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Madonna's Charitable Trip To Malawi MARRED By Alleged VIP Demands And Allusions To Blackmail!

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Goodness! Who knew all this drama could come from just wanting to help a nation out!

As you know, Madonna has been facing heat throughout her whole trip to Malawi. From terminology arguments to presidential rejections, Madge just couldn't catch a break.

And all she was wanting to do was help!

Unfortunately, she and her entourage (which included her four children) would experience one more incident of dramz before leaving the "warm heart of Africa."

According to reports, she and hers were allegedly denied expedited travel privileges, requiring them to line up alongside other passengers and get frisked at the airport.

The situation resulted in a statement from the office of Malawi President Joyce Banda — someone whose feathers were already ruffled by Madge's visit.

The statement declares:

"Granted, Madonna is a famed international musician, but that does not impose an injunction of obligation on any government under whose territory Madonna finds herself, including Malawi, to give her state treatment. Such treatment, even if she deserved it, is discretionary not obligatory. Kindness, as far as its ordinary meaning is concerned, is free and anonymous. If it can't be free and silent, it is not kindness; it is something else. Blackmail is the closest it becomes."

Whoa! Whoa… blackmail?? Really??

Making things a little too complicated here, aren't we?

Luckily for us citizens of the Madgic Kingdom, our Queen released her OWN statement, providing her side of the story:

"I was very happy to visit with the children of Malawi earlier this month and to see with my own eyes the ten new primary schools in Kasungu province that Raising Malawi and buildOn completed this past year. These schools are now educating more than 4,800 children with girls attending in equal numbers. These children who were formerly learning outside on the ground, in unsafe buildings or not at all, now get to attend classes on a daily basis. My children and I were overjoyed to visit these schools and see what amazing progress has been made. I will continue to follow through on my commitment to help educate the children of Malawi. I’m saddened that Malawi’s President Joyce Band Malawian has chosen to release lies about what we’ve accomplished, my intentions, how I personally conducted myself while visiting Malawi and other untruths. I have no intentions of being distracted by these ridiculous allegations. I came to Malawi seven years ago with honorable intentions. I returned earlier this month to view the new schools we built. I did not ever ask or demand special treatment at the airport or elsewhere during my visit. I will not be distracted or discouraged by other people’s political agendas. I made a promise to the children of Malawi and I am keeping that promise."

Brava!! Such class amidst such turmoil!! We love it.

Seriously, if we didn't have more faith in humanity, we'd say it seems like Madonna was almost begrudged for her willingness to help the nation.

The misunderstanding over the terminology still doesn't change the fact that Madge remained committed on her mission to benefit the children of Malawi. Plans were adapted to better fit the needs and the locale, but sometimes life just throws a wrench in business plans. We move forward with the changes, because that's life!

We support you Madonna! When it comes to helping children, we know your heart is pure!

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32 comments to “Madonna's Charitable Trip To Malawi MARRED By Alleged VIP Demands And Allusions To Blackmail!”

  1. mlington says – reply to this


    Malawi president is a liar and a corrupt just like her sister that stole 3.2 million from madonna foundation. since madonna dismissed her, malawi president is acting like this… madonna wrote this on her instagram page "Here I am standing in front of one of 10 schools I built with Build On in Malawi! Lies have no legs. Only the truth can stand!"

    shame on that president that should be doing what madonna did…. shame on her… madonna doesnt need anything of that.. she just wants to help… she also said that she didnt demand anything. and actually we can see how simple madonna is by looking at malawi pics or videos… she dresses simple, she doesnt even use make up… this is all a LIAR…. madonna gave her own money… she build ten schools with malawi arquitecture…. that PRESIDENT IS A CORRUPT… THATS WHY AFRICA WILL NEVER CHANGE…. shame on her….. of course we support madonna… she is helping those kids…. Madonna also said that president should stop spreading lies about her… MADONNA IS SERIOUS COMMITED TO HER CHARITY WORK….

  2. mlington says – reply to this


    Madonna heart is pure yes…. Madonna wants to help. some people think madonna is an ice queen but shes not… shes just sooo perfectionist in her work… just that. her dancers love her.. she does everything for them… i met madonna this tour and she was sooooo sweet. very smart woman and soo nice. and also very funny. madonna really wants to help. of course she loves kids… she adopted 2 kids from that country. she feels related to them…

  3. 3

    LONG LIVE JOYCE BANDA finally someone sees M for what she is.

  4. mlington says – reply to this


    President Banda is looking for madonna money. her sister stole 3.2 million from madonna foundation…. shame on them… U GO MADONNA.. well done… A TRUE QUEEN

  5. 5

    Re: mlington – Shut up lol STAN

  6. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: fabulousdivabuns – shut up…. that rpesident is as corrupt as her sister…. Madonna is probably the inly seirous person in music business. madonna is an amzaing mothe rof 4… committed with her projects… madonna is not a party girl. shes very smart, kind and funny…. Madonna is there to help those kids… WITH HER OWN MONEY….. THAT LIAR PRESIDENT IS A FREAKING CORRUPT… HER SISTER STOLE 3.2. MILLION FROM MADONNA…. madonna is so serious that also dismissed kabbalah from her charity work… LONG LIVE MADONNA….

  7. milington says – reply to this


    If President Banda's sister had stolen money then Raising Malawi would be suing her. In fact she is suing them for wrongful termination.

    Madonna calling President Banda a liar ion her Instagram account can only make things worse and shows a lack of humility. Vile woman,

  8. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: fabulousdivabuns – no u shut up… ur just a hater… check the facts… she build 10 shools.. she didnt ask for any demands… that rpesident is just a liar…. thats why the world doesnt gets better… with ppl like u …. HATER….

  9. mlington says – reply to this


    that president should just be doing what madonna did… SHAME ON HER…. what a loser. if it wasnt madonna, the world didnt know what was malawi

  10. milington says – reply to this


    Let us not forget that the whole purpose of the project was actually to bring Kabbalah to poor black Africans. Neo-colonial bullshit.

  11. milington says – reply to this


    Interesting to see Liz Rosenberg not involving herself in any of this mess… always the smart cookie.

  12. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: milington – what liz has to do with this????? madonna spoke woman is here. she alreayd spoke…. and the man that represents madonna in charity work too… Joyce is a liar… just lie her sister

  13. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: milington – shut upp…. what ur doing using my nickname ??? ahahah no actually no one is suing madonna actually everybody knows that president sister stole 3.2 million. she was dismissed and of course the law is taking care of it… STOLE LYING….. GET A LIFE MAN…. and stop using my nick name… GOD BLESS MADONNA.. and madonna has the right to speak her mind… I SHE IS SERIOUS ABOUT THIS SHE HAS TO SAY IT.,,, THAT JUST SHOWS SHES NOT AFRAID OF THOS STUFF…. WE ALL KNOW POLITICIANS… NOW IMAGINE IN AFRICA… malawi is a mess… MADONNA WANTED TO HELP AND MADONNA HAS PPL TAKING CARE OF INVESTGATIONS

  14. mlington says – reply to this


    Re: milington – shut up… kabbalah is not part of this… dahhhh. madonan ound out that they stole money too… its only madonna and buildon… only them… Madonna is working to help kids.. what are u doing ??? shut up… what a hot mess that u are

  15. milington says – reply to this


    Re: mlingtonRe: mlington

    Yes, Trevor Nielsen who was supposed to be doing damage limitation but who's made everything worse trying to retain his working relationship with Madonna. This is not about Malawi anymore but goes to Madonna's character, rightly or wrongly, and this is where Liz would usually have to step in, but…

  16. milington says – reply to this


    Re: mlington

    So Madonna can express herself it no one else can? Sounds as if you're part of her personality cult, milington.

    Kabbalah was behind Spirituality for Kids (doesn't the name alone scare the sh*t out of you?) and Raising Malawi. This has everything to do with Kabbalah. And her white woman's burden neo-colonial bull.

  17. XX says – reply to this


    Re: milington

  18. 18

    Only the QUEEN can come out and clear her name with no shame. Why so much corruption. Be GLAD someone has taken interest in educating your people. Basic rule "treat others the way you want to be treated". The word of the day "respect".

  19. 19

    this hag needs to just stop already.

  20. Josh says – reply to this


    Re: milington
    That statement has Liz Rosenberg all over it. Madonna could never come up with a response like that.

    Re: mlington
    You sound a little more off your game than usual. Shouldn't you be blaming this on Beyonce's, Rihanna's, Britney's, or Lady GaGa's people?

  21. @v@ says – reply to this


    What's the purpose of trying to put Madonna in her place? All it teaches would be philanthropists who live straightforwardly and thus may not be up on all the protocol is that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. The statement may be true, but underneath displays a lack of grace or appreciation. To poke at someone so obviously trying to affect good change is boggling, but typically bureaucratic.

  22. J.C. says – reply to this


    Re: mlington
    If Madonna supported Kim Jong-Un, you would blindly support her decision. The funny thing is, you out of touch Madonna fans would scathingly condemn any other artist that this would have happened to in the exact same way.

  23. WildeOne says – reply to this


    Madonna lives so deep within a bubble and so far removed from reality that what is considered VIP treatment to the average person is considered normal for her. How can she say did not demand special treatment while in Africa when it was demanded that all guests at the Kumbali Lodge in Lilongwe be checked out before Madonna arrived so that she and her entourage could book a dozen rooms while staying over there? I guess it is telling when you're publicly called out by the President of an impoverished country.

  24. a says – reply to this


    Wow, the readers of this blog aren't too bright.

    True charity is free and anonymous. In all religions - especially in Kabbalah, which I though Madge was a follower of.

    How does a rock star think herself above politics and diplomacy? Imagine a rock star from Malawi came to the US and dis'd your president because of the number of children killed by stupid gun laws in the US, or the degree of obesity, or the laxness of banking regulations that resulted in a global GFC?

    Does Madonna have a degree in international relations? Does Madonna have any experience at all working in international politics?

    Regardless of corruption by Malawi government, the statement released by Malawi's president is 100% spot on. Madonna exploits her charitable acts for publicity because she is an attention seeker. When she doesn't get her way, she reacts like a spoilt child.

  25. milington says – reply to this


    Re: a

    What's a real shame is that she could probably do with an intervention just about now but everyone in her world is on the payroll…

  26. 26

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  27. Alex says – reply to this


    Like your paper Perez. Madonna's action in Malawi is pure, beautiful, very emotional.

  28. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: a – Ten bucks that equal ten bowls of oatmeal from someone anonymous still feeds ten hungry people breakfast even if it comes from a known singer. Charity is charity, and ten school rooms are still ten school rooms whether the donator is known or not. Now, humility in anonymity is nice, as there's no expectation of I owe you baggage. My point is that help is help. Keep the eye on the ball, which is education.

  29. ******* says – reply to this


    Finally someone who refuses to kiss her pasty, bony ass.

  30. guest says – reply to this


    Re: fabulousdivabuns – I completely agree!!! I love love love Joyce Banda. Madonna never wants to help anyone. That`s never her intention. She just wants to make herself appear greater than she is. Joyce Banda seems definitely like a greater person, you can simply feel that. That`s why she can see through Madonna.

  31. Celt says – reply to this


    Those who say Madonna wants attention for doing charity are clueless. Shels going to get attention for what she does regardless because she's famous, and it's actually a GOOD thing to bring attention to charity and bring attention to those in need, it's called education and can only do good to open more eyes that children need help. We so often in the West are so trapped in our own bubbles we easily forget the needs and problems in other parts of the world. Madonna has given millions to help these kids and the sneaky President and her thief sister just want to slander Madonna and take her money without gratitude. Awful. Politicians are corrupt, don't forget that! This is payback for firing her thieving sister. Joyce is a vile beurocrat that lives the high life while the children are poor. Hopefully one of these educated kids will help rise up against the government of Malawi so the kids aren't suppressed anymore. Madonna is doing good and bringing attention to a cause is Good! She's using her celebrity for a good cause. Attention to causes is a good thing.

  32. Summer says – reply to this


    And everyone believes trampy Madonna. She is someone who thinks her shit don't stink and i believe she wanted the Malawi government to bow to her-that is her style. They did not. Madonna only made a statement to try not to look like the bitch she really is. Wish she would disappear into oblivion-the skank.