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Beyoncé Can't Choose A Lead Single From New Album! Must Be 'Of Single Ladies Calibre!'

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Indecision is not often associated with this star…

But Beyoncé, who seemingly always knows what she wants (See? There’s one thing we learned from her documentary!) is reportedly unsure as to which track shall be the lead single from her upcoming album.

Though no release dates have been announced, a source revealed that the decision-making process hasn’t been so easy, saying:

"Beyonce is a perfectionist and her biggest competition is herself… She won't put anything out as her first single until she's 100% sure it will be a classic.”

The source also added:

"She's putting pressure on herself for it to be a hit of Single Ladies calibre, and to make sure she's on top of the game… The first single was supposed to be Grown Woman but that got cancelled and used as a teaser for her new Pepsi ad.”

Single Ladies is a tough act to beat, Bey! Not that we’re doubting your superhuman powers to outdo yourself! Even your outfits continue to get better and better!

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18 comments to “Beyoncé Can't Choose A Lead Single From New Album! Must Be 'Of Single Ladies Calibre!'”

  1. 1

    she should let fans choose coz her decisions have been shit lately. Girls run the world virtually killed her last album straight out the gates. That song she releasedrecently is also utter drivel so Im not hopeful for the new album. Superbowl was all about her OLD music thats why it was a success.

  2. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    WHO CARES! being a singer and an artist isnt about how much u sell, ita baout the quality of music.. her last album, no it didnt do too good but anybody who knows music respects that album because of the heavy R&b in it.. this album will go #1 like all her other ones have so shes gonna be successful no matter what, she just needs to start putting it out and shut all these hating ass bitches up

  3. mlington says – reply to this


    not excited at all. too boring.

  4. Sharon says – reply to this


    She sucks she should retire nobody wants to hear her no more. She is all lies and fake!!

  5. Crazy8 says – reply to this


    love to love you Beybey!!!

  6. Bow Down 👇 says – reply to this


    Re: Sharon – HEY SLUT maybe you should stfu bitch because last time I checked you weren't an artist and no one knows you bitch so shut up bitch you just want to be beyonce bitch.

  7. Princezz says – reply to this


    SO EXCITED SHES AMAZING! i find it funny the same ppl always comment on her threads like "shes boring" well if shes boring why do u keep coming on her posts to check on what it is about and what she is doing, u all love her, stop the lying :)

  8. 8

    did she write a song called "humping the floor" thats is what she should release.

  9. 9

    Re: Sharon – HEY SLUT maybe you should stfu bitch because last time I checked you were unknown and wasn't an artist bitch you just want to be beyonce bitch hater ass bitch dumb ass bitch.

  10. MizzBooBoo says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – not everyone is you, bitch.. u stay on ALL of her threads, ur just as obsessed with her as her fans

  11. JOOST says – reply to this


    Re: MizzBooBoo – THANKKK YOUUU!

  12. 12

    She's trying to be the Queen. Lord knows that Britney ain't taking Madonna's crown. And as a Madonna fan, I think that if there was ever an "heir apparent" it would be Beyonce. She did it all on her own terms too. I love Beyonce (thoug she needs to work with Chanel or Vesace or SOMETHING), and if she needs to take her time, who gives a fuck? She just doesn't want to release a generic, rushed set (like Rihanna or Madonna's latest). 4 was a great album and I'm sure this next one will be even better. Go Beyonce!

  13. lovestruck90 says – reply to this


    Grown Woman definitely had the potential to be a big hit. She should've just released it. And if it hadn't done well then she can always follow up quickly with another single. But I know whatever she is gona put out is gona do well….so she needs to stop being indecisive nd HURRY UP!!!

  14. Bow Down 👇 says – reply to this


    Re: shaygirl1309 – Actually no she didn't but she did write a song call Bow down maybe you should try it bitch. Oh and she also made a song called hater ass bitch especially for you!

  15. 15

    Yeah, "Single Ladies." Such genius work there.

  16. 16

    Beyonce is beYAWNce. Snore. Wake me up when her last 15 minutes are over. She's a has been. Bub Bye BeYAWNce.

  17. xtiano says – reply to this


    I just can't wait for the new album. Grown Woman sounds fantastic so if she has something better then watch out. cannot wait

  18. Chris_smith says – reply to this


    Re: Crazy8Re: martygras – please, just shut the fuck up.