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Charlie Sheen's Rehab Advice For Lindsay Lohan! Quote Of The Day!

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lindsay lohan qotd

"It's not my journey, you know. I don't believe in rehab. I believe in detox, not rehab. But she'll be all right. Bring a book, ’cause those places suck."

- Charlie Sheen, on his advice for Lindsay Lohan while she's in rehab for 90 days, to E!

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25 comments to “Charlie Sheen's Rehab Advice For Lindsay Lohan! Quote Of The Day!”

  1. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    This HoHan broad has been to re-hab so many times, that, the $$$ she has spent on it, she coulda bought her own African nation. Truly disgusting ……………tough love !. A good smack across her fugly bo-toxed face, and 12 months in a 'real' prison, where she will be forced to become the girlfriend to some 300 lb hairy black lesbian, and that weill set her straight ! Really - enuff ! She has had toooo many chances ……………………….

  2. Sharon says – reply to this


    Here is a man who is probably still doing cocaine and having sex with prostitutes. Maybe his approach to rehab and recovery is not the best advice for our Lindsay.

  3. REHAB VS RECOVERY says – reply to this


    Charlies sure to catch hell for this from people who swear by 12 step programs. While 12 step programs help millions, they arent for everyone. RECOVERY is NOT the same thing as A Rehab-the actual business and rote program. Charlie makes it clear he believes recovery is a personal journey. Rehabs are for drunks and junkies and rehab goal is abstience from substances. People with serious medical issues are not a snuggly/comfy fit in a Rehab program that does not take into great considerations the true issues and challenged of what a psych patient actually needs. I dont think Charlie was trying to say theres nothing wrong w/Lindz. There is a difference between A 12 step Rehab Program and Personal RECOVERY. Like Charleselito dun said,…in so many words… its a personal journey. The 12 step programs arent for everyone and can totally screw-up a medical patients head. Good luck, linds.

  4. linds says – reply to this


    saw one story on e today. Glad ur still in peaceful place and w/ ur sibs. Those e boards r nasty. We havent been writing there, but dont assume we wont if u need a heads-up about something. Linds, Pioneer Pals is still very concerned about u receiving appropriate medical treatment. However, our days of playing Pioneer Pals vs. Team Lindsay cyber-wars is winding down. We have gotten out of it what is interesting and useful for us at this time. To continue is to be hurtful to the innocent kids and adults alike — who pop onto these sites to read about Lindsay Lohan and then they see these posters called Team Lindsay that are viscious, mean, rude and disturbing. While I personally do care very much about ur health, i can not participate in games that are shitty in nature, & are disturbing& harmful to kids that see the very nasty post & ethnic slurs towards strangers. We can NOT encourage cyber-bullying & its perversions. We arent going away, but we do NOT talk with NASTY AND CRUEL. We havent written on E in 3 or 4, days. You are fighting against an enemy that does not exist in the real world. The war is in ur head, honey. Lindsay, what is it you really WANT in this cyber-war TL vs PP? WHAT IS IT that you and TL ARE FIGHTING FOR? why are you and me fighting at all?

  5. @linds/2Linds, says – reply to this


    hey pot pies. Just saw my post pop up and the title says "Linds ..says" which kinda looks like its you putting in the comment…and I just want u to know I never imposter u or anyone real, so those icky post on e that say they come from cs is nothing any Pioneer Pals would ever do. It gets so nasty Linds. You could help us solve these types of problems kids are having with cyber-bullying issues. Not just the kids that get cyber-bullied, but those nice kids who have a secret life where they"re really pricks and bitches to strangers in cyber-space. Kids bully because they were bullied and they learned that bullying DOES WORK to get a lot of people afraid on you. I know people bullied u linds. It hurt you. You know it works… because it was done to you. But honey, its gotten to the point that you are being abusive and hurtful to people who come on these boards because they are real "fans". and they see Team Lindsay stuff, turn away and wonder, "what the fuck was I thinking…that girls a whacked bitch." You, Lindz, are chasing away real "fans". WHY?

  6. to ml says – reply to this


    could u pop over to that alums story? jjf.

  7. Eric says – reply to this


    Drug addiction and alcoholism are really diseases and Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen are good examples of what not to do…If anyone is looking a recovery from this deadly disease I would high recommend visiting . This program changed my life and it can change yours too.

  8. 8

    " Bring a book, ’cause those places suck." yeah thats about right, i would take her 3 months to read A book.

  9. @v@ says – reply to this


    The rehab is just the trade…you know, instead of JAIL, so of course it's not Charlie's deal, unless he was in the position of trying to avoid an orange jumpsuit. The detox thing might be a good point.

  10. thanks, sista says – reply to this


    hey, saw you dropped me off some pot pies over @ E. thanks for not being mean to me. I just want to make sure all those chemicals you got going on mixed w/booze could give you a heart-attack like Whitney Houston. Well, im very happy to hear from you directly. Im so scared for your saftey sometimes. Im so glad ur w/family. Love cant do it all, but it sure as shit helps. Thanks for the pot pies, i'll sleep with a nice full warm belly tonight. Luv u boo-boo.

  11. ooopsie! says – reply to this


    me again. That one part didnt read right. I meant I want to be sure you get the right medical treatment so the chemicals/booze dont give u heart attack like it did Whitney. I thought it read weird when i saw it come up. Ok, thats all. peace..peace…peace.

  12. 12

    Lindsay You can do this . Others have and you are just as Strong .
    Rooting for you LL !

  13. hi taylor says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTfair – Hi Taylor, i was wondering where u were yesterday. Nice post to lindsay. Its so nice linds and her sibs got through coachelle weekend with no troubles. Well, just wanted to say hi.

  14. BUST MY BRITCHES! says – reply to this


    just saw a pic of pot pies and some dude at coachelle. Pics only like a sq 1" on phone screen. ..Uh, pp, I think its ur bro and i could be wrong, but on my phone, looks like that dude thats with you is wearing an ALOHAhaha shirt! Damn, I got to go town tommorow and see this pic blown up. But I cant wait till then…so tell me, pot pies, IS that an Aloha shirt on ur brah? …and….ooooo…does it have little F-Us inside the flowers??? FOR ME? ….omg……now THAT, lindsay….that..would be funny! Aloha, either way.

  15. TAYLORTFAIR says – reply to this


    Re: hi taylor – You DA BEST !

  16. SHARED GOALS! says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTFAIR[/re] hi taylor. See, when one gets old, one can discover that focusing on shared goals is much more effective at reaching that goal than bickering amongst yourself as who has the best reasoning that goal. Cooperation and communications start the minute someone is willing. Aallllooooohhhhhaaaaa! :)

  17. Shared Goals says – reply to this


    Re: SHARED GOALS! – Hi Jjk So True your words are ! I would be your co-worker on goals any day ….. Communicating with someone as yourself is a Pleasure ! Aloha Sweetness

  18. can u clarify? says – reply to this


    Re: Shared Goals – am a little thrown by the inclusion of the initials jjk in ur post. I first assumed this message to moi was from my cybrah/sista Taylor.. however…the inclusion of jjk is a little close to jjf which is sorta a code thing going on w/me and some secret pals. Further, it doesnt appear to be a key slip since k is on the otherside of the keyboard, sorta-speak. U do not have to identify urself, but im a little thrown by what the intention of ur inclusion of jjk in your post is in reference to. anyway, whomever shared their enthusiasm for cooperation and mutual respect for individual veiwpoints in accomplishing shared goals….thank you…thank you… .. .. .. come over to the other side … come over to the other side l i n d s a y.

  19. Taylor, let me have it says – reply to this


    …please taylor… I have come to believe it must be u, but lindsay shouldnt be the only person who gets to indulge in fantasies that are created via sloppy journalism on the internet. since the jjk initals have peeked my mystery vibes ..im sitting here thinking of the few people who might still remember my connection to jjf…. Well… Just let me have my own internet fantasies for, yea, 12 hours K? If u dont shatter my fantasies, by telling me the truth, i can near-convince myself that the cooperation message is actually something some people i admire think was "well-said" and are in actual agreement that parking egos in crisis is ..really fine idea. So anyway, …i want to sit here and believe it was elitoestavez that likes my message… You see, taylor, if he dont like what ive been saying of late… ??? ..well, . . I'm in really deep shit.

  20. CHARLIE WORSHIPS JJF!! says – reply to this


    yea, my man, saw the stuff, think ur brilliant. Anytime ur in LA drop in, i'll set you up in my guesthouse and…hey, you want to be head-writer on Anger Management? ..beautiful woman, I am begging you, just give me a chance. …Anything u want, need, or desire..I am there for you. Ok, jjf….just know, The ElitoEstavez adores you, always. Forever. More than you'll ever know. Swear to God on a stack of bibles that would reach past Europa. You're totally my babe. Forever. Always. I love YOU jjf…. beg to God each night, through tears, you will, someday, too…. Love, Charlie. - - - - (wow, linds, i can totally see how you can get into this stuff!) love to all. — *jjf*

  21. to taylor, says – reply to this


    never said i waz purfict.

  22. 22

    Re: can u clarify? – Iam sorry Hillbilly I thought it was how you sign your post.
    It is me Taylor I was looking for a way to make sure I address you I put jjk thinking it was jjf
    I just thought that was the way you signed your post

  23. yet another try says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTfair – Hi Taylor, i wrote a long answer to you about Hillbilly name, but it didnt come up. Hillybilly is what Lindsay calls me. It is rude and a cultural slur against people who are ignorant. It doesnt hurt my feelings but its like calling some a "N-word" or the like and it is not appropriate in social dialog. JJF is fine. It stands for jumping jack flash, like the movie where Whoopie Goldberg got involved in a cyber relationship w/someone who was involved in some bad conspiracy thing. Well, thats what I remeber. That came from Linds calling me Jack, which is a story u can miss for now. So, JJF, it is. Aloha.

  24. TayorTfair says – reply to this


    Re: yet another try – jjf is it I am so sorry for the misunderstanding It will not happen again .

  25. NO HARM/NO FOUL says – reply to this


    Re: TayorTfair – Yo! Nice to see ya today. No need for apologigies…it was a MISTAKE. Also, i am cool with correcting someone twice. When u explain something to someone three times however, and they still dont get it… well,.. thats when I fire or leave the problem. It is wonderful to meet and work out misunderstandings w/you Taylor. I am not strick task-master. Im just a teacher who cares about learning. U are soooo A++++ with me. Boo-boos and all.