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Justin Bieber's #1 Fan Piers Morgan Defends His Anne Frank Comment

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justin bieber piers morgan anne frank house defense

Piers just LOVES the Biebs!

After defending Justin Bieber's outburst with the paparazzi, Piers Morgan has decided to publicly defend the little prince once again for his Anne Frank comment.

As we're sure you're well aware of by now, Justin visited the Anne Frank House this past weekend for an after-hours visit with some friends and his bodyguards. While he spent more than an hour touring the scene of horrific memories, he left his mark by writing "hopefully she would have been a belieber" in the guestbook.


Needless to say! Justin received intense backlash for his self-absorbed comment, but Piers emphasizes the silver-lining, tweeting:

True, the younger crowd IS talking about Anne Frank now — way more than they would during a required reading assignment (unfortunately). And that is why the Anne Frank House defended Justin as well.

But still, though… we think Justin could have refreshed the conversation through a more appropriate method, but that's just us!

[Image via WENN.]

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18 comments to “Justin Bieber's #1 Fan Piers Morgan Defends His Anne Frank Comment”

  1. anon says – reply to this


    See! finally some sense, he didnt mean to sound so bad! c'mon perez give him a break it was a mistake, hopefully on eday you'll realise his talent and know that he is humble and kind but the media just doesnt show it

  2. 2

    Re: anon
    i actually agree i dont get the big deal get over it

  3. Jewish Person says – reply to this


    As a religious Jew, i think Justin was respectful & I'm NOT offended at all by his comments!

    Justin is basically a very good soul but he's only 19 years old. Wouldn't u be a little self-centered if every 2nd girl on the planet wants u so passionately and wants to marry u?

  4. Connor says – reply to this


    Oh please, Piers likes to attach himself to big names like Madonna and Bieber for attention. Justin Bieber may not be some disgusting anti-semite but he's an ignorant, haughty, full-of-himself narcissist. Come on now. It was stupid. Don't split hairs.

  5. Ryan says – reply to this


    Everything he does is way overreacted ! He did some messed up things but this wasn't that bad at all, it is just people who hate him just sit and wait for him to do something bad so they can attack him. He is actually a good person, many things he does ( the good ones ) media doesn't show at all, only the bad. He is 19 years old and still growing up, becoming a man and learning , give him a break ! Kid doesn't deserve all the damn hate at all.

  6. anon says – reply to this



  7. 7

    I agree that he didn't mean to insult, and I agree that it is good that he went to the Anne Frank house and that it has raised the profile of the Anne Frank story - but his comment clearly demonstrates how self-centered he is.

  8. Rose says – reply to this


    Really. Perez leads the parade, a regular musicman with a baton. He only asks you, as he grins from ear to ear, to hate hate hate. Hate with unnatural predisposition, hate people you don't know. Hate his enemies for him. Just hate.

  9. 9

    I think anyone who could go through the Anne Frank House and come away with a pea-brain comment like biebers deserves to at least be called an insensitive idiot. I'm sure she would have loved to have gone to a concert vs having her and family murdered by the Nazis. Bieber never has to worry about being called a "deep thinker"

  10. austinp says – reply to this


    I am a fan of bieber and have been for awhile, I believe he is not changing, but growing up. Yes, he may have made some mistakes this past year, but I believe the press is overreacting and picking on the kid, let him grow up and have fun.

  11. 11

    Well, of course he does!

  12. 12

    NO - he is not getting teens to talk about Anne Frank for the right reasons, and part of his whole hour that he spent there he was play "boxing" in the basement and taking pics when you are ot allowed to! STOP the "He's only 19" crap already! That is NOT an excuse!!!!! Neother is "he has SO many females after him…." does not entitle him to be a thoughtless jerk! He may not have meant to insult because he only thinks of himself.

  13. Carrot says – reply to this


    Seriously. I AM NOT a Justin Beiber fan AT ALL, but I have to defend him here. The spirit of his TEENAGE MESSAGE TO ANOTHER TEENAGER is this: I like and respect you and I hope you'd have liked me too. How eloquently did you express your views at that age, publicly, on the fly? I am certain the horror of what Anne Frank went through was not lost on Justin. I am inclined to think that his message indicated kinship, empathy, and wishing that rather than suffer terriblly, she could have instead lived now and been a fan. Give the kid a break!

  14. Steff says – reply to this


    Re: Ryan – exactly they're just waiting for him to fall.

  15. TexasDey says – reply to this


    Yet again, another over reaction from a way too sensitive public. He's a 19 year old kid. He doesn't always express himself in the best way. He meant no harm. A lot of what he does and says is because, he's so young. I only wish, he'd pull up his pants. That look is dated. Why wear pants at all, especially when it makes your legs long 6 inches long ?

  16. asmiralda says – reply to this


    I believe that he didn't think bad about hi coment….Sure because he didn't even think, he is too selfcentered and too preoccupied with himself. He is no brainer. So, this mature Piers Morgan is # 1 fan of Bieber? ha,ha,ha, that's his level of music? Now I have one more reason not to watch Piers Morgn, he is just in the same level with Bieber. I don't like him since the beginning. He is arrogant!!!!!!

  17. Ike says – reply to this


    Let’s admit it, he is just an uneducated punk, they all eventually fall by the sideways when we all ignore them, or just overdose on something . . .

  18. Mairead says – reply to this


    Yet again another over reaction. Justin is a good person and meant absolutely no harm by this comment. All he really said was he liked Anne and he would of hoped that she would of liked him back. How is that shocking or disrespectful? Finally people start to understand that the media are way too sensitive and that they just need to back off.