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Kate Middleton Vs Kim Kardashian; What The Tabs Are Talking About!

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If it's not Angelina Vs Jennifer, it's gotta be Kate Vs Kim!

The tabloids have pitted these two pregnant superstars against each other, showcasing their 'too thin-too fat' weights as cause for concern among celebrity enthusiasts everywhere.

While Kim posts tummy-baring shots to prove her actual size amidst a storm of weight shaming, Kate continues to be active, only fueling judgements from those insisting she's too skinny for a healthy mommy-to-be.

What do we think?? Health isn't necessarily shown in size, so maybe people need to lay off a bit. After all, stress is super harmful to pregnant women too!


Kris Jenner kontinues her reign on the tab kovers, this week resting on the glossy pages of Star magazine. But we HIGHLY doubt she finds the mag's source material entertaining.

According to them, she's unkonscious by 5pm while Bruce Jenner draws the divorce papers up (in between helicopter flying probz).

We don't doubt she enjoys a cocktail here and there, but we really don't think she's the drunkard she's made out to be on this kover — she seemed sober enough hosting Chelsea Lately anyways!


It would seem as if the unofficial campaign to get Scott Disick his own series is still in full force. Kourtney Kardashian's controversial baby-daddy graces the cover of Ok! magazine.

Though it would appear that the model ex — who claims he's the REAL father of savior Mason — can't keep his facts straight, this tab swears Scott is in the middle of a huge battle to ensure claim over the precious pun'kin.

Sigh. So much drama. So much, so much DRAMA!


Since the rest of the tabs are harping on a pregnant Kim and Kate too, we'll leave you with this very important piece of advice — take your Kardashian vitamins twice a day, and remember… Prince Harry is still single.


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6 comments to “Kate Middleton Vs Kim Kardashian; What The Tabs Are Talking About!”

  1. mboomer says – reply to this


    First you do not put Kate Middleton and Kim K in the same sentance…it is an insult to Kate. Second, the rest of the Krap is typical PR for the Kartrashian Klan. No more flour bombs or road rage… just lies to be and stay in the news everyday so that people get curious and watch their show. I personally think that it has the adverse effect…. people are tired of their tirade. MB

  2. Julia K says – reply to this


    Ok.. you CAN'T compare these two for SO many reasons.. Reason #1 Kate is a Princess from another country with CLASS AND MORALS!!! Kim is unfortunately form our wonderful country and she is a talentless person who is famous for.. well we all know why right.. also Kim in a naturally curvy person. She was slim but always very hippy and has a huge butt preggers or not! Kate is a very slim with no curves person.. so obviously they are going to look totally different pregnant. I'm not hating on Kim or anything I watch that mindless crap sometimes but they are so not in the same league. Let's not go as low as to mock pregnant women please..

  3. 3

    Let the Kardashian post spamming begin! 2 posts and it's barely 11 … keep em coming Perez. Oy vey

  4. ladydi says – reply to this


    Oh pleeze! all pregnancies are different.
    with my first I gained 13 pounds…she was a premmie and it was terrifying She weighted only 3.10. I can relate to Perez.
    With my son i gained 40 pounds….he was a week late and weighted over 9 pounds!
    Why is this such a big deal?

  5. Jay says – reply to this


    Re: mboomer – What makes Kate better than Kim! It's not like she did anything to deserve fame or money either! Im sick of us Americans not supporting eachother.

  6. barbiegurl25 says – reply to this


    kim is the right size and kate should put more weight on.GO kim