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14 comments to “Britney Spears Showers Selena Gomez With Twitter Love For MTV Movie Awards Performance!”

  1. joca says – reply to this


    Brit is so nice but selena's performance was HORRIBLE

  2. POUL says – reply to this


    I dont want a collaboration between my britney and SLUTena HOmez

  3. daniela says – reply to this


    I like the song too. I just dont like Selena's voice and I wont talk about her performance bc i wont to be bad to selena

  4. Derrick says – reply to this


    I don't doubt they are chummy. They both sound horrible live.

  5. tami says – reply to this


    love brit, not a fan of selena but a collaboration between them would be pretty epic.

  6. kayla says – reply to this


    I love that Britney really admires selena. and I love even more that selena is a HUGE Britney fan.

  7. cati says – reply to this


    You are so fake Perez.. You just tweeted about how Selena was not a singer, Demi is .. And when BRITNEY tweets her saying the performance was incredible, you call it "bada**" Stop being ignorant. Of course her performance was the best one we've ever seen, but the girl can sing.. Every singer has a bad night. It's okay. She was nervous, and had never done a full dance routine while singing. I'm sure it did wind her out, and make the voice shaky. It's not the end of the world. It just makes me SO sick seeing all the hate this girl is sent. She's living her dream, and doing things for her fans. No one said you had to love her, and shower her with affection, but it'd be nice if you didn't blast your opinion all over the internet, and make her feel bad about herself. Choice your words wisely, and don't ever make someone feel less than. If she has never personally hurt you, why hurt her? Look at how this world is nowadays. So full of hate, we should be spreading love. I just can't even begin to understand the thought that goes on when someone sends a nasty tweet, or message to any artist. They're humans too. We should all be treated like equals!

  8. Tee says – reply to this


    I think it's funny that you called her performance "so-so" but now that Brittany likes it, you think is Badass????

  9. 9

    Selenas performance was great..and many other singers out the lip synch and not a soul says anything…losers get with it ..shes fierce..and perez….you are being two faced…now its bad ass after u took low blows to her? you ar still the same..i cant tell u and wendy williams apart now

  10. fancypants66 says – reply to this


    "BADASS" performance? Are you deaf? Selena's performance was really bad. She was breathless about two minutes in. She was really flat. It was just plain awful. Maybe Britney felt bad for her. Britney has been there before. She has had a really bad live performance. So…

  11. Jacki5 says – reply to this


    This was SUCH a wanna-be britney performance! She was clearly in some way trying to replicate the "i'm a slave 4 u" performance. No offense to Selena… but it's ALWAYS a bad idea to try and imitate a truly bad-ass performance! She's a cute girl… but she's not even close to what Britney was at that age! Selena needs to stop trying so hard. It is likeable that she is a fan, i'll give her that. It's just hard to replicate what Britney, Christina and Justin created 10+ years ago.

  12. Taylor says – reply to this


    @Those that feel it is necessary to post negative things about Selenas performance - what losers you are with obviously no life and no understanding of Karma. So let me explain losers - you dont bash people that are trying hard not doing anytthing wrong to anyone. There is a thing called Karma that comes back to get you. It probably already has that is why you have to post about others instead of doing something yourself. Its easier to bash people then to get up and do it.

  13. lol says – reply to this


    Re: Taylor – how is it karma when she cant sing? its a fact that she hasnt got the best voice so i doubt we are trying to be mean. i love her acting, just not her singing.

  14. Bebe says – reply to this


    Selenas performance was a disaster I feel as if she being overrated….i mean it was TERRIBLE