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Selena Gomez Makes Us Come And Get It At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards With A So-So Performance!

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Selena Gomez is serious about letting Justin Bieber know what he's missing!

Gurl put the seksi into seksilicious with her MTV Movie Awards performance! She's like the Bombay princess we've always dreamed about!

Her performance could have been even HAWT-er - true, she's not the best at live vocals - but we're still giving her a thumbs up for being such a Bollywood babe.

Ch-ch-check out the video (above) to see the debut of Come And Get It!

Well, what are you waiting for, Biebs?

P.S. Kim Kardashian was a super cute preggerz presenter!

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178 comments to “Selena Gomez Makes Us Come And Get It At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards With A So-So Performance!”

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  1. Mark says – reply to this


    I give her some mad probs for singing live, dancing and keeping it sexy….but this just made me want to give that much more props to performers like Beyonce who do this without skipping a beat and staying in tune…wow!!!

  2. music says – reply to this


    I respect the fact that she chose not to lip sync while dancing, but she CAN'T sing!!! There's so many aspiring singers out there who never make it because they don't know the right people, they aren't attractive, etc. It's a damn shame.

  3. musicjunkie1993 says – reply to this


    Well, um…she looked nice. But singing is REALLY not this girl's thing. It's like she forces herself to sing well. How do I put this without sounding mean? Her so-called vocals are not strong. Oh well, at least she looks nice. I have to give her that credit.

  4. Norrel says – reply to this


    Crap Singing :(

  5. BWL says – reply to this


    I thought she did amazing as she did in Charlotte last time she was there and her live vocals are much better than Taylor Swifts no hate

  6. 6

    i love this song but this performance was not that good, first of all what is with her outfit it looks like a curtain!!! also her hair was all over her face, bad hair style choice. also the dance routine was not that intense for her to be so breathless, lit looked like a yoga routine. YAWN!!

  7. Christy says – reply to this


    Honestly, people give Beyonce so much crap and she can sing her butt off in tune while dancing at high energy. I kept waiting for the girl to start singing well, but her voice is so weak. It's disappointing because I do think she has good songs, she just can't sing well to do them justice.

  8. Sweetcheryl says – reply to this


    I think she did great !! The song is amazing I can tell she was very nervous tho and maybe that's why it's like the best one ever. But I'm very proud of her. And I know it's her first performance singing and at the same time dancing so I think it's a great start. I def give her mad props because its live and she did a great job dancing.

  9. 9

    99% of Junior High and High School talent shows are 10x better. It just keeps getting worse….this poor generation is being hoodwinked bigtime.

  10. hayley says – reply to this


    this was so bad…like I feel really bad for her, because I was rooting for her, but she is not meant to be a singer/performer in this way. She should stick to acting; This was so embarassing..she cannot sing at all, and she obviously worked hard and had the dance moves down, but she doesnt look good dancing, she just looks awkward, and like a 12 year old white girl..its really awful..like I'm saying this in a nice way, not a trying to be funny/mean way…It was just terrible.

  11. Joel says – reply to this


    she sounds so awful

  12. Nina says – reply to this


    wow… her singing is really bad :S

  13. daniela says – reply to this


    everyone knows she cant sing live. I'm not surprised

  14. pp says – reply to this


    Horrible vocals

  15. David says – reply to this


    I think she was lip syncing and live for different parts. She is not Britney and will never be. Back in Britney's prime she had something very few of the 'stars' have these days have. This girl has no stage presence, the background dancers were more interesting.

  16. 16

    i thought she sounded good, especially for the amount of movement she was doing.

    I thought this performance was good, especially for selena.
    she has stepped up her game.

  17. olieira says – reply to this



    I'm sure you didnt see taylor live. I saw her 11 times now and she is really good. I saw Selena 3 and she's not good but she isnt that bad

  18. rb says – reply to this


    I sure she was nerves for her first 2013 hit single. She hasn't sung on stage in a while. I think she did put on one hell of a show. As for her being serious about letting JB know what he's missing; that is questionable. No one knows their personal relationship, but them!

  19. kat says – reply to this


    Re: Christy – completely AGREE!!! Beyonce is probably the only female out there who can sing AND dance and sound AMAZING!!!!! Selena wouldn't be where she is if it wasn't for Disney or Justin Bieber

  20. ashley says – reply to this


    she is phenomenal. maybe not the best but seriously she is incredible! i LOOOVVEEE this song, great comeback to music! and yay shes finally dancing!!!

  21. whoever says – reply to this


    She looked awful, she sounded awful, and she added just a touch of bizarre racial stereotyping to make the whole performance ridiculous. She's a bit of a joke.

  22. victoria says – reply to this



  23. melanie says – reply to this


    She should stick to acting. Demi= good at singing. Selena = good at acting. AWFUL

  24. Luna says – reply to this


    I think that her vocals weren't strong because of the brisk-bollywood-movements she was doing. I think if she kept the performance a little bit more simple, it would have been great along with her vocals. She can and HAS to make a comeback of this performance because I know she can do so much better.

  25. SK says – reply to this


    It is not Bollywood, it is Arabic!

  26. Bryanbelieve says – reply to this


    Woow from all this comments I really feel bad for alot of people that waste their time hating on selena gomez. I honesty like what she did to be her first time preforming that way. THE MORE YOU GUYS HATE, this girl will def be successful idk if its with singing or acting this she will grow big her career is morning forward and that's what matter. And for of you beliebers stop hating on her and waste your energy in your own "idol" it's a shame so much hate ??? She is rich she is famous she can dance she can sing she act and what about you ?? Writing a comment of hate on a blog where is that gonna get you ??? No where have a nice nite !!! Love this single she's amazing gorgeous super sexy she will grow big !! Congrats selena

  27. SK says – reply to this


    It was Arabic, definitely not Bollywood. She was not dresses like a Bollywood person, nor was the song Bollywood. All Arabic.

  28. Jassi says – reply to this


    This is NOT Bollywood at all!! It's just a sensual excuse for Bollywood dancing. I felt offended that she used my culture as an entertainment tool. And her singing wasn't that great. I'm usually a fan on Selena, but this was just awful!

  29. caroline says – reply to this


    damn she sucks singing on live.

  30. David says – reply to this


    Didn't u guys hear? She used a different mike (her first time using I I believe) plus it's her first time singing this live. Just wait fr radio Disney awards, she's going to sound AMAZING!!!

  31. Shadab says – reply to this


    I think she did a really good job! Her hair was a bit messy but so is beyonce's and I love her performances as well.

  32. Lindsaybug says – reply to this


    Re: David – yes !! i found out the other day i was shocked its like her first time actually doing all this new things i actually though she did great it was a great start actially but people hate so much !!! This girl will shine very bright trust me

  33. SK says – reply to this


    Re: Jassi – it is offence right? The song, her outfit or the song were not bollywood!

  34. Annie says – reply to this


    Re: kat – you know what, she is not a great singer, but at least she tried, she doesnt need justin or disney stuff to make her popular, i feel ashame of those of you just sitting there and compare this singer with that singer, it doesnt make any different, they have their own style people. at least she is not sitting there writting a song about how awful JB was. but instead of that, she stood up there and shows how brave she is. Bravo selena!

  35. MTVMovieWaterh says – reply to this


    I thought she did a great job!!!

  36. mkm says – reply to this


    For her first live singing/dancing it wasn't her best but she hasn't performed live like that in well over a year so cut her some slack. You could tell she was nervous, give her some time and she will get it down. She hasn't been dancing all that long either. I'm not suprised she was a little freaked, she has had a lot of pressure put on her and she puts alot of pressure on herself. When she tours she will relax and have fun with it.

  37. eryka says – reply to this


    epic fail! lol

  38. musicjunkie1993 says – reply to this


    Re: Bryanbelieve – dude people are entitled to their opinion. we're just stating the obvious. this girl cannot sing. it's not the fact that we hate her, i don't, but singing is not for her. we're just stating the truth.

  39. wtf says – reply to this


    awful performance. i am like. wtf. why the fuck this girl is forcing to be a singer! she can't sing! i don't hate her but i just don't get it!! it looks embarassing.. i think she is a good actress, and seems to be a good person, but she just needs to stop singing!!!

  40. Kayla says – reply to this


    Hi I just want to comment to every single person who says she's awful live. If you would go on youtube and type in Selena's UNICEF 2013 concert, she has improved so much in singing. To people who said she looks awful and to the person who says she can't dance well suck my left nut. And to Perez, if you make another story about Selena that has nothing to do with Justin I will literally GO HAM. Justin and Selena broke up there done, stop mentioning them in the same sentence.

  41. lol says – reply to this


    Selena Gomez is the reason why we have a mute button on TV remotes

  42. Donna says – reply to this


    Amazing job!! Ignore the haters that obviously couldn't do what you did themselves.

  43. Anna says – reply to this


    Who even let her on stage?

  44. ronni says – reply to this


    shes trying to hard to not try to hard as in shes trying to be sexy without being "2 sexy" enough to turn away her young audience the song was to slow n not high enough tempo. the outfit was to long n not short n enough and she wants to b another britney but she doesnt have the ummp the it the stage presence. shes trynna to break away from her image without lossing her MONEY.. i mean even her spring breakers character wasnt anything gaw dropping.. its safe in a crazy movie if this girls trying to grow up..just grow up lol.. lil girls in the talent shows have more than her shes trying to prove to ppl what shes not shes shoudld of lip sync majority of it and danced harder or chose another up beat song. she didnt look liek she was having fun or enjoying it she looked nervous britney had a smile and enjoyed performing back in her prime same with beyonce there having fun aswell as doing what they gotta do. there connecting with the audience selena looked liked she didnt wanna miss a move. even miley dances better has wayyyyyyyyyy more sas n stage presence did not she her i can tbe tamed lived.. crazy good . but hugs selena luv u girl even in spring breakers

  45. MTV Viewer says – reply to this


    hahaha don't even talk about dancing and singing. she can't sing without dancing either.

  46. mika says – reply to this


    Re: lol – hahaha very funny not that joke is old, go get a life haters like you make my babe Selena Gomez famous, she hasn't performed in over a year i bet she was pretty nervous, watch later throughout the year she will bomb those live performances she did a good job, you're just jealous.

  47. DR says – reply to this


    I thought her performance was ok, she does have a lot to improve on but overall it wasn't bad. However, I was offended by Selena's costume choice. It is one thing using influences from a culture but she completely over did it. That was cultural appropriation and nothing else!

  48. DR says – reply to this


    Re: SK – Actually it is Indian but there is an obvious overlap between the culture. So, you are not completely wrong but the dance moves were definitely Indian!

  49. Paisley says – reply to this


    Oh come on guys!! that really wasnt that bad! I actually thought it was awesome!

  50. nel says – reply to this


    dont sing , stick to majic

  51. Anne says – reply to this


    1. her dancers look like they're dressed in native attire…which makes me think she needs a lesson regarding the difference between first nation indians and indian bollywood…2.racial stereotyping 3. OFFENSIVE!

  52. Marcos says – reply to this


    For the people that are hating on her, you guys are just jealous because she is a famous successful person unlike you guys who judge people just for fun… At least she didn't lip sync like beyonce while singing for the president. I'm proud of her…..

  53. Britt says – reply to this


    Terrible!!!! I had to turn the channel until it was over smh too awk

  54. Camila says – reply to this


    You believe what you sing and dance at the same time is easy? not very difficult, especially if you do live to millions.
    She has cast very well for the first time presents Come And Get It
    For you it is very easy to speak, but when he will have been able to do even half of what Selena has done.
    She sings very nice, I know, because when I heard it live and without dancing.
    So better keep their comments.

  55. Luke says – reply to this


    Wow, that was horrible! No wonder she's a good friend of Taylor's. Stick to acting Girl!

  56. danny says – reply to this


    selena is a bad singer, but I loved song and the dancing was really good. just somebody should tell her to lip sync. everybody does it. Britney, jlo…. not a big deal.

  57. lovestruck90 says – reply to this


    BEYONCE……BEYONCE…..BEYONCE……I OFFICIALLY GIVE YOU MAD PROPS!!!! You are definitely deserving of a standing ovation and respect from EVERYONE!! I mean that woman dances her ass of and doesn't miss a single beat, lyric or a step and ppl still give her so much shit, its unbelievable. Also I wanna mention Britney here as well, though she often lip-synched but she put on INCREDIBLE performances. I mean most of her performances are so legendary that they are even talked about till this day. These young girls have to really step up there game. smh.

    Selena's performance was nothing less than cringeworthy. I was so embarrassed for her, it was just horrible. I think she should've just lip-synched it would've been less awful atleast. Yes she could've been nervous but her vocals were not strong. Sorry.

  58. cati says – reply to this


    You guys fail to realize she's never been the strongest singer .. But the girl can sing! Go listen to her do an acoustic song, she KILLS it. So freakin' good. She danced through the WHOLE song for her very first time performing this. She was obviously nervous, and she was out of breath because she's not used to moving, and singing at the same time. I understand A LOT of artist sing and dance and slay every time, but they've been doing it FOREVER.. She's new at this. She did SO good for her first time. Yes the voice sounded off, but whatever.. Like I said, you can't say she isn't a good singer after you go to youtube and search her unicef acoustic concert this jan. she did. KILLED it. I love her dream cover. So beautiful. I know everyone is aloud to an opinion, and not everyone will understand mine.. But it's okay. I love Selena, and I personally think the performance was good! Her dancing, amazing. Can't wait to hear how much she improves on tour.

  59. Danielle says – reply to this


    We are not hating… Its a fact the singing was bad… But hey she tried… And she looked pretty… Of course is unfair to compare this to beyonces performances… Or britneys…

  60. kfjakj says – reply to this


    She does improve every time she gets on stage…she may not be the greatest singer in the world but who realllllly cares?
    It's inspiring to see her continue performing, regardless of the criticism she receives.

  61. fhakjjh says – reply to this


    The fact that people are offended with the cultural aspect of the performance are just trying to find reasons to nag the girl. She wasn't overly sexual and she looked amazing. She is simply just embracing the Indian culture and ther's nothing wrong with that

  62. SK says – reply to this


    Re: DR – The background music was not Indian for sure, the dance was a mixture of Egyptian and Indian. Only her makeup was Indian, not her clothes. I know for a fact, because I do watch Bollywood movies and their performances. And I am Indian too.

  63. Zuba says – reply to this


    Re: Anna – noice

  64. SK says – reply to this


    Re: fhakjjh – actually, her performance was fine to me, I like how she incorporated ARABIC music into her song . And you know what, it is actually offensive to Indians, because the portrayal of the culture is not entirely correct in her performance.

  65. Kari says – reply to this


    I think Selena is a very talented actress, the problem is she's not a singer. Just like Mariah Carey is an amazing singer, yet we've all witnessed what her acting is like. At the end of the day its sad that unknown people who have tremendous talents as singers or actors are not given opportunities, yet we'd buy music from selena or watch glitter

  66. Beauty says – reply to this


    She is perfecttttttt ..she in a news singer …will get better each day :*. Love u sellyyy

  67. muah says – reply to this


    Oh stop ya haters! She can do w/e she want when she want so who cares what you all say! She is beautiful and talented!

  68. Gladys says – reply to this


    She is really trying but she is just a bad singer.

  69. ANON says – reply to this


    What's up with you guys always hating seriously selena might no be the best singer out there but geez give her some credit! She was was dancing while singing!! for some singers they would have chosen to lip sync but she didn't! Geez!! Selena did great in this performance!! I bet some of u guys can't even sing or dance or better yet do both!!

  70. cati says – reply to this


    Everyone is complaining about what she was wearing, and how she danced .. How many other artist have you seen do the EXACT same thing she did, and got absolutely NO hate. And some say she's confused on what culture she was trying to use, uhm maybe she was influenced by all of them.. You guys really go to the end of the earth to find reason to hate on her. She's cute, she's an amazing actress, and her acoustic voice is beautiful. Sure she didn't sound the best during this performance, but she's NEVER danced for the whole song before. She's not the best "pop" singer. I think she should do a acoustic album and let everyone see how beautiful her voice is, because it is.

  71. Kari says – reply to this


    Re: ANON – its not about whether we can sing and dance I can tell you straight up I have a horrible singing voice the point is I'm not out there trying to be a singer with the help of studio magic. Its simple if you can sing well then be a singer if not then don't. Its not about trying either these people are doing a job…either your good at it or not and if your not don't do it…in the real world we wouldn't hire an unqualified person to do a job would we?…so why do we accept this from entertainers who we support with our hard earned money…she an ammmaaazzzing actress and in my opinion could be the next generations Jennifer Aniston if she just focused on her acting

  72. AaAA says – reply to this


    OMG So many bad comments. I don't understand why…I loved her performance..People are mean I am sure like most of yall can't sing.I love her, and stop comparing her with Beyonce. Beyonce has another age and she is at another level. I mean Selena sure knows she is not at that level.But still she can give a good performance and I think she sings better than before.Well haters gonna hate. She is great, i loved Kim introduction and she is right Selena it's a talented girl and all of you are jealous of her success.She is pretty, beautiful has a nice voice she can dance act she is smart.I mean not everybody can't do all of that and be so famous you people are never gonna be at her level.

  73. alaina says – reply to this


    Yeah it was decent… not bad at all.. it's definitely hard to sing and dance at the same time.. the first time is always the hardest.. Im pretty sure they'll make arrangements to slow the dancing down so she can get her vocals out.. and she was nervous and shaky. it was decent good performance

  74. alaina says – reply to this


    Re: Danielle – yeah I agree she is a good singer ( especially acoustic) she was soo nervous,, but it was really good

  75. alaina says – reply to this


    Re: DR – True!! she'll be fine later in the year… everyones 1st performance is always the hardest… and please everyone.. SELENA GOMEZ IS A GOOD SINGER. IAM TELLING YOU………this coming from me (a hater of all things)… im just saying

  76. alaina says – reply to this


    Re: SK – I know right!!!!!!!! this is her first time ever .. she did good

  77. Laiya says – reply to this


    it was not horrible nor was it amazing… it was good for her first performance of this song.. i know alot of artists who have trouble dancing and singing: kelly rowland, I gotta say it uh Justin bieber, chris brown, and i remmeber beyonce was not so great when she first started out.. SELENA YOU DID GOOD FOR YOUR FIRST PERFORMANCE… don't worry!!

  78. zara says – reply to this


    it saddens me to think that there are so many talented singers oht there who don't even have a fraction of the fame selena has, yet they are a million times better at singing that selena will ever be. Don't get me wrong, I like selena as an actir, and yes she's beautiful, but she CANNOT sing live at all. I do listen to her studio tracks but thats just because the songs are catchy and not because there is a great deal of vocal talent involved. This performance was terrible, the dance rountine made selena breathless and she doesn't have a powerful voice to be able to dance, sing and actually sound good.

  79. Mo says – reply to this


    Amazinggggg performance!!!! She nailed the dance the vocals the look everything!!!!! It was an incredible show! Well done selena!!!!!

  80. Bologna09 says – reply to this


    You people are very and simply stupid. "Not" singing is this. I. Love. You. But that's not at all what she does. Imbeciles. What, Katy, Gaga, Kesha, etc., ARE good singers? Simply because they are "loved" by so many? Or because they…White, or at lease have names appealing to your senses? Those artists are SIMPLY loud, and we have NEVER heard them hold their notes for more than 2-3 seconds (3 is stretching it), or run their singing. NEVER. They are loud and nothing more. BUT, SELENA IS VULNERABLE, AND IS THE SELECTED TARGET OF HATE, BIGOTRY, SO EVERYONE MUST JUMP ON TH WAGON OF BIGOTS, AND ALL IS BLISS. Selena CAN sing, and while she's not loud, she has some soul, has feeling, passion, things which come hard to other artists who either focus so frickin much on pleasing the…WOULD BE critics or their very superficial performances.

  81. tia says – reply to this


    Re: Rybellion – psh …what …britney lip synced all her performances…. lol.. selena did good

  82. alex says – reply to this


    I feel bad for her. this is was so awful

  83. nadia says – reply to this


    DUDE!! this is her first time performing while singing and dancing and she hasnt performed a new song in like a year…come on im sure beyonce and etc. had trouble when they first started singing and dancing at the same time. Personally i think she did great and she looked really good. and you must admit she hasnt done as good at live vocals in the past. THIS IS LIKE A TURNING POINT. this was 10 times better cuz shes growing more into her voice.

  84. 84

    She's so awkward and embarrassing to watch. You are no Britney Spears.

  85. nadia says – reply to this


    plus how long has beyonce old ass been performing…PFFFF

  86. 86

    And people think Demi is bad. Haha. Respect to Selena though, she seems really likable. I just think Demi is much better.

  87. kenya says – reply to this


    She did good.. the dancing and overall performance was great!!!!! her voice was shaky (nervous) but she was NOT at all terrible.. For performances like this she needs to lip sing because there is alot goin on… #GOOD JOB

  88. thomas says – reply to this


    And to everyone telling her to stop singing.. what about J-LO?!?!? Selena can actually sing (that is a fact) but J-lo can not at all yet she is still here… Selena gomez you are a good singer and your live performances will get better (don't be so nervous) relax mami. ALL BLESSINGS TO YOU

  89. 89

    "she's not the best at live vocals" you say ? That's was singers are supposed to do! Sing live ! If she can't : get out of the business.

  90. vaibhav says – reply to this


    googest she like india

  91. Canada Guy says – reply to this


    Ok. Goofy hand gestures is NOT dancing, so lets throw out that argument. Her first time on stage? Does this girl not tour the world with her band? Toss that out too. Lets face it. Most of today's "artists" don't sing that well live because they don't have autotune to fix their voices.
    Most new "talent" is produced because of the big heads in boardrooms deciding what new look will make them a ton of money.
    If you want to see someone that can actually sing and perform at the same time, I suggest you check out Pink.

  92. Stacy says – reply to this


    Sorry Selena, I think you need to keep your relationship with Bieber to be in the light or keep fighting with him and making him go bonkers.

  93. G says – reply to this


    Who even let her on stage? This is ONE MORE proof that she can't sing live at all. She didn't even sing that much, she had back-up singers and even with them, the perfomance sounded really bad.

  94. erin says – reply to this


    thats suck..i compare Selena and Demi..Demi is the bestest singer live..sorry Selena.u better learn a good vocal with Demi,perhaps

  95. Mila says – reply to this


    Considering that Britney, Shakira and other celebrities said she did very good without even being asked then I can safely say that with or without Bieber this young lady is definitely relevant. While she is not an extremely talented musician I thought this performance was good for her level of talent. And on top of that I love that she does not give a fudge that little Beliebers stalk her posts on gossip sites just to bring her down, she continues to try hard and other mature people like Britney and Shakira even though much more talented than she is and possibly the Beliebers commenting here admit that this girl is good. Way to go Selena!! Keep trying because that's what makes us good humans.

  96. Jenny says – reply to this


    I feel bad for putting Selena down but it must be said - if you can't sing you don't deserve to be famous for being a 'singer'. She's just the front as the pretty face.

  97. 97

    That costume was weird. Bollywood look could have been better. I don't understand why people give props for s-so live performances. Being a performer should be about being good live because theoretically THAT is how you get noticed. Saying she "has never been a strong live performer" is silly. Lots of people could be so-so singers, go in the studio and make an amazing cd if they knew the right people! You can record over and over and alter vocals in the studio (have friends who are musicians and have been in studio with them) - so the REAL proprs are to those who are equally good live and on cd.

  98. chritterz says – reply to this


    p.s. to those of you who may not know, Beyoncé does lipsynch a lot on her concerts. she just prerecords a live version of each single for the sets and then lipsynchs over the live prerecorded vocals. beyonce has also been basically "trained" to be a popstar since she was 10 years old. if anyone has been on the track to be a popstar for 20 years then they better be good…

    selena is just starting out. of course we all should think she should stick to acting but hey w.e her music reminds me of Rihanna a lot of lalalalas and old McDonald ey-ey-ey-oh type simple shit for simple singers.

  99. chritterrzz says – reply to this


    Re: whatsup4 – after I watched selena's performance I finally could say demi lovato is good. (I thought they both sucked) she is a pretty good singer always has been shes a solid live singer too its just her music/material sucks.

  100. Wheel says – reply to this


    Who are you people kidding. She sung it live but not during that performance until the very end. She sung to a pre recorded version of the song and at the very end sung live when she was standing there. At least she didn't lip synch to the original version. She probably didn't do that because her intent was to sing live at the end and it wouldnt have sounded anything like the original. Watch it again. She's lip syncing.

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