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Howard Stern's Appeal For Lawsuit Against Sirius XM Radio Is DENIED!

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howard stern has appeal for lawsuit against sirius xm denied

Howard Stern is getting NO love, as his appeal for a lawsuit against Sirius XM Radio was denied in court earlier today!

If this isn't exactly ringing a bell for you, let us refresh your memories.

Back in 2011, Howard filed a lawsuit against the satellite station, claiming the company never gave him the bonuses he was promised for the boost in subscriptions after the Sirius and XM radio merger. But the suit was thrown out when the judge found "inconsistencies" in his contract and the claims he was making!


But Howard didn't give up that easily, as he still felt as though he was cheated out of his payday and appealed the ruling, saying the court should let his numbers do the talking!

Unfortunately for the shock jock, he lost the battle AND the war as his appeal was also shot down!

Although Sirius XM Radio came out on top of this suit, we have to wonder how smart of a move this is for them. As a legendary disc jockey, Howard DEFINITELY accounts for a big chuck of their subscribers who tune in regularly. But if they keep pissing him off, who's to say he wont jump ship??

And it's not like he doesn't have anything else lined up! Howard already has another gig as a judge on the America's Got Talent and has been a big hit on TV. Let's just say Sirius XM definitely needs him more than he needs them!

One of the biggest rules in showbiz is to keep your biggest stars happy, and Howard can't be happy with this!

[Image via Arnold Wells/WENN.]

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20 comments to “Howard Stern's Appeal For Lawsuit Against Sirius XM Radio Is DENIED!”

  1. 1

    Obviously he is not as big of a star as he thinks he is.

  2. pat says – reply to this


    He is not a judge on X factor, its AGT
    i guess 500 million isnt enough he wanted another 300

  3. 3

    Howard is 60 and getting big bucks as it is… there aint other companies out there that will fit the bill. AGT is just a hobby job for like 4 mos of the yr. That shit gets cancelled in another 1-2 seasons where as his radio career is 20+ yrs. He needs to stick with what's paying his bills. otherwise, dude can just retire the fuck now…

  4. kikikiwi says – reply to this


    HOWARD IS PRICELESS. (ALL KINGS ARE). /loveyouforeverhoward

  5. jimmy d says – reply to this



  6. C says – reply to this


    Baba booey!!! Love you Howard!!!

  7. Belize Black History says – reply to this


    Ah Booglie Aridad Yagel Moo Mogie Yogayu……


  8. Baba Booey says – reply to this


    Ah Booglie Aridad Yagel Moo E Moggie Woogayu

  9. BlueShadows says – reply to this


    Re: Gracie 2004 – No…he is not as big of star as SIRIUS thinks he is. If Howard jumps ship, he will take millions of fans with him. Sirius cannot afford to lose Howard.

  10. 10

    Howard is over. I read he joined AGT to gain viewers.

  11. jeff says – reply to this


    Corporations always have the power. Howard is essential to Sirius, but they would rather eff him over. It sucks cause I love Howard, there is no interviewer out there that even compares to him.

  12. nu says – reply to this


    Re: BlueShadows

    no one will leave sirius most of his big fans (ME a lifelong fan) bought lifetime sirius memberships and with the bad economy we cant all afford to follow him.

    he is a typical cheap jew bastard, howard please STFU & go on. you have more money than any of us, its annoying hearing you whine.

  13. Jeff says – reply to this


    ..To the idiots thinking he's making 600 million, think again. That's the number given to him as a budget for the whole show for the entire contract. He gets what's left over which is still a nice chunk.

  14. Jenny says – reply to this


    He's a washed up has-been. His show has sucked for years, it got worse when Artie Lange left. Opie & Anthony is a far superior show on Sirius.

  15. @v@ says – reply to this


    Who ever vetted that contract misrepresented if Howard thought bonuses upon numbers was in there and solidly. Lawyers.

  16. Jenna says – reply to this


    Howard is a cool dude, I like him.
    I love his celebrity interviews, they're great.

  17. Justinothershit says – reply to this


    Fucker made $100 MILLION a year. He's terrible. Only teenage boys listen to this douchbag.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    Re: Justinothershit – To each his own, but a deal is a deal no matter how many zeros are behind it. Except when it's not actually the contractual deal.

  19. Sven says – reply to this


    Where Howard goes, so will his millions of fans. Dumb move by Sirius. I will cancel the day howard leaves.

  20. Trisha says – reply to this


    <3 Howard ! And a Ba Ba Booey to you all!