanitarian crimes are, im not worried about ur influence on kids for too much longer, because people who work for money using the "skills" you cant get enough of, well, they just dont last long, kid. Shutting u down could be accomplished before linds even checks in to rehab. However, u are not a priority, as your site shows, ur genuine fan base is virtually non-existant. We can sweep u up later, after we get that baby out of her Oh-well.

  5. 5

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  6. EXPECT REALITY says – reply to this


    This is lame. "source said it happened" source says it didnt happen. Is what Lindsay is doing, going out to a place that has always COMFORTED her, loud music that distracts, pretty girls and boys as company and some booze, or a snort, or whatever to STABILZE her -to what her chemically addicted body calls "normal" ..is that really a SHOCKER to anyone? Is it really immoral and trashy for her to still be stuck in the habits and addictions she has near lost her whole life to? Those who see Lindsay as some kind of additional failure that she hasnt gotten clean and stable BEFORE REHEB TREATMENT, would do well to contemplate where your expectations of a long-term addict and desperate starlet to spontaneously cure herself are coming from. Your expectations of an instantaneous miracle cure for Lindsay BEFORE treatment are ridiculous, your expectations that God will handle it all himself, - are blasphamy. –She and Gavin are in a lot of trouble. They SHOULD be fighting. At least she didnt throw a steak knife, if she genuinely threw anything at all. This story is jr high gossip underground paper material. How embarrassing for YOU, perez.

  7. 7

    Perez honestly WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU ?

  8. 8

    whether it happened or not she already kicked him out once of her car and will likely kick him out again what a mean girl

  9. 9

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  10. 10

    ANOTHER GREAT BREAKING NEWS STORY FROM DOUCHE PEREZ. Geez, hideous on the inside & outside and posting non-news constantly. PLEASE BE A SIGN THAT HIS 15 MINUTES ARE ALMOST UP!