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If there’s one thing we can count on with Lindsay Lohan it is that she will be late! And the trouble-loving redhead didn’t let us down last night as … Read more…

11 comments to “Lindsay Lohan Hasn’t Changed! She Was Way LATE To Scary Movie 5 Premiere!”

  1. 1

    And there is your final f*ck you Scary Movie 5. You don't tell Lindsay what to do. How dare you. If anyone in Hollywood hires her again, they are seriously handicapped.

  2. 2

    She couldn't even fix her hair? She has to be the most ungrateful person on this planet.

  3. 3

    she treats everyone and everything so selfishly. seriously she is the most unprofessional idiot and yet people keep giving her chances. What a completely stupid, selfish bitch. i hope she screws up her rehab (which I'm sure she will) and gets thrown into jail for at least 6 months. she is a total loser idiot.

  4. 4

    But little LiLo just can’t seem to tell time be punctual, and she ended up arriving 30 minutes after the red carpet was scheduled to close!

    That is, as usual, a LIE.
    She came in 30 minutes BEFORE the red carpet was supposed to close.
    She was late, yes.

  5. 5

    😈The Passion of the Lohan😇

  6. Jess says – reply to this


    God she looks horrible. She has money, why can't she retake the time to get decent clothes, brush we hair, and eat some damn food. She just looks so groos

  7. 7

    Perez why don't you give us the reason she was late ? I mean you are reporting where is the whole story ? Do any of the other actors you follow show up late ? Come now your precious "Madonna" shows up late for her own show at $400 A POP tickets but yet you fall all over her with praise ? Such a Shame

  8. IT WAS CREEPY says – reply to this


    NO complaint on you for this one Perez. New habits take time to hold. –Whats CREEPY about this is E reports people were holding up "TEAM LINDSAY" signs. TEAM LINDSAY is not a FAN base; IT IS HER CYBER-BULLYING TEAM! That couldnt be clearer, on the E boards Linds plays with the TEAM LINDSAY "thing" , openly states shes team lindsay and then goes on to cyber-bully people and also talk to her own post (on E)…of course she didnt stop to talk to her "fans" there were no real fans, just people paid 20 bucks to hold a sign that they had NO IDEA of what it meant. Charlie knows what it meant and im surprised he didnt turn stark white and shit his pants. TEAM LINDSAY IS OPENLY A CYBER -BULLY TEAM. U made all those signs just for the Pioneer Pals….wow, girlie, you are out there. Stay PEACEFUL and go to rehab. Linds, u just publically flaunted that u r a CYBER-BULLY at a comedy premeire. Wow, girlie, think that one THROUGH, ok? U r a knucklehead, pot pies. but, i stilll care.

  9. Kinda weird says – reply to this


    anyone else notice the irony that Lindsay last act as an actress is going to a redcarpet for a cameo appearance? I mean, thats just kinda ironic she closes her career by going to a premeire? oh well. This ties up her Hollywood stuff. Canyons is kinda a dust magnet, or is that maggot…. Whateever. Point being Hollywood has officially shut the door on promoting Lindsay as an "actress". Well, she is tenacious. If she fights even half as hard for her new life, as she did trying to fabricate and self-promote her old one, she will do great in rehab. Good luck, linds. hope ur health gets star treatment, from YOU.

  10. HI TAYLOR! says – reply to this


    Hi taylor, I hope this help explain to you why u got such a sincere cyber-slam the other day for your post saying I know nothing about her, and then you boldy stated that YES!! You were definatley TEAM LINDSAY. That is a bold statement which infers CRIMINOLOGY. TEAM LINDSAY is NOT a fan base, they do not HELP Linds get better in her life, they are her crappy druggie friends -who have, for years, engaged in really disturbing things to manipulate media to make it APPEAR that Lindsay is popular and in demand as an entertainer. You had NO idea what you were saying when you took to open media and proudly announced you were Team Lindsay. You are not team Lindsay. You are a nice, young, naive, person, who obviously doesnt want Linds to die or end up being a junkie with 3 others like her in a Motel 6, or maybe thats 8, anyway, sleezy motel-living, turning tricks for generic vodka and roll-ur-own smokes, and not a toothbrush within a quarter-mile raduis. Oh, dear innocent child. TEAM LINDSAY does NOT seek to prevent that junkie-ho life for Lindsay, like we do. Team Lindsay is utterly INDIFFERENT to the documented FACTS, that TEAM LINDSAY is taking her to junkie-ho-row. THAT, Taylor, iz why yo's dun got u a cyber-whoopin'. Do you understand now? Pals Advise: Burn the T-shirt, NOW! team lindsay is NOT a good thing FOR linds, ok?

  11. Good thing says – reply to this


    Im glad there was no scene there. Pioneer Pals does not believe in ATTEMPTS AT REVOLUTION by protesting a "glamourous" social event that is flush with innocent people and business persons that are OBLIVIOUS, ignorant to the issues they are unknowingly involved in. Lindsay, Pioneer Pals do NOT DEMONSTRATE our dissatisfaction in life by showing up at a party with signs against you, screaming in public, "we'll get you!!!" Pioneer Pals seeks a gentler, kinder form of Revolution, we write discreetly, sometimes in public, sometimes to others. Then, in order to set precedence, we whisper, to our President, another do-gooder from Hawaii, and we dont tell HIM what to do, we show him the signs we've collected, and ASK, what do you think we should do? Then we listen, we study, we contemplate, and then, as individuals with their specific heart-felt goals; we THEN decided what we are going to do, next. Being organized and kind can get u invited onto the WHITE carpet, you know. Its an EASIER life linds, and you ARE bright. Try to spark that helpful asset up –right about now would be good. It will HELP YOU to try think by yourself, too.