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For realz?? Are we seriously supposed to believe party queen Lindsay Lohan didn’t give in to temptation at Coachella? That’s almost like believing… Read more…

33 comments to “Lindsay Lohan: No Drugs Or Booze At Coachella! Went To Bed At 10PM!”

  1. 1

    righhhhhhhttt and im secretly a super model

  2. 2

    lets's just state the obvious: SHE LIES ABOUT EVERY EVERY EVERYTHING. I hope she marries charlie sheen.

  3. sick of photo defense says – reply to this


    another denial about something that is promoted as being truth based on LACK OF INCRIMINATION PHOTOS AND LINDSAYS PERSONAL TESTIMONY. Guess what, the real important news is her drinking get into her into trouble or a fight with anyone there. I think that genuinely an accomplishment and a really good sign she has some IMPORTANT self-control issues under her own power. I dont give a shit if she was slugging down wine behind closed doors in the loo, did it myself before my recovery. she could have a seizure if she went cold-turkey. Lack of a photo (the DinaDefence) doesnt prove squat. Lindsay personal choices are nowhere near as relevant as how those choices affect others. All things considered, photos/nophotos - sneaky-drinky or no…there was NO Lindsay Lohan lawsuit out of this gig….I am thrilled. jjf.

  4. OH, perez says – reply to this


    you get a c+ to a b- on this story. Considering how ripe this situation is for super shittyness, you appear to be very restrained in your personal disgust w/her. Still, this promoting that lack of photographic evidence PROVES innocence…well, thats fucked logic to teach kids. It has been said, you can never prove a negative.

  5. @Sickofphotos says – reply to this


    well, obviously that should have read that her drinking did NOT get her in trouble. Also, first poster ends with 'I hope she marries charlie sheen" . I dont get the meaning in that cause it could be (potentially) a good "wish" since cs has similiar issues that hes pulled out of - enough to still be employable and respected in his industry. I can see it as an intended shitty-zinger, but if linds/cs married, they might well reproduce…so thats not really a shitty zinger to either of them, as it might be a real disaster for Lindsay to take on raising a baby. I dont mean to be shitty to you, poster, but I dont get the comment.

  6. well oops says – reply to this


    the "i hope she marries charlie sheen" was stated by poster NUMBER TWO. Thank god, i tend to think 777 is usually pretty sharp.

  7. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Yeah…right. No dope or booze. Sure, yeah…..Sheeesh ! LIES ! How can you tell when she is lying ? ? ? Her mouth is moving ! LOL !

  8. to pp from PP says – reply to this


    Saw a story 2days old ? i cant keep up w/ all this shit…anyway, looks like since the last time I was on that story some new activities been going on. Yo, Don Quixote…looks like Team Lindsay was battling it out with someone they assumed was a Pioneer Pal. You are mistaken again. We have decided that there are enough free-lance miniheros on E to say the same thing Pioneer Pals wishes to make point of. We dont play ur games linds, ..ok…the marybeth thing WAS me, but u were headed to brazil with no agenda, ur dad and I both were near insane w/ those instant stories that ur crazy-ass was jetting off to SOUTH AMERICA without a plan. I threw that modeling job thing in there to see if u'd bite and tell us ur plans. I also threw in the "its not Lindsay, its some kid" crap to give u a way out. U were flipping out & escalating on those boards..so, i did the Marybeth thing to give you a way out.

  9. 9

    Lindsay has NEVER been addicted to anything; the 12-Step religious AA/NA cult has its cult wrapped around everything it can, especially the US Court System…

  10. pp....how? says – reply to this


    pp, now that u are getting some idea that I am not behind most of the posters you dual against….now that you know i pulled the marybeth trick…to help you.. I have battled with YOU, for no other reason than I want your health to be ok. So, linds… Please tell me HOW you can possibly believe I am your enemy? Cant you tell, i come from a place of love? You dont have to like me, listen to me, or be my friend. But, please, quit DESPISING me, simply because I care about your health, –during a time that you are so ill, you cant even tell youre ill.

  11. TaylorTFair says – reply to this



  12. how could u know? says – reply to this


    while i am somewhat in agreement that AA is cult and my issue isnt cults are bad in general, but AA is based on some pretty closed-minded, fundamentalistic structures. However, millions of people in the world are plenty content to follow others, follow rules, and just not take a lot of chances with creativity opportunities in their lives. Some people put on boots and raincoats and pioneer. Some people drive their Fords into a gas station and buy a map because their gps is down. What struck me about your post ^ was your bold declaration AS FACT that lindz has never been addicted to anything. ? How can u possibly state that as a fact? lindsay has been using and abusing alcohol/drugs/meds for about a decade now. 5 rehabs behind her. Shes has said & then denied she has substance issues herself. Where is the line between use/abuse/addicted, anyway? Addicted is technically a metabolic judgement, not a social one. My point: What is your point in blasting off in media that Lindsay has never been addicted to anything. ? very dinaesque.

  13. xoBebee says – reply to this


    Found this picture..

  14. 14

    …you could take the toxins outta her double chin and make a WMD…….

  15. cant hold it in... says – reply to this


    re: BE-ATCH, –I first want to say that it is not my intention to cyber-fight w/u. However, in last couple days ur post have really stuck out w/me. 1st, ur passion comes across as very angry, pretty hostile. People dont usually keep such hostility alive for a person they dont know. I am NOT asking u to identify if u know LL, but just want to point out, i dont understand ur hate. Also, the real reason i wanted 2 write was because u say the same jokes & punch lines all the time. I thought the Michaelangelo joke was cute, but that was 30 yrs ago & u have used that shitty-zinger line a lot recently. this last one, "how can u tell shes lying, her mouth is moving", is also just an old & worn out joke. I got a creepy feeling ur post are generated by some random shitty-zinger spam-type machine. Its obvious u r very angry & feel a need to be publically shitty. But, all u do is COMPLAIN… what u actually WANT is very unclear. Could u maybe try to put some of ur own genuine self into ur post instead of repeating old ho' jokes over & over? Not only would it make ur post more interesting to read; it might help u to express whatever it is u are trying to express in a way that would help others understand you. It just gets really old there, be-atch. U keep saying someone elses lines over & over…what is it that you really want to say…talk about? so, shes officially crap now…IS there anything else you can talk about? thanks for thinking about it. I mean u no harm.

  16. its a shared planet. says – reply to this


    would u talk to kids this way if they were sitting in your living room? Do you understand, that you are standing in theirs? Please think about it. Courtesy is relevant.

  17. pot pies r sweet 2 says – reply to this


    dear sweet-baby girl, its after 2am and beside my own OCD issues w/googling ur ass to be sure ur still alive, ive been trying 2 process the Boston Marathon Bombing….this on the heels of the texas campus stabbings.. Oh, linds, i am trying so hard to keep good people from snapping…from indulging in massacres because the humanity within them somehow bails –after trying so hard to solve human problems…of simply trying to "fit in" with a world that is not sane at all. Anyway, tonight I am so grateful that u got thru Coachella, the mean press, the issue w/ detox vs. Rehab. The world is so over-whelming @ times. But, 2night, Miss Lindsay Lohan, I am sooo glad that for the last 3-4 days, u have made contact w/ the humanity in u…& made a choice..somehow…to stay non-violent & manage ur problems in a healthier way than mindless rage. I love YOU sooo much. I see u. U are one of WE. Please hang on.

  18. CrowdAlbum says – reply to this


    Lots of photos of Katy Perry, Lindsay Lohan, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Joe Jonas, Nick Jonas, Paris Hilton, Nicki Hilton, Kellan Lutz, Darrin Criss, Chord Overstreet, Rita Ota, Katherine McPhee and 55,000 beautiful photos of Coachella, taken by the people who were there

  19. Aaron Saltzer says – reply to this


    Re: perez posse SUPERFAN 777 – Really?? Cool!

  20. Really Aaron....? says – reply to this


    Re: Aaron Saltzer – dude…..u so gullible….dont be so quick to believe everything you read. I mean, seriously…when have u ever seen a photo of Superfan 777 actually BEING a secret SuperModel? …ya know what I mean? Well, there it is there, eh? ;)

  21. Be-Atch says – reply to this


    Gawd…if this broad was to take a sh*t, and it was to be analyzed, the stuff (wink wink) they would find in it ! So many 'stimulants', they could tranquilizr a team of elephants ! Broad lkes her uppers…….

  22. to beatch says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch[/re] hi beatch. Just want to thank you for toning down the vulgarity. Thats all i was going to say, until i reread ur post & got a silly giggle out of it. First, drug screens are usually urine, blood, hair but rarely poo-poo. However, that wasnt the silly part…its the next part where you state she has enough stimulants in her shit to TRANQUILIZE a bunch of elephants. The broad likes her uppers..? So, ..u see anything thats conflicting in u'z argument there? …Uh, giving elephants a bunch of STIMULANTS….aint gonna really TRANQUILIZE them….right? I think you would make Mr. Rogers cry if he could see you now. Come on, beatch, you write on these boards a lot. So how come u dont take any time at all to think through what your contributing to a PUBLIC forum? some people here dont spellcheck,…can see that…but u dont seem to even mindcheck what you send in to see if it actually makes any sense. Im just kinda wondering what going on with ya, since contributing here is very important to u, yet, u dont treat ur post, the cyber-community or ur thoughts/message w/any importance at all…..? I just dont get it.

  23. 2 Taylor, says – reply to this


    i dont see any new lindsay stories today.. Gosh, i think the Lindsay PR train maybe going off-line soon. Well taylor, i will miss you if we dont get to meet up on these stories anymore. I'll not forget meeting u in cyber-space and how mature u were to debate our misunderstandings instead of just cyber-screaming obscenities at me. Take care.

  24. HOW INTERESTING! says – reply to this


    Re: Be-Atch – Pioneer Pals has been curious as to the motivation for your odd complusions on board here, beatch. Pals pioneered into doing a little checking up on u there. It has become beyond just suspictious….um… You are Team Kardashian, - aint ya there, beatch? Right Kimmy? we wont tell ya now what/how we know.

  25. Hey Taylor, says – reply to this


    Hi Taylor. i was wondering, -you have a lot of compassion for Linds, but I think U know Linds is sick w/mental-health& substance dependancy issues. I was wondering what your perspective of Kim Kardasian is, in our Pop Culture & Reality TV world. Do u think she is a positive role model for girls and young ladies, young women? Do you think her fakeness is something we should teach young girls to try to emulate as a positive, respectful career optioon? Are you ok w/ young women making sex tapes where their sex-partner pee-pees on their face…and then, instead of going to college, young women just put their sex-tapes on internet to make fast cash? How do you feel about Kim Kardashian becoming Lindsay's mentor when Linds is done w/her 90 days? Please tell me Taylor, what do the young girls/women of today …what do they want TO BE..when they grow up? When I was 21, i wanted to be a Dr's wife. It is such a different world. Can u help me understand u youn'ins?

  26. taylor, dear, says – reply to this


    i am sincere in my wondering, why do so many young people today value the APPEARANCE of respectability, fame and wealth as the ultimate goal? Kim and Linds have been famous for little more than being "famous" for a large number of years. WHY is this self-PR/self-promotion via the internet…and oddly dysphonic red-carpet walks…any story/’bout anything…how has this become a new career option for uneducated, unsophisticated, middle-class(ish) young girls/women whom's assets they peddle are little more than their LOOKS, under hair-weaves, heavy make-up, plastic surgeries and cosmetic fillers? What is this about taylor? Im 54 and i dont get this new definition of what IS the ultimate success in life -for 20-something, naturally pretty girls.??? - Thanks.

  27. too much denial says – reply to this


    A Much Ado about an alleged nothing. Me doth think the lady do protest too much. I didn't eat dog shit when flying coach with my fella… never stood up in church and made a big issue of my not eating dog shit @coach/fella. Too much denial.

  28. 28

    The simple truth is she isn't supposed to be surrounding herself with people using drugs…she isn't supposed to be surrounding herself with temptation.
    As for anyone even beginning to believe her…the very thought is laughable.

  29. 29

    Re: to beatch – This is a Great post !

  30. 30

    Re: 2 Taylor, – Girl you have to find a way for me to contact you ! I enjoy you way too much !

  31. 31

    Re: Hey Taylor, – I did answer this it just has not shown up yet

  32. A hot day in Perez says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTfair[/re] Well, ive written u at least 2 post that go in from my end but dont come up. It might be a liitle too hot for Perez in Springtime. Thats ok. I'll always look for you at the end of the last LL article on this site. Ok? I dont want to lose contact w/ you either. You have a lot of potential Taylor.. anyone who is willing to debate their own flaws in open media is a WINNER. "WINNING!!!" REQUIRES MORE THAN JUST SAYING AND WRITING THE WORD, "WINNING". real WINNERS strive for a goal, not shout out "WINNING!!" as a means to their goal. I am NOT talking about CS in this regard. CS doesnt sit on his ass and shout WINNING. CS works and works at cooperating w/others. There is no winning without sweating and working towards it.

  33. A hot day in Perez? says – reply to this


    Re: TAYLORTfair[/re] Well, ive written u at least 2 post that go in from my end but dont come up. It might be a liitle too hot for Perez in Springtime. Thats ok. I'll always look for you at the end of the last LL article on this site. Ok? I dont want to lose contact w/ you either. You have a lot of potential Taylor.. anyone who is willing to debate their own flaws in open media is a WINNER. "WINNING!!!" REQUIRES MORE THAN JUST SAYING AND WRITING THE WORD, "WINNING". real WINNERS strive for a goal, not shout out "WINNING!!" as a means to their goal. (I am NOT talking about CS in this regard. CS doesnt sit on his ass and shout WINNING. CS works and works at cooperating w/others.) There is no winning without sweating and working towards it.