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Drake Re-Ignites His Feud With Chris Brown AGAIN! Read The Latest Shade HERE!

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drake vs chris brown

Here we go again!

The never-ending feud between Drake and Chris Brown has just had a HELLUVA lot more fuel thrown on that fire!

Following reports that the Fine China singer's bodyguard pressed charges against the rapper for inciting the W.I.P. nightclub blow-out that is STILL being hashed out in the courtroom, Drizzy sat down for an interview with Elliott Wilson on his Keep It Thoro internet radio show, and once again let his rival for Rihanna's love have it…well, SORT OF, anyway!

While he maintained that he wants the media to stop reporting on the pair's issues, as it only exacerbates them, Drake took the opportunity to also take some pretty harsh digs!

He explained:

"Don't ask me shit about that man when I'm up there, and leave that man alone. Stop preying on his insecurities. His insecurities are the fact that I make better music than him, that I'm more popping than him and that at one point in life the woman that he loves fell into my lap. I did what a real n-gga would do and treated her with respect, so she's not up there talking down on me. And all those things combined create an individual that comes up to your radio station and is just gonna do dumb shit. But it shouldn't be about tearing that man down, it shouldn't be about wanting to see me and him tear each other down. We have an issue and it's either gonna drag out or maybe in ten years we'll laugh about it over drinks. Just let us solve that sh-t."

To which Breezy seemingly responded via Twitter with:

Good LORD. It just NEVER stops.

And while we appreciate that Drake wants to work out his problems with Chris privately, was it really necessary to include that sentiment among a bunch of other insults?

That's not exactly "solving sh-t," is it? It's doing exactly what you claim to want to end!

Just saying!

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21 comments to “Drake Re-Ignites His Feud With Chris Brown AGAIN! Read The Latest Shade HERE!”

  1. niki says – reply to this


    Thugs. But Chris Brown deserves all the shade thrown his way.

  2. Akhil says – reply to this


    lol! Nice work Drake ! Thumbsup. Drake is a better person than Brown

  3. kate says – reply to this


    I still cant get over the fact that drake was on degrassi playing a kid in a wheel chair, every time he tries to act gangster thats all I can think about! Chris brown is a POS woman beating A hole

  4. Melody says – reply to this


    Drake is a cock sucker of lil Wayne. Nobody in there right mind even wants Drake ulgy face in theirs. Thats why Rihanna dumped his ass. I love me some sexy ass Chris. Drake wants to take talk shit all the time. Leave the bullshit behind.

  5. 5

    Right! He wants to work it out privately but felt the needs to say "this, that and this" about Chris brown… Chris brown is not worth all this energy. It's almost like he's obsessed with CB as much as he is with Rihanna….

  6. serge richard mamss says – reply to this


    Drake is 25 or 26 year old but his juvenile attitude like as sombody who not honest is vis a vis of Rihanna.He says last summer in New york Club on that i repeat here" I FUCKING THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, DEEL IT " this is disrespect vis a vis of Rihanna and now he say bij one Radio intervieuw that that RIHANNA FEEL INTO HIS LAP , Drake is a jealous man,with a menthal illness Chris is 23 year old en Chris has hora and Charisma at his young age because not everyone can having charisma,Chris is elegant man,beautiful and talented,what Drake has notting,Chris Brown is charmant from ladies and Drake notting.I think that Drake has serious probleem with he self,jealous,arrogant man with one vilain attitude, why Drake since has no serious girlfriend, i ask Drake that, his laste girlfriend was a dancer of Club and now nobody, no girl for him , notting.
    Drake says he makes better music than Chris but in America no everyone loves Drake's music,Christ is young and talented musician,Chris rap,makes r&b and pop music,also a great dancer and one thing,Chris brown has a good future in music industrie, he is only 23 .
    Drake is a bastard man not honest and at each intervieuw uses bad words against Rihanna and Chris.he is simply a sick man who suffer from jealousy, i ask Drake STOP your bestiale atitude and no more about chris be serious with you self, let chris and rihanna in peace !

  7. serge richard mamss says – reply to this



  8. @v@ says – reply to this


    Drake's tunes aren't any better than Browns. They're just different. Pointing at Brown's issues only serves to hilight whatever issues Drake has, and everybody has them. Brown deserves the time and opportunity to work through his without a guy getting all high and mighty. Acting high and mighty is an issue as well, imo. You don't have to look in a mirror.

  9. 9

    Re: serge richard mamss – GUURRLLL, you is CRAZY. I don't even think you're from America which is why your post is as absurd as it is lol so its fine.

  10. 10

    likely when she gets dumped again shell run back to him and hell do her again…

  11. Lichelle says – reply to this


    I like drake, hate his music. Hate Chris brown.. love his music.

  12. 12

    The most shocking revelation out of all of this… That disgusting, ignorant, racist, woman-beating, douche (Chris Brown0 can spell "LOL" —- who knew?????

  13. 13

    Re: Melody – THERE refers to a place. THEIR refers to a person. Duh.

  14. ChaCha says – reply to this


    Re: michaelz – everyone deserves a second chance so does Chris.

  15. 15

    …pay per view. octogon. street fight..anything goes… winner takes all…….

  16. Drea says – reply to this


    More shocking revelation is that you can read and use a computer. That was stupid response (Spell LOL) Ignorant

  17. 17

    hah stfu drake. and perez your a hypocrite cause you do the exact same thing. both desperate for the lime light talented artists get by just being them selves. talking about bs that happened so long ago. cb for life

  18. msjustsaying says – reply to this


    All Drake saying here is that he do not want to fight with Chris (who beat the hell out of Rihanna) and he wants to move on. Chris is really the twisted sicko. Drake just got pulled in trying to comfort Rihanna after the sicko beat her. Drake has become the victim of circumstance. Chris is just using Rihanna to get back on top, because of his actions in 2009, he has become damaged goods. I was really happy in the beginning for the two singers reunion , but watching Chris and listening to what he is saying, is self-evident Rihanna should have moved on with Matt Kemp or even Drake. Chris do love Rihanna like she deserves

  19. A says – reply to this


    Re: michaelzRe: msjustsaying – I some how believe he is trying to live off her popularity

  20. Antoinette says – reply to this


    Re: Melody – I hope Chris really loves Rihanna. Drake is definately an ASSWIPE for say what he did. I definately did not know Chris was refering to Darkes little "TOT" by him tresponding, he shed more than light on the situation.As Rihanna said "its gonna take more than that" hush Drake but you can approach a woman who obviously loves s** to settle for a "TOT"

  21. Francis says – reply to this


    Re: A – Chris Brown don't need popularity he good &' got enough money his own clothing line he Gucci . You fucking dum ass fuck like get up shit together ___- &' then talk .