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Family Guy Episode Pulled After Edited Online Clip Makes Light Of Boston Marathon Bombing!

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family guy online clip boston marathon bombing

Family Guy has been known to push the boundaries, but even they wouldn’t go this far!

Unfortunately, some people think Seth MacFarlane and his cartoon were insensitive about the recent tragedy as a newly edited clip from the show has gone viral and upset many!

But the real story is that Family Guy aired an episode on March 17th that involved Peter Griffin driving through the Boston Marathon in order to win it. Also in that episode, there is a completely different scene where Peter befriends a terrorist who is planning to blow up a bridge.

The two scenes are NOT back-to-back and were NOT a prediction of anything that happened at the marathon, just an unfortunate coincidence.

Now, a video of those scenes has been edited with them placed together to make it appear as though the bombing took place at the marathon.

The episode with those scenes has since been pulled and Seth took to Twitter to address the video:

Check out the clip (below) of the edited version.

We're actually speechless. In what world would anyone put this together and think it was okay? In what twisted, warped mind is this funny?

Deplorable. Disgusting. Shameful.

[Image via FOX.]

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6 comments to “Family Guy Episode Pulled After Edited Online Clip Makes Light Of Boston Marathon Bombing!”

  1. CB says – reply to this


    If you find it so deplorable, disguesting and shameful why including the video in the article.

  2. fid says – reply to this


    Re: CB – Exactly. I notice he always gives something he finds "deplorable" so much more attention than it would have gotten otherwise by embedding/providing the link. Especially since he usually gets a financial cut everytime someone clicks on one of his links.

  3. JudgeDread says – reply to this


    Seth Macfarlane is deplorable, disgusting and shameful. Seth Macfarlane is a psychopath who mocks human suffering… Karma will get Seth Macfarlane.

  4. quickquestion says – reply to this


    Why have both the episode and edited clip vanished? If it's up to question at all, why not show both of them so people can see this atrocity? I'd like to see them so I can at least decide for myself how awful it really is. Some people are so sheltered, weak, and easily offended.

  5. jsrex says – reply to this


    Nobody made light of the bombing that happened. This episode was released a month BEFORE the bombs, and it was certainly created much, much earlier than that. Saying they're making light of the recent bombing is a stupid and false accusation.

  6. me says – reply to this


    Re: JudgeDread – shut the hell up, idiot.