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Every Glee-Tail: Say What You Need To Say (Just Don't Say Jane Lynch Is Leaving For Good)

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It’s hard to know where to begin…

For those who were expecting last night’s Glee to take an after school special approach to the very serious topic of school shootings, they were met with nearly ten solid minutes of the most harrowing and tension filled moments of the series. The show isn't the first teen dramedy to try it's hand at capturing the horror faced by students and faculty when faced with such terrifying circumstances — One Tree Hill, anyone? — but considering the episodes proximity to the tragedy at Sandy Hook, the situation hit very close to home. (Too close to home for parents in the small Connecticut town, as we reported earlier.)

But if we may say so, we thought the episode, while emotionally charged and frightfully dramatic, never stepped over the bounds of gratuitously exploiting the circumstances. Truly, we thought the storyline was handled tastefully, and just perhaps, it opened up a difficult dialogue for parents and teachers to have with their kids.

So, what exactly was the storyline? Well, as the kids all convene in their beloved Choir room for a seemingly uneventful day of singing and laughter, two shots ring through the hallway, forcing the Glee clubbers to scatter and hide behind pianos and chairs. They start to tweet and text the ones they love — this includes probably two of the most gut-wrenching scenes in the episode, like when Marley tries to reach her mother, who works in the cafeteria. The audience sees she's safe, but that she is trapped in the school's kitchen, curled on the floor hoping to conceal herself. And then there is Heather Morris' Brittany, who we find perched atop a toilet in the girl's bathroom, giving perhaps the best performance on the show to date. Knowing she is somewhere scared and alone, Sam tries desperately to leave the choir room to save her, but in the end Mr. Schue braves the halls to bring Brittany to safety. It's then that the kids start filming testimonials and farewells to their families on Artie's iPhone, which in into itself was hard to watch. After ten mostly silent minutes, the gang hears the "All Clear" and a wave of relief fills the room. (Watch the full scene above)

In the end, no one was hurt, but the episode did possibly see the end of one character's time on the show: Sue Sylvester. In a twist no one saw coming, Sue confesses to Principal Figgins that it was she who shot off her own gun in her office. She explains that "times have changed" since she first became a teacher, but that she was only trying to clean the gun when it went off. Later, we come to learn that the story was a cover for Sue's favorite student, Becky. The frightened girl, petrified of graduating and leaving the sanctuary of McKinely, brought the gun to school to protect herself. When she revealed the weapon to Sue in her office, the gun misfired and then fired again when Becky dropped the weapon to the floor. But as the truth remains a mystery to everyone but Sue and Becky, Figgins has no choice but to fire Sue from the school.

Where this leaves Jane Lynch in the scheme of things (especially since the fate of the show itself is so uncertain) remains to be seen, but we sincerly hope this isn't the last we see of our Cheerios Coach.

If nothing else, the episode opened the topics of school safety and gun violence to a demographic that perhaps needed an outlet. So, we ask you too: What did you think of "Shooting Star" and how it addressed issues of gun violence in schools? Do you think it was handled tastefully, or was it too soon?

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10 comments to “Every Glee-Tail: Say What You Need To Say (Just Don't Say Jane Lynch Is Leaving For Good)”

  1. 1

    That episode sucked

  2. 2

    Didn't like the beginning at all - that cat has got to go - but very moving and emotional during the scene in the choir room.

  3. Bkay says – reply to this


    This was an amazing episode, absolutely like none of the episodes Glee has done before. The acting was amazing too, I don't understand how any one can think otherwise. I just hope Jane Lynch isn't leaving..

  4. JustDave says – reply to this


    Amazing episode. We need shows like Glee to confront controversial topics that are affecting the youth. I applaud them for taking on this topic with class. Best acting I've seen from the Glee kids all year

  5. BlueSmarties says – reply to this


    This episode was complete shit. Not realistic to the point of being absurd.

  6. Rachy says – reply to this


    This episode was moving beyond words for me. I think that Glee has always done a good job at bringing up controversial topics in ways that teenagers can relate to and understand. The acting from all of them was mind-blowing. I definitely applaud Sam wanting to go get Brittany, and Brittany in the bathroom alone, I was overwhelmed with emotion. Well done!!!!

  7. sarah says – reply to this


    One Tree Hill's was MUCH BETTER.

  8. 8

    I thought the episode was good and handled tastefully. But for me, the high school show that had the best portrayal of school shootings is Degrassi. While Glee's was filmed in a more realistic way, Degrassi's showed the true impact. I mean, come on, a main character gets shot and paralyzed for the rest of the series! (Yes, that is why for me, Drake will forever be Jimmy Brooks). That said, I could see where graphic violence like that would be considered "too soon" at the moment.

  9. bkat says – reply to this


    It was all sad and moving until I realized they were worried about Tina and Brittany, but someone seemed to notice the guy with the dreads and Sugar were missing.

  10. Poppy says – reply to this


    The episode was a mess.. gratuitous and two many unrelated stories. Jane isn't leaving the show- and it won't be cancelled (the producers and studio are probably just fighting over terms/money).. both manufactured tensions as unbelievable as the plot of this episode. And they shoot ahead, so I am sure there are more episodes in the can with Jane in them- well before she goes to broadway.
    I wish they had handled this topic better- poorly executed exploitation is much harder to watch than the good stuff.