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LeAnn Rimes Rubbing In Her Affair With New Song About Stealing Brandi Glanville’s Hubby!

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leann rimes song about cheating with eddie cibrian

Oooh, totes awks!

As if LeAnn Rimes’ public affair with Eddie Cibrian wasn’t uncomfortable enough for those involved, the country singer is making it all a leeeettle bit more awkward.

Brandi Glanville’s number one enemy revealed she wrote a song about what went down when she fell for Eddie, stole him and left her own hubby.

Hmm… does that make it a love song… or not?!

Sounds definitely not at all romantic as LeAnn revealed what Borrowed - inneresting title - is about:

“Obviously, it was a very controversial topic to write about, and as hard as it was for me to write the song, I think it painted a true picture of that situation. I wasn't being hard on myself when I wrote it — that line about feeling pathetic is just true — but I wanted to describe a very stark moment in my life. You just feel in completely limbo and I felt guilty too; it wasn’t pretty at all. But I made my choices and I'm living with them. I know I'm not the first person to go through it and I won't be the last.”

Awww, gurl felt bad for boning another lady's man!

We can think of one person who isn’t feeling sympathetic for LeAnn…and one person who won’t be buying the album.

But that person is going to have a damn hard time avoiding LeAnn’s side of the cheating story because she’s also apparently pitching it as a TV show!

Or at least, LeAnn's pitching the life AFTER cheating as a show.

Yeah, best to leave out that whole unfortunate manstealing part, especially if you’re playing yourself!

[Image via DJDM/WENN.]

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