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Harry Styles’ Directioners Stirring Up Trouble As They Claim He Had To Be Carried Out Of A Club?!

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harry styles perdu party night carried out of club

Oooh, is someone trying to get Harry Styles in trouble?!

Sure sounds like it as rumors run wild about the One Direction cutie pie having a bit too much fun during a wild night out.

How much fun?

Well, Directioners are claiming our little luvah boy partied so hard at Perdu in Newcastle that he needed to be carried out of the club because he couldn’t even stand!

Where were we to carry him home?!

A few fans tweeted what they claim went down:

Sounds like one helluva night for Harry!

Buuuut…not so fast!

These Directioners might not be giving us the whole story!

Harry's spokesperson has already denied the wild night, and so have people associated with the club.

Promotor Jermaine Hudspith tweeted and the club’s promotional night Facebook page posted:

"Despite what is in the papers, Harry Styles was NOT carried out of any club on Wednesday night, he enjoyed his night and left completely fine!"

In the pic from the night (above) he sure DOES seem to be having a good time, but he is also standing on his own two feet!

So what do YOU think?

Did he exit all on his own or did he need a little assistance?

And check out MORE pics of him at the club (below)!

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[Image via Twitter.]

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10 comments to “Harry Styles’ Directioners Stirring Up Trouble As They Claim He Had To Be Carried Out Of A Club?!”

  1. lol says – reply to this


    look how receding his hairline is, that 12 year old looks nasty

  2. free says – reply to this


    Jokes about 'carrying home' someone you fancy who is so drunk s/he can' t stand on their feet anymore, are not jokes. Not funny either.

  3. 3

    seems he likes his booze a bit much not the first time someone said it

  4. Rose says – reply to this


    If this was beiber you'd be acting like he'd hung a nun.

  5. jukiol says – reply to this


    i think it's safe to say it's a rumor

  6. whatever says – reply to this


    Partying in clubs and drinking is perfectly legal in england at 19… A young man having fun at a club and being enebriated is nothing unusual.
    As long as he takes care of himself and doesn't party wildly every night, he will be fine… like anyone else.

  7. perezzz says – reply to this


    Oh big deal, he went out and got drunk. Even if he WAS carried out of a nightclub who actually cares? He's 19 years old and handles himself very well. He was seen at the gym the next day and greeted fans so it's not like he can't recover. The boys are also playing heaps of shows at the moment so I think it's safe to say, Harry is just fine. He keeps getting better and better looking by the week!

  8. Tash says – reply to this


    Re: whatever – That's the problem though. He is partying too much almost every night. I mean it's his life and he can go and have fun and all but there are plenty of studies that show that the frontal lobe of the brain doesn't stop development until 23-25 and excessive alcohol consumption can slow and limit that development. We don't want Mr. Harry acting like a teenager forever do we?

  9. Anna says – reply to this


    Harry does not party ever night, please tell me where you got this info. Yes he does sometimes go out, but that isn't exactly unusual for someone his age. He isn't stupid and doesn't go crazy. If he partied every night there would be reports of it, I have seen none. This is the first harry styles party post I have seen in months. Stop just assuming!

  10. ashleigh koenig says – reply to this


    why would they do that. That*s weird really weird