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Lindsay Lohan Upset Over David Letterman's Drinking/Drug Jokes?! Find Out HERE!

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Right now, Lindsay Lohan is probably preparing for a fun filled weekend at Coachella where she will totally NOT drink or take any type of illegal substances (HA)…

But could girl still be feeling the burn from the provocative jokes that David Letterman made at her expense during their recent Late Show interview?!

At Thursday evening's Scary Movie 5 premiere, the starlet expressed:

"I love [Letterman]. I've known him since I was 7 years old, when I was first on his show. So, I respect and appreciate him."


Well that's good!

And honestly, the interview might have been awkward at times, but we were delightfully surprised by Lilo's willingness to poke fun at herself AND how her and Davy seemed to have a natural rapport.

Have fun at Coachella Lindz! But, you know, not TOO much fun.

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20 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Upset Over David Letterman's Drinking/Drug Jokes?! Find Out HERE!”

  1. where are the comments says – reply to this


    i dont see any comments or any entry into them. Maybe there are no comments. Well, so im going to send in this comment into what is basically a non story, but i have no offical complaints, because its nice to read other opinions on these issues. Pleased to see this nonsense and cyber-bullying is slowed down. 20 more days and this silly bird will get into a place that can help her, IF she wants it. Please stay chill, pot pies. If u get violent, theyll take u to jail. You could lose ur rehab option…i want soooo much for you to keep yourself UNDER CONTROL. i didnt say be perfect….under your own control. I wish for you to make self-helpful choices… while you still have a choices. I hope u enjoy your sibs and friends who truly care about your health. I so dearly want to see you go to rehab, sista, and face your fears; not sit in a jail cell in wastefulness, consumed by confusion and fear. Peace….peace…peace….littl' hunny-chil'. Just hang on.

  2. 2

    why would she be upset? everything he said was true. he could have said much worse she made a joke about thinking there would be vodka in the coffee cup. you want to act like an asshole then you get treated like one, no exceptions.

  3. hey linds, says – reply to this


    Linds, press been kinda hard on you, but, you know u start it all. Well, that aint my point. I know you love positive press. linds if you want to go instant and happy cnn news, CHECK INTO REHAB EARLY. you only gotta do 90 days, sooner u get started, sooner its over. I know u want to go to coachelle, but maybe the first weekend will be enough. I think the world would stand still and appaud you if you took a shower, put on a pair of comfy jeans and top, and WALK INTO rehab early, instead of dragging ur feet and making swat come after you to throw you in through the doors. IF you are serious that you see rehab as a blessing, get your last hoo-haa over with and walk into being a whole, real WOMAN. its your choice. It will turn the world on its ear.

  4. to charlie says – reply to this


    Dear nee charles estavez…dont even know if i spelled that right, and im not even sure that Charles is right. ? …Charleselito Estavez? Anywho, saw some real trash on E about you. I wrote a brilliant peice about how ur issues are under control and how ur recovery is something that should be considered by these ignorants who write icky and perv things about you and me's girl. Well, point being, i use a phone at home (internet)and have difficulty getting comments to go in that site of late, my brillance about ur brillance just never came to light.I see it as genuine blessing that E transmission are difficult, but i want you to know, lots of people KNOW you are a quality, generous, kind-hearted, empathetic man who aint giving lindz $ and jobs for blowjobs for $. I havent forgotten u and ur rare kindness, and i aint gonna let u die with fools thinking u iz trash. I havent seen three men or anger management, im a history channel and nat-geo girl. But, i was a kid w/ a brother in military school when I saw Taps & the movie and u&Tims acting, the message, ur craziness in the film just blew me AWAY. U are a genuis mr. Ce/cs…it is an honor to have a connection w/you. We dont do springy-dirty tricks, so dont fuss about Team Lindsay issues. Thanks, charlie. cyber-kissy, kissy. On your cheeks. –Umm… facial, that is. ;) ….jjf. aka H. Hillbilly.

  5. Gaud, how embarrasing! says – reply to this


    jeepers… Umm…i just figure out it was a movie w/TedDanson and Hawaiin TV show beef-cake Selleck that was the Three Men thing. Well, i never saw all of that either. Mr. ce/cs, please forgive my flub, not three men, but 2 1/2 men. Sooo embarrassed, but, i did say I aint never seen it…and I was only off by 0.5%…..so, is we still cool?

  6. someone... says – reply to this


    tell ce/cs…dont look, dont look. Three men….i am sooo ashamed. For a reseach scientist….oh, god. I have to go bury myself now….

  7. I'm starting2 FREAK!! says – reply to this


    you WERE in Taps, right???

  8. EARLY SENILITY? says – reply to this


    Again, i embarrased myself, apparently you werent in Taps, according to wikipedia…so who was the dude that flipped, sean penn? Cs/ce, i am disgraced, id say i was raving about ur perforance in platoon, but i dont think i saw that either. Ok, I KNOW u were in Walstreet….XLNT,….as I remember it. Im sorry charlie, it was 30 yrs ago. Anyway, I do apoligize for my sloppiness, but I research stuff all day and thought I could get away w/ winging it on hollywood trivia. It isnt my field. I aint never seen Lindz parent trap or most other work of hers either. Please know, i am not mocking u, poking fun, or making jokes. I was sloppy and I dont worship celebs. If u will show me 10% of the charity/empathy u have shown Ms. Lohan, I will forever be in your debt and promise I will NEVER blast off in media about how fucking brilliant you were in a movie you were apparently never end. My shame could over-fill the Grand Canyon. I was dx: bipolar II in 1995….does that help? shhhees…LOSING!!!

  9. LIFE IS FUNNIEST... says – reply to this


    ..When your trying really hard to be serious. Charlie, please… Dont hate me ..because im baboon-aful. xoxoxox.

  10. I better stop now. says – reply to this


    another error…..a movie you apparently were never end…..how about…movie you were never IN. I can barely see my screen. Ill stop chatting at ya ce/cs. I feel it is in both of our best interest. Please be calm; I am surrounded by Dr's.

  11. mike says – reply to this


    That interview was absolutely disgusting, he, for lack of a better word, was a jackass, and she kept composure throughout the entire interview. I was never really much a fan of David Letterman, but after that, I can say, that I cannot stand him. I will never watch his show again, regardless of the guest, and I look forward to when he is finally cancelled. Had I been in the position Lindsay was in, I would have looked at him and suggested perhaps he stop discussing her wrong doings and maybe talk about the fifty women that he cheated on his wife with. Those who live in glass houses …

  12. T'was Exploitation, t says – reply to this


    Re: mike[/re] Letterman is desperate. Never thought he was that funny, with the exception of catching him having The Donald on, who was pumping for Romney (remember him?) at the time, the million dollar offer for Mr. Presidents birth records (again?) …so The Ducky talks about what horrible people/policy China has, Romney was going to ball-beat China into shape. See. and then as Ducky starts to plug his tie/shirts he peddles via Macys..Dave picks up a tie…and says…and these are made in…ah…China. whoop'd duckies tail. Much needed. Letterman showed brilliance that night for framing a hypocrit who walked into it. But, Lindsay is ILL. He EXPLOITED her by even having her on the show. I dont think he abused her, but I came in late on the interview. Linds was sharp,,playful and her star-spark gift was evident. He exploited a mentally ill young woman in a manic phase (Brazil). He is sick himself at how he whores his humanity for paychecks/fame HE DOES NOT NEED. Linds was trying to WORK, Dave was trying to skate on the disabilities of a child. karma will get him. Expect cancer.

  13. 13

    Going to Coachella before rehab? Hope she survives the weekend.

  14. 14

    T'was Exploitation. She is not a child, she is 26-years-old. Dave cares about her and was honest, which is more than I can say for the "parents," in her life. It's all the people that have kissed her butt while she was committing crime after crime who have enabled her.

  15. I USE 2 BELIEVE says – reply to this


    Re: purplesprings – totally cool pic w/ur post. I use to believe that Lilo was an adult and all this crap was nothing more than a choice. However, brazil, and the behaviors she has been repeating over and over seem to more than suggest that Linds has some BIG Obsessive/compulsive isssues going on. Shes been on street drugs and MD prescribed meds since she was a teen, so I actually dont think Lindsay HAS reached adulthood yet. She has the mind of a highly indulged spoiled brat who never was taught or expected to make her own life decisions and take responsibilty for her own course through life and the consequences that come from ones own choices. That lush-junkie of a mother of hers was Lindsays manager for most her life. I think there was a lot of Dina telling Lindsay, "dont worry, I'll manage it" going on. I am not saying that should excuse linds choices and the mess shes in. My point is that shes mentally/emotionally about 14 yrs old and she genuinely is lacking in adult thinking skills and independant living abilities. The kid is a mental mess.

  16. OOOPS, Forgot... says – reply to this


    I didnt think Letterman was abusive in the interview itself, but I didnt see the whole thing. What I saw -I think went well for all. My point wasnt what he said/did during the show. It was about his choice to have a long-term drug addict and social disaster on his show at all. Her appearance on letterman was suppose to be so LL could plug a comedy she had a cameo in. Well, about a week or so before this non-essential interview Linds is photographed wasted out of her goard sitting under a table in filth in Brazil at an alleged public appearance for a chothes manufacture..? Then, shes up at 3:30 am on april2 tweeking and tweeting shes preggers AND SHE CANT FIGURE OUT WHY PEOPLE DIDNT THINK IT WAS FUNNY. So, my point is that it was clearly established week(s) before she went on letterman that she was fliippin Bozo. Really "mental". My issue isnt how dave treated her while she was on the show…indeed, i thought he was kind, given all the "dirt" on her that he had to work with. My issues is WHY did he choose to have Linds on at all when she was really spinning out in public at the time. It makes no sense at all that he had her on during a very public coo-coo phase of hers…just to promote Scary Movie 5. THAT is what I meant by he exploited her…not so much DURING the show, but to ask her on a comedy talk show when shes flagrantly "mental" …well, thats not NICE.

  17. I hope im clear says – reply to this


    I dont see the other post i sent in. I just want to make it clear to ^ that I thought Dave was kind and did not exploit linds DURING the actual interview. I think his choice to have her on when she was very publically "losing it" a week-ish before she was to go on, THAT CHOICE was totally selfish and was based on nothing but Daves own carreer goals and wished for accomplishments. It wasnt neccesary to take the risk she'd show up shit-faced and manic. It wasnt a kind choice to put her on the show in the first place. Thats all Im saying.

  18. @v@ says – reply to this


    People know what Dave Letterman does, for big money. With all of her press the last few years, and the questions on everyone's lips, he's not going to sit there and ask her what she had for breakfast. Even Lindsay knows how media works. If you want soft lob questions, you have to be living a private and unknown existence.

  19. 19

    I better stop now ……… OMG LMAO ! Hillbilly You are a Trip !

  20. grandma says – reply to this


    first of all I think david letterman is a jerk and he is not funny at all he stinks I saw LIndsay Lohan and she looked beautiful she is a talented actress and didn"t deserve the remarks jew boy said he also was rude to another actor and made fun of him this actor played johney cash in a movie I think dave is just jealous because he stinks at being funny he laughs at his own remarks