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Pitbull Spits Education At Jay-Z With An Open Letter Of His Own!

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Jay-Z may have ruffled all sorts of feathers with his trip to Cuba AND THEN proceeded to pluck out said feathers, skin, roast and EAT all those f*ckers cluckers with defensive rap Open Letter

But native Miamian Pitbull has recorded a response to Jay-Z's musical musings, and rather than be a negative diss track or something similar, Pitbull's tune is far more educational in its tone!

Open your ears and BRAINZ to Pitbull's own Open Letter (above)!

And while we're sure Pitbull is very educated on the topic of Cuban-American relations, we encourage YOU to check out the issue from multiple LEGITIMATE historical sources.

It's a fascinating, complex and ONGOING issue that is obviously STILL a hot topic of debate!

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7 comments to “Pitbull Spits Education At Jay-Z With An Open Letter Of His Own!”

  1. debby christy says – reply to this


    THat is so cool!!!

  2. Mrs. Momoa says – reply to this


    Love it…"would they mess with Mr. Carter if he was white"? That says it all folks and that is coming from a Cuban American we all know what it is all about.

  3. B says – reply to this


    Why does everyone think he's defending Jay Z? Pit Bull has been quoted in the recent past stating his disguist over "certain people" wearing Che Guevara shirts and Jay Z loves Che Guevara. Pit Bull has compared doing this to wearing an Adolf Hitler shirt, look up the quotes. Jay Z is pretty open about his complete admiration for Che.
    Pit Bull won't even perform in Cuba as a form of protest against the Dictatorship, clearly he is defending America in this freestyle.
    America is not perfect, but Americans who run around touting the idea that communism is a good plan are a slap to the face of immigrants who've died trying to escape.
    There is Hip Hop artists being detained in Cuba for simply writing music and expressing themselves. Maybe Jay Z should go pay them a visit instead of running around the streets of Cuba smoking a Cigar and pretending to be Tony Montana like a douche…

  4. B says – reply to this


    He needs someone to remind him, he lives up in the 1%, not down here with the rest of us. What a hipocrite. If he didn't live here he wouldn't have reached even a quarter of the level of success he's had. And I think he's made it clear how proud he is of his money, cars, and lack of bitch problems. He's a talented artist, and I still love his music but now he just seems even more ignorant then he did before.
    Jay Z has a distorted & romanticized view of Cuba. I'd really love to see him & Beyonce move there and give up their wealth, try and rap about his ridiculous opinions and wind up thrown in Jail… I think he'd end up wishing he just stayed in his comfy mansion.
    Politicians do lie, but if he needs proof of Cuba's oppressive government he can check out statistics for the amount of people fleeing that country since the start of the Castro regime. Or Maybe open a book a read about Che Guevara's many racist statements against Blacks.. Che Guevarra would have slit his throat for being such a massive Capitalist.

  5. mikeyjakson says – reply to this


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  6. mikeyjakson says – reply to this


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